Agyness with 4 Styles of Pixie Hair

Agness Deyn and her trademark bleached and blonde pixie hair cut made its debut on the cover of Italian and British Vogue. Short sexy hair is always been a big news, but now the boyish, layered and edgy pixie crop topping the style chart.

Platinum blonde with Gold

pixie crop with golden tone on top

In bed-head Look

Short platinum blonde messy style

In spiky style

short and spiky at top
Similar to this style

Straight and Sleek

short pixie straight perl blonde

There are many styling options for a hair cut like this and all comes down to the type of product you use and few creative inspirations! You can take a small amount of molding paste and work your hand through hair in cross motion for a bed-head and messy look OR you can finger dry the hair using styling gel to create a sleek but textured catwalk look with sharp edges. If your hair is not straight enough, use straightening lotion with anti-heat protection and blow-dryer the hair with round brush. Use only one or two types of product for each look. You won't need much!

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