Ash to Vanilla

My hair has highlights and all over color. I have been trying for years to get a nice vanilla (need a cool blonde). My colorist put a toner on the hair she had turned yellow and it turned an ugly ash. Any suggestions

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Vanilla blonde
by: Anonymous

Why don't u use an 7.02 an a 9.02 will make
An 8.02
I'm a hairdresser and have 9 years experience.
I go to salon services and you will find this in a colour wella touch.
It's a semi permanent colour.
U will only need to put 1.9% peroxide with this colour.
U only want to add depth to ur tone not lift.
Or use L'Oreal richness it's the same as wella colour
But I find a better.
And it leaves my blonde hair so shinny it's lush!!!

Color Touch
by: Anonymous

Should be available in Sally Beauty. They might not have it online. This is a professional product so better to go to store and ask also about the direction. They will help.

Here you can see the shades on wella

by: Anonymous

I have looked everywhere for the Wella Color touch toner 9/03 (very light natural gold blond) and I cant find it anywhere. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Ash to Vanilla
by: Anonymous

I would suggest another toner. This is not an exact science and I can't see what color you have but from what you wrote, I would recommend a Wella color touch toner 9/03 (very light natural gold blond). Apply all over and let is stay for 10 min. - This should shift the overall tonality toward vanilla or at-least remove the ash.

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