Fast Sexy Texture with Messy Hair

There is a hair style that will make you look sassy and hip. But the name of the style is a word people usually don’t want associated with their hair: "messy". .

cute messy bob hairstyle in wavy
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Messy, elegant messy, slightly messy and casual styles are all about fast, sexy texture that are comfortable and appealing in hair. Many designers citing the look as an influence for their 'don't care hair'.

Some like to call it a new version of rock chic and others refer to it as tousle & choppy or bedhead look, but when clients walk into a hair salon they have a simple term for it. "I want my hair messy just like her" - while holding a picture of their favorite celebrity in hand.

Soft and Sexy Types

Jessica Stam - Allure Magazine Stylist: Garren
Rough-textured look is edgy and is still among hottest styles! Partly because it eliminates the need to spend hundreds of dollars on perfection. Why bother splashing out when the latest fashion flash is telling us to relax our look. And partly because it is a personal statement. Texture look is ideal for layered haircuts. So if you got short layered haircut. Give it a try!

How to Experiment The Look in 3 Easy Steps

It is all about strategic placement of hair strands to match your personality and mood.

(*) For extreme look, you need stronger hold.

Go Messy... Or Not? Remember, with every new hair trend that comes along, it's important to just say "No" to styles that don't suit you.

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Agness Deyn with bedhead look Agness Deyn with bedhead look

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