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New Hair Styles - What's Trending

What's On 2017

Trend update

Hair trend continues with undone all-tousled, layered and easy moved hair styles. That is not uncommon for shorter haircuts. Professional designers are letting hair appear more natural to invokes a feeling of excitement and movement. Slicing, point and feather-cutting setting the tone. Among all haircuts for short hair, different variations of “pixie” combined with undercutting technique is still on top of the chart.

2017 trend - multi tonal highlight and movement
Style By Hair Benders Internationalé

This year multi tonal highlight is trend again and it will allow artists create playful hairdo with sensational effects! Versitile haircuts can be matched with colors such as Golden Blonde, Sunkissed Copper, Cherry and Violet Red. The game is on and there are no specific rules - from subtle pastel to high-contrast bright. For chin lengths and longer, there will be all sort of adaptation of muti-tonal, dimentional and transitional (a.k.a Ombre) coloring with fade-upward , fade-downward OR high contrast effects. Go out and get your own signature style.

The Long and The Short of It

Salon Trend

Angled Haircut
Style by Frances Dubose from London Hair Inc of Mount Pleasant, SC

A great and versatile haircut - easy to wear for everyday use but also cute enough for date night!

It is all about irregular structures

Hair Trend
short hair with movement - red copper short hair with movement - red intensive
Photo: Sebastian Damberger, Intercoiffure; Makeup: Andrea Filthaus

"Blow‐dried too much or styled too much was yesterday," fashion director Kay Schneider describes the current trend. Women today want lively, irregular structures and a lot of movement in their hair.

Coily is the NEW Curly

Hair Trend
new curly hairstyle known as Coily by Adam Shumman
Style by Adam Shuman, Naked Hair Salon

Clients at NakedHair salon in Delray Bch Florida are crazy about the new curly hair patterns said Adam Shuman. Known for his exceptional dry cutting technique as “The Wizard”, Adam’s new technique in curly hair known as “COILY” has created a new wave of local trends in Delray Beach.

3 Minutes with Jesse Briggs

Hair Talk

Jesse Briggs is founder of Yellow Strawberry Global hair salon in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We just asked him few questions that could help you find your next style:

What is the most popular style in the salon right now?
Unfinished Hairstyles & Balayage Haircolor is the rage now !

What is the next big hair trend?
Stylish perms with a NEW name - Curls return from the 70's

Tell us an expert trick on how to make hair look instantly better?
Got Long hair? Put it up in a French twist with one PIN!
Got short Short Hair? Go for GEL and slick look

taylor swift with smooth sleek bob and full bangs
Taylor Swift 2016

Who is your favorite celebrity hair at the moment?
Taylor Swift with her sleek classic bob and full bangs. She looked amazing in black gown. Most people assume only older ladies should wear bob but Taylor Swift just shown how wrong that assumption is. Bob haircuts are timeless!

If you want a new look that fit with your lifestyle, as well as fun chat and expert advice from Jesse Briggs himself. Visit http://yellowstrawberry.com for appointment

Happiness Haircut

Hair Fashion Trend
pink hair color with violet highlight Dip dye with pink hair color
By Intercoiffure Mondial for 2016

Happiness is the new hair trend forecast for 2016 by Elite team of Intercoiffure Mondial. Obviously its all about fresh colors of pink, violet and fuchsia (Magenta). Haircuts shown is in pixie short and eccentric Pop-Art style, with soft contours and an unstructured texture combined with dip-dye effect in fresh colors.

"Happy people are more successful and productive in life. They are radiant, listening to the others, they have dreams, are serene, emancipated, and often offer till a piece of their heart."

Go for a Happy Hair Style and reveal your joyful side!

For more inspirations and advice on creative hair colors look here

Modern Retro

Celebrity Trend

Daisy Ridley
Style by: Robert Vetica

From a Galaxy far far away .... Comes Star Wars Force Awakens’ new star Daisy Ridley (Ray) with a cut above shoulder in modern retro glam hair style

Supernatural Haircut

Into Celebrity

Chloe Bennet with shorter haircut for the role of Skye
Chloe Bennet @chloebennet

Chloe Bennet playing the role of Skye on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, cut her hair into this casual look in order to stay true to the comic book character Daisy Johnson. In her interview with People magazine she said: “After haircut, It was crazy. I cried a little bit, to be honest, and definitely had some anxiety”. But now that she’s gotten used to her shorter look, “I’m in love with it,” she said. “And I think for the character, it is going to be awesome.”“My confidence is apparently attached into my hair,” the Chloe, tells PEOPLE.

Beautiful red

Salon Trend

short hair with bright red orange peek-a-boo effect on earthly brown - fron view short hair with bright red orange peek-a-boo effect on earthly brown - side view
Style and color by Philosophy Salons Team

We selected this beautiful style from Philosophy hairdressing in UK with three salons located in Oxford, Abingdon and Witney. The vibrant orange red on top and a peek-a-boo effect of earthly brown on lower layers and fringe is just like looking at blushing red leaves right before they kiss the earth.

60s Big Hair and Curls with Twist of Today

Hair Fashion

platinum pixie with side bangs
Style By Egidio Borri, Yellow Strawberry Italy
Makeup Artist: Barbara Corso, Dress: Siria Andereoni Jvos

When everyone else wearing sleek straight hair, somethimes is fun and sensually appealing to see luxurious curly hair. BonBon which is the name of Egidio Borri's hair fashion inspiration is packed with intense visual power. Soft pastel colors with a play of '60s and '70s that evokes a sentiment of optimism, fun and fantasy. Express yourself, get inspired and have fun with colors.

