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shs logo This site is for people looking for latest hair information to help them make a decision about their next hair cut and advice on how to manage it. We also have tips on coloring your hair, choosing the right products for your hair type, dealing with "problem" hair and how and where to find a good stylist.

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If you want to make a contribution to this site (in form of art work, images, photos or articles) please use our NEW sister site StyleMish.com and connect through our social platform. StyleMish Community Magazine allows you to post content, including photos, text, videos, comments, links, and other materials.

Related content will be distributed to this site. Our audience would love to see your "vision" of beauty.

About me

My name is Nancy Faizabadi, founder of short-hair-style.com and I've been a professional hair stylist since 1993. The driving force in my career has been the satisfaction and excitement I get from giving my salon clients a new hair style that makes them feel good about themselves... one that gives them confidence and puts a bounce in their step... one that makes them smile when they catch a glimpse of themselves in the mirror. This web site and it's community is an extension of that desire to help people look and feel great.

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I want this website to become a useful free resource for as many people as possible. Therefore, I value your feedback on all aspects of this site. Please share with me your comments and suggestions. You can contact me and my team here.


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