Keratin Treatment Fried my hair beyond my worst nightmare

by Alison
(Silver Spring MD)

I recently received a keratin treatment at an Aveda spa in Maryland. The stylist is a friend of mine and has before this, always done an amazingly good job with my hair. My hair is medium length, medium wavy, and a little bit fine. After decades of professional platinum blonde highlights, and the last few years of heavy flat iron use, I thought I needed a serious conditioning treatment. The stylist assured me this product had no formaldehyde. I think the treatment stayed on my hair for 15-30 minutes, in addition, the stylist used a flat iron throughout, to seal in the product.

In total, I was there almost two hours, and I was asked not to wash my hair for 48 hours. Those two days, my hair was extremely flat, but that was not the worst of it. When I finally washed my hair, