How to Reverse Or Wash Out Keratin Treatment ?

I had the Coppola keratin done yesterday. I was really excited to get it done. I loved the idea of pretty waves when air dried versus frizz but I have fine hair and not a ton of it. I have read so many posts about fine hair not doing this treatment. I thought it was healthy! Now I hear all of this other stuff. Lots of hair loss! My scalp burns and my skin around my face where my hair falls on it.

I want to get this stuff out of my hair. Is it too late to reverse keratin treatment process? I don't want hair loss. I am really scared now.

I also read not to use any product with protein in it that the hair can't handle that much protein. I just want to reverse this process or wash out keratin treatment now!
Please help!

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Jan 23, 2017
Follicles permanently damaged from Brazilian Blowout
by: Anonymous

I made one of the worst mistakes of my life by getting a keratin treatment/ Brazilian Blowout five years ago in 2012. Before that I had never gotten a perm or even dyed my hair or used any chemical besides natural conditioners and gels on my hair. At that time I did not know that the product contained formalin or formaldehyde. My thick, beautiful curly hair never came back and my hair has been scraggly, thin, damaged and frizzy ever since. It's randomly straight in some parts, semi-curly/frizzy in others. It's all over the place no matter what products I use, and I've tried a lot of products. Clearly my follicles were permanently damaged. It's been 5 years so of course it is not in my hair any longer. It damaged the follicles.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a chemical that can reverse the effects of formalin/formaldehyde on a cellular level, to restore the follicles to their original state. Thank you

Dec 12, 2016
How to take keratin out
by: Anonymous

okay I'm a 14 yr old guy. I don't know if that affects anything, but I recently had a keratin treatment. Like a month ago, I don't know the difference between the types of keratin. All I know is that it stunk. On the first day not even an hour after I got I washed my hair cause I really didn't like it. I think I used shampoo or I didn't cause I was scared that would make it worst. But now I'm reading to put shampoo with sodium chloride in my hair. I wanted to know how I can revert and how long it'll take. For my hair my insta is woahdami

Nov 19, 2016
removing keratine from hair
by: Anonymous

Hello all,

This is in response to the persons who just had keratine treatment done, you can still revert it's effect easily as long as it has not been 48 hours post the treatement as this is the required time for the treatement to set on hair and fully dry.

I suggest that you wash your hair as soon as possible with a normal shampoo not designed for the keratine treatement. You can also add some cider vinegar to balance it's ph.

Hope this will be helpfull and let this be a lesson to all of us... learn to embrase the nature of our hair and stop looking for perfection!! it's deos not exist!

Nov 18, 2016
Keratin hair be gone
by: Anonymous

I had my last keratin treatment Sept 2015. I stopped washing my hair with shampoo and conditioners made for keratin hair. I went back to the old products I use. That strips the keratin from your hair faster. My hair slowly became wavy. Now it's 90% back to the natural 3c curl. Keep up with hair cuts regularly. Take biotin to strengthen your hair. It also helps me with hair growth. Also, patience. Your hair will grow back out the the natural texture. It will take time.

Nov 15, 2016
remove keratine out of your hair....what a nightmare
by: amma


After days and weeks of searching and a dead straight hair, I think that I found a way to remove the keratin from hair.

Here is the trick most of you know that the BKT has a percentage of formaline which is used to preserve aliments, in a hair straitening treatment this is what hold the hair strand in place and keeps it in a straight state consequently if we manage to get that formaline out of the hair than the hair will gradually revert and bye bye keratine.

Here is the link about formalin removal:

I started soaking my hair in salt and water for 30mnt just yesterday I used about a full tea spoon mixed with 80% of water wrapped my hair and let it work ..the keratin is still there but hopefully it will be all gone with repeated use, especially that one or two curls are coming back so I can only guess that it is working slowly but surely.

Ps; it's better to add some coconut oil or argan oil with the salty water to avoid extra dryness.

