Short Platinum Blond with Dark Roots

by Chris

Pixie Geldof with short platinum blond and dark root

Pixie Geldof with short platinum blond and dark root

Pixie Geldof with short platinum blond and dark root Pixie Geldof with short hair - Summer 2011 Pixie Geldof with short hair

I LOVE this look and I see it all over here in NYC on the street. I also see it in ads and TV on both men and women. I keep asking my stylist for this look but he tells me it's just blonde growing out and exposing the dark roots. I can't believe this is not a deliberate LOOK! And how do you get it? It is definitely a trend- NO?

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Love it!
by: Anonymous

Edgy style! Love the dark, shocking blonde look softened with curls.
Does not look "cheap" as one post mentioned. It looks modern, different and fun!
Far from a boring look! Love it!

by: Anonymous

I love it, I believe that when people said you look cheap is because they are not confident enough to be who they want to be. I love love love this style hair, blond with black roots.

platinum blonde dark roots
by: felicia

I, myself can never get used to this look,nor the look of streaks through the hair.
The blonde/dark roots to me looks very unkept and dingy. It takes away from beautiful hair and makes it look fake and cheapens your look.

Blond hair color with dark root
by: Anonymous

You are right. This is a color trend that pops-up every now and then - mostly (but not exclusively) during summer. Normally starts by celebrities then followed by their fans and then the circle start to grow among fan?s friends and family.

The right haircut and style is essential. The idea is to create a deliberate 'Messy' hair in a fashionable way. So it might look very odd on a neat and sleek bob or straight long hair. Most suitable haircuts are those that break up blunt lines, feathered finish and texture.

Obviously this works best if your natural hair color is dark for maximum contrast! Your hair stylist is right - First you get overall platinum blond (most likely with bleach and toner). By the way, you only do that if your hair is in tip-top condition. Then you just skip touch-up sessions until your new hair-growth reach a desirable size that goes nicely with your hair length (lets say 1 to 1-1/2 inch!) and then you maintain this line by resuming touch-up starting from 1 to 1-1/2 inch from scalp. This does not mean you should skip color maintenance. Platinum blonde is very hard to maintain. It gets brassy, yellow and loses vitality!
Overall: Its easy to get but hard to maintain look.

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