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Chin Length Bob Hair Cut with Highlights

A round chin length bob hair cut that been lighten up with caramel and ash blond highlights concentrated near the face and sides for extra movement and

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Keratin treatment - 2nd time - unlucky

The first keratin treatment I had was FANTASTIC and I had frizz-free hair for a year - I'd never been happier..... After a year I thought I'd have it

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Curly Hair Styles - Options for a New Look

Styles for curly hair should always complement your hair's unique curl pattern, which you need to balance with your hair’s length. Here’s how to achieve that perfect balance!

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Reaction to Keratin Hair Treatment

My hair is frizz free after paying two hundred dollars to my hair stylist. I did have to sit through the harsh smell while I wore the mask while the hairstylist

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Growing Your Short Hair Long and Healthy

From using coconut oil for to washing less frequently, the following top ten tips will help you grow your hair out while keeping it healthy.

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Sweet Hair Accessory Ideas for Short Hair

When it comes to short hair, accessories are a girl's best friend. You can easily change up your look by slipping on a headband or sliding on a barrette. Here's our guide

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Hair Suddenly Turned Frizzy and Crinkled

I recently moved to London from southern California. A few days after arriving, I noticed that a small patch of hair near the side of my face (temple area)

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cowlick in back of hair

I'm 63 and have thick fine hair. I have developed a cowlick in the back. Never had a problem before, is this something that happens to older women? Actually,

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Dark warm brown to light golden brown hair colour?

My natural hair colour is a medium brown and I have dyed my hair numerous times different shades of darker browns. I am now trying to lighten my hair colour

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Benefits of Cranberry Seed Oil for Hair and Scalp

Who would have thought you could get antioxidants, Omega-3, Omega-6, and Vitamin E all in one fruit oil? Cranberry seed oil provides a nutrient-rich formula that contributes to a healthy and strong head of hair.

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New Hair Styles - What's Trending

New styles and latest trends from salon professionals, street and catwalk styles from around the world.

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Razor Hair Cut with Short Bangs

A layered hair style with razor cut choppy ends and a short straight bangs with black hair color and dark blue lowlight randomly placed to add shine and

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Re Coloring or Stripping - Dark Color to Blonde

I've been coloring my hair for years now and for a while I choose darker colors. When I tried to dye my hair lighter, it was impossible because of the

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Colouring hair after a keratin treatment?

Is it safe to bleach the hair after having a keratin treatment? How long should I wait before bleaching my hair? or even colouring (highlighting my hair)?

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Katy Perry with Short Hair

Some of the best looking hairstyles of katy perry with short hair for our short hair collection

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Pixie Haircut - Why You Should Rethink this Style!

How many ways to wear a pixie haircut? Casual, working or dressy. With styling techniques and products you can go from elfin to executive to elegant

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Extreme Dandruff For Years and Dry Hair

My hair used to be extremely damaged and wouldn't grow, but I finally got it to grow back from going completely organic with hair products, and it's much

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Rediscover the Beauty of Brunette

Chocolate. Caramel. Chestnut. It’s in the names; brown hair colors are positively delicious. Who said brunette meant boring?

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Going Dark Brown and Brunette

If you have a cool skin tone and like to go dark then your choices include also mahogany brown or brunette mahogany. The trick is to choose the right subtle

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What hair color is best for brown eyes and fair skin?

My natural hair color is a light to medium brown with a redish tent. I have brown eyes and fair skin, and I want a hair color that will enhance my brown

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Different Bob Hair Styles

From the time of Cleopatra to the era of the modern femme, different bob hairstyles have been in style. Bob hairstyles come in different shapes and forms, and it can be defined for individual face shape by creating a unique frame around the face.

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Role of Heavy Metals in Hair Loss and How to Eliminate Them

If you are seeing a decent doctor, they may have already ordered a bunch of blood tests for you to figure out why you are losing your hair. https://drbrighten.com/what-causes-hair-loss-how-to-stop-it/

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Omega 3&6 and Antioxidants Acts Efficiently Against Hair loss

The idea that things like antioxidants (such as glutathione) and fatty acids (Omega 3&6) may help improve your hair is not junk science. In fact worldwide

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Does Brazilian Blowout Cause Hairloss?

I was looking into doing the Brazilian Blowout - supposedly hyde free and can be washed right away. Was everyone who experienced hair-loss using the four

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What Causes Gray Hair to Turn Green - How to Rinse?

What causes gray hair to turn green and what would be a good rinse to use on black hair without the gray turning green? I am allergic to hair dye so I

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Short Bob - With Blond Side Panel

Haircut with longer side bangs in brown color, added a small panel of blonde at one side for a high fashion finish. Finally I got myself a brand new hair

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Do You Have the Right Hair Color?

Choosing a new hair color depends on a combination of factors, such as your natural hair color and texture, your eye colour, and your skin tone. Here’s how to choose one that suits you!

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Short and Medium Hair Styles - Pictures

Short hair styles, medium hair styles and community pictures shared by readers and enthusiastic members grouped by different categories of cut, style and look.

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Audrey Tautou with tousled wavy hair
Rock Short Hair - Olga Kurylenko - Hitman
Olga Kurylenko - Hitman
Amy Adams hair color idea
The gorgeous Amy Adams playing the role of Amelia Earhart - Night At The Museum II
This strong character from 30s was an inspiration (in many ways) to all women around the world.
Amy Adams in an interview with Dailymail UK said - "I see her as a woman who's ahead of her time but also having fun, embracing that sense of adventure; it's about believing in yourself and your passions and making the most of the time that you have in life"

Get idea and inspiration from her hairstyle, hair color and look next time you invited to a costume party. And don't be afraid of change!