Let me know girls how it goes.

Nov 07, 2016
This might help.
by: Tiago

I am also struggling here.
I found this. Hope it can help someone.

"Keratin Hair Straightening Removal Some Keratin therapy smoothing system infuses
Keratin deep into the hair cuticle and seal it there with the use of a flat iron at high temperatures. Another systems associated with Keratin hair straightening work with the amino acid bonds in the hair and are referred to as amino fusion treatments.

To remove a Keratin Hair Treatment - where keratin has been bonded to your hair with a flat iron:

go swimming in the ocean or on a cruise ship where they fill the swimming pools with sea water
the salt in the sea water helps remove the keratin that has been bonded to your hair
Not Near the Ocean or going on a cruise? Make a solution of salt water at home in sink or tub.
first soak you hair in the salt water then shampoo with
Roffler Blue of Gold Shampoo pH=8 or
a Chelating Shampoo like Lanza Step 1 Chelating shampoo from the Lanza Ultimate Treatment or
use the Thermafuse clear oneĀ® Anti-Residue shampoo or
another deep cleansing CLARIFYING shampoo of your choice
next soak you hair in salt water again and repeat the shampoo
finally recondition you hair. Try the Lanza Ultimate Treatment or Color Lover Moisture Masque
To reverse the effects of the amino bonding treatments like ThermaFuse Smoothing Treatment or a Brazilian Blow Out Treatment

shampoo with a highly pH shampoo
Roffler Blue of Gold Shampoo pH=8 or
a Chelating Shampoo like Lanza Ultimate Treatment Step 1 Chelating shampoo or
use another deep cleansing CLARIFYING shampoo of your choice"

Oct 14, 2016
Keratin treatment 2011
by: Anonymous

I did the keratin treatment in 2011. I never got my curls back. I feel like it completely changed my hair. Even new growth isn't curly.

Sep 27, 2016
depressed :(
by: Habo

I've done Brazilian blowdry 5 weeks ago.during the process the smell was not really strong and everything was fine.but now whenever I straighten up my hair I got burning in my nose and really worried about the formaldehyde issues though the stylist told me the product they use is plz! :(

Sep 23, 2016
This what I do!
by: Honey

As I have aged several unpleasant things began happening to my very fine hair. There was breakage, hair loss, limp hair, dry, itchy scalp, etc. My Dr. explained that the most likely problem was keratin buildup but only suggested taking a biotin supplement. Tried that. No apparent help. So then I spent hours surfing the net looking for help. What I found recommended most was to use sulfate free shampoo & conditioner. I tried that with some success but the dry itchy scalp nearly drove me crazy. Then one day while waiting in my Dr's waiting room I read an article recommending using aloe vera, either fresh from the plant or a 95% gel. I went with a 100% gel purchased at Walmart, (Not expensive) The article said to apply liberally directly to the scalp, leave for 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Do this once or twice a week. Oh, blessed relief from the itching & my hair is shiny & healthy. I still have a bit of breakage & loss bur have been told that is just normal I hope this might work for you.

Sep 23, 2016
HELP please
by: Vidal

I had a keratin straightening treatment done on my hair in May. The stylist said it would last only 2 months. After about 2 weeks of getting it done I started noticing my hair shedding. The shedding just kept getting worse. My hair is so thin now and really coarse. I normally have very soft African hair with naturally defined curls now its just coarse and I don't even know how to describe the supposed curls I have at the roots. Can anyone suggest how to
1 grow out this keratin quickly
2 stop the shedding
3 get back my soft curly hair if possible

Thanks in advance.

Sep 03, 2016
Keratin to remove keratin
by: LaTonya

I've been struggling to remove a Keratin treatment from my hair for months. Two days ago I found a video on YouTube and the hairstylist suggested using a keratin complex shampoo and deep conditioner to remove the treatment which I thought was strange but I went to Walmart and purchased the Matrix Biolage keratin dose shampoo and conditioner. She used a different brand in the video. I washed my hair twice and conditioned for about 30 minutes and am amazed at the results. The video is titled Washing out Keratin from the ends of your hair.
Hope this helps.