Cool Pixie

Salon Trend

platinum pixie with side bangs
by Paul Kenneth Artistic Team, Massachusetts USA - www.pksalon.com

Razor hair-cut in platinum blonde with side-swept bangs. With bright blonde like this you can really have fun with make-up. Pucker up with vibrant pink for a flash of color that will really put you in spotlight.

Casual Indigo Tribe


Angled Haircut
Intercoiffure Mondial creative team, Nordic Region

Young and hip short hair cuts in retro 60s Dandy-girl look with out of bed layered style combined with denim outfits and accessories. A fresh casual look in indigo – A blend of Scandinavian blond with casual bohemian styles of Indigo Tribe – These styles are part of White Night 2015 Oslo collection by Intercoiffure Mondial creative team.

Around the world with short hair

Street Fashion

Slick back hair style

Dutch streetstyle icon Linda Tol, trendwatcher and the owner of LindaTol.com with her boyish look and androgynous short hair style wearing Fendi jacket and trousers - Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Deep Side Parting and Hollywood Waves

Hair Trend

Angled Haircut
Golden Globe Event 2015

Deep side parting with soft, subtle and romantic Hollywood waves from Golden Globe. Like to know about ways to part your hair?
Seven Ways to Part Your Hair For a New Look

That Girl is Still On Fire!

Celebrity Trend

Jennifer Lawrence front view Jennifer Lawrence profile
Photography: Janet Mayer (left, above), Nov. 2013, NYC, USA and Rob Kim (right,below)

Jennifer Lawrence with her new short hair cut
Jennifer Lawrances's look in these photos are nothing less than awesome!! and short hair suits her nicely. During Q&A with Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer, Jennifer revealed that there is no special or exciting story behind her hair cut and she just did it because she was tiered dealing with her annoying shoulder-length hair and she just cut it all off.

Texture & Color

Salon Trend

textured haircuts with micro bangs
Photo: movinghair.com

The Artistic Team from Moving Hair Salon took their inspiration from 80s for this collection. The focus is toward layering and easy to move hair style. Small, fancy bangs combined with diagonal highlights or pastel shades emphasize the volume and gives structure to overall look.

HOT Red - Versatility and Harmony

Style Showcase

short haircut in hot red color styled straight short haircut in hot red color styled with wavy top
Style By Candy Shaw Codner; Makeup: Betty Mekonnen

We truly like this haircut by Jamison Shaw Hairdressers from Atlanta. There is a beautiful harmony between deep rich red hair and hazel eye color against pale skin tone. The haircut itself is versatile and shows how the same haircut could be styled in two different ways. You can see more work from Jamison Shaw on this page from Modern Salon Magazine.

Adorable Style


Katharine McPhee chin length haircut and ombre style Katharine McPhee chin length haircut and ombre style
July 2013

Cute and adorable haircut with long side bangs! Yes this is Dominique Rinderknecht and she was Miss Switzerland 2013.

Short Crop with subtle wave


Elsa Pataky view 1 - Blonde hair dark root with wavy fringe Elsa Pataky view 2
Elsa Pataky - May 2013; London

Do you like math? Probably not! But we wonder if mathematic got something to do with this style. A lovely crop in bleach blonde and darker roots styled with "Integral-shaped" fringe.

Short hair in Formal Style


back-combed in updo style back-combed in updo style
Morena Baccarin with short elegant updo - back-combed and curled into a formal look - Photography: Andrew Evans

Check out more formal and updo style ideas

Straight with Side Fringe in Bob Style


Leigh Lezark with short flat straight hair, blond color with long side fringe
Leigh Lezark, New York City - April 2013 - Photo:Marco Sagliocco

Leigh Lezark with short flat straight hair, blond color with long side fringe model with strapless textured cotton knit dress in black and blue checkered pattern from Channel ready-to-wear spring 2013 collection
Leigh Lezark with short glossy straight, long side fringe and razor-cut ends that goes well with dresses in cubic patterns. She wore a strapless textured cotton knit dress in black and blue checkered pattern from Channel ready-to-wear spring 2013 collection.

Iconic Look David Bowie

In his Memory

david bowie inspiration hairstyle Swedish fashion model Ellinore Erichsen david bowie inspirational look
May 2013; London

Hairstyle and fashion inspiration of David Bowie’s iconic look on cover of May 2013 edition of Elle Mexico. Hair by Tetsuya Yamakata, Makeup by Asami Taguchi Model: Swedish fashion model Ellinore Erichsen - Photographer: Takahiro Ogawa.

Fun With Braiding Styles

photography: Tom Carson

How do you get a fresh new look? By reviving a fashion classic with a romantic pedigree and giving it a modern twist... literally. Twist up your hair into one of the many new braiding hairstyles.Read more...

Around the world with short hair


Chloe sevigny on XOXO fashion magazin cover in september 2012 short side shaved hairstyle with strawberry blond
XOXO Fashion Magazine

Chloe Sevigny with her daring part shaved short hair and long fringe with strawberry blond on XOXO fashion Magazine cover.

Short Hair for Men

short hair with intense red

Many men want their hair to enhance their appearance and make a statement about who they are. So we asked Ivan Zoot what he thinks about latest hair styles for men these days.

Casual or Elegant Messy Hair

Style and Photography: Frances London DuBose

There is a hair style that will make you look sassy and hip. But the name of the style is a word people usually don’t want associated with their hair: "messy".

Read more about messy hair style

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