Aug 06, 2016
Burning scalp
by: Disappointed

I have done keratin treatment - hair ok, but my scalp is burning so does my eyes and nose- seems i developed an allergic reaction - anybody had similar experience - what to do?

Jul 23, 2016
washing before treatment
by: BB

to kandoush: Who told you to wash with sulfate free shampoo before treatment? not relevant! Discussion is for those who like to remove the treatment from hair in case they regret the procedure afterwards.

Jul 22, 2016
forgot to wash hair before treatment
by: kandoush

I forgot to wash my hair with the proper keratin shampoo. Would it last .how long it will last ? Or shall I repeat the full procedure?
Why should I wash my hair before with free sulfate shampoo?

Jul 12, 2016
Keratin Damage
by: Kathleen

I have had very curly hair all my life and have dealt with frizz. I have a wedding coming up and wanted the frizz gone. I elected to have a keratin express treatment. At first I loved the straight hair but with that came damage from blowing my hair daily. In addition, I did not realize the sodium chloride in my pool would make my hair like straw. I started to panic six weeks before the wedding. I read the remarks on this website. I decided to try Organix Biotin and Collagen Shampoo and Conditioner even though I did not believe the immediate result comments. I was so wrong, in a great way. I did experience immediate results. Then I tried all of the other Organix products including the Body Wash. None of them disappointed. I am sold and would recommend them to everyone.

Feb 15, 2016
Kerastraight Smells so bad!
by: Anonymous

Please help! My hair is soft, manageable and shiny after the treatment. However, the smell after getting wet is so foul! I've only washed my hair now 3 times with the expensive sulfate free perhaps I need to wait a little bit longer? Honestly though, I don't know if I would have gotten the treatment had I known this would happen. It's that bad.
Please! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
I've been reading on the web, it could even be permanently damaged??
Thank you!!!

Jul 02, 2015
Do not!
by: Anonymous

What makes the hair to fall is the formaldehyde not the Keratin itself. Do not try to remove it, since it will remove the shine you got and leave you with a porous and lifeless hair.
Now you have to work from inside out and nurture your hair
From The inside. Drink this smoothie daily:
2 bananas
1 apple
1 handful of spinach
1 spoonful of soy lecitin
This will strengthen your scalp and will stop the hair loss

Now the hair treatment
Coconut oil
And your favorite conditioner
Place the mix in a microwave for few seconds to warm it up and apply (avoid the root to prevent greasy-unwashed hair look)

Next time avoid keratin with high formaldehyde content (even the ones that claim to be for Dehyde free are not)
Good luck and focus in what you eat that is the key to stop the hair loss.

Jun 11, 2015
Reversing the effect
by: N.F.

Read all below comments on this page and take a look at these two pages - They answer your question:

And here

Jun 10, 2015
Help me please
by: Anonymous

In the process of putting keratin in my hair I immediately didn't want it and changed my mind and now I tried to wash it off with treseme but I can still smell the keratin in my hair ... what shall I do ???

May 06, 2015
yogurt and salt
by: Anonymous

First of all thoroughly rinse your hair with water. Mix yogurt with sea salt and gently scrub your hair. What it does is, salt removes the keratin layer while yogurt adds strength to your hair and keeps the shine which will get stripped if only salt is rubbed.

Be gentle with your hair, don't blow dry it or iron it, just pat it dry with a towel and air dry it. Don't worry about the texture initially.

Next evening, apply coconut oil or olive oil to your scalp and leave it overnight. Shampoo the next day with a mild shampoo and repeat the salt-yogurt mixture with aloe vera as a conditioner. Or you can mix besan (gram flour) with yogurt, aloe vera and salt and scrub it in your hair. Continue being gentle and continue the coconut oil massage before shampooing. Your hair will naturally be shiny and the yogurt will give it strength. Use a blow dryer or a straightener later on if you want to straighten it.

Keep the yogurt pack on your hair for 45 minutes to 1 hour for best results. The keratin will get washed off, and your hair will stay smooth and strong, with minimum breakage.

You can also mix yogurt with eggs for extra protein for your hair and use it as a pack.
I recommend a natural shampoo by Pathanjali Ayurveda. It is called Divya Kesh Kanti Natural Hair Shampoo and available in 200 ml bottles on Amazon. I started using it and having good results - both hair growth and strength. Don't forget to oil your hair before you shampoo every single time for long lasting strength.

Mar 31, 2015
I want to Revert my Hair back!!!
by: Denise

I had the Keratin Treatment done in my hair 7 months ago.I washed my hair every 3-4 days, as usual so it can last longer. My hair is naturally really curly, in the first two to three months of the keratin treatment my hair was wavy every time I washed it I noticed that after 3 to 4 months the keratin was washing out as normally is it should, but I started noticing that one side of my head was washing out more faster than the other side of my head. Like the left side of hair was just wavy but my roots were so curly, like the right side of my head. It was so frustrating to work with & scary. I started using the Biotin & Collagen Shampoo & Conditioner to see if that would help, I would even wash my hair every 2 days just to speed up the process. I didn't see not one difference. Other people were saying that they were seeing that the left side is getting curly too. But still, I don't see any resemblance. This was a big mistake getting this Treatment done. What do I do to get it out?!

Oct 07, 2014
RE: HELLLP !! CHI Enviro
by: JJ

Think of it like hair dye you apply! You can't completely take it of! And you can't "completely" get your natural curls/wave back! It will fade faster with strong SL shampoo or salt spray but will not completely go away! I'm Not sure about CHI Enviro but I suppose it works similar to other keratin treatments we seen in market!

Oct 06, 2014
by: Anonymous

I got the chi environment keratin treatment march 2013 , and then again this summer in late June/early July. Now im trying to go natural & does anyone know how to take keratin treatments out. I do not want to have to cut this out :( please help

Jun 24, 2014
Revert usuing Shampoo that Contains Salt
by: Anonymous

You can revert without damage using a shampoo that contains salt (Sodium Chloride). I recommend using Organix Biotin & Collagen Shampoo and Conditioner. Your hair will revert without damage to either the treated tresses or your new growth. You will notice the difference in the first wash. I used these products following the two day detox using the Terressential Mud Wash. I promised my tresses that I will never mis-treat them again. :)

Jun 20, 2014
Revert Keratin Treatment With Mud Wash
by: Anonymous

I used the Terressentials Mud Wash _Lavender to revert the keratin treatment applied to my tresses. Six months after the application and my natural kinks were not coming back. After the first night of the five day hair detox process rcommended for first time users of Terressentials, I have my natural curl pattern back. Terressentials DOES NOT recommend the use of the mud wash for chemically treated, damaged, or color treated hair. However, since I was already at the point of acceptance of yet another Big Chop, I took the risk. I would suggest strand testing first.

Nov 19, 2012
sodium hydroxide/salt
by: Ashley D.

I'm not an expert-just a hobbiest.
I put the Organix Keratin Treatment in my hair. I have extremely thick/course natural hair. It got my hair bone straight. I wore it straight for a month or so. Then, it started reverting back kinky-as expected. But, I noticed that my roots more than the ends of my hair was getting back kinky which promoted breakage and shedding. I sweat in my head. So, I figured that was the reason. After doing some research: I noticed that products/shampoos containing sodium hydroxide broke down keratin. Although table salt is a weaker form of sodium, it seems to have worked on my hair. Make yourself a spray bottle of table salt/water and saturate. It'll make your hair dry. But, can be fixed with a deep conditioner. Hope this work for you, also. GOOD LUCK.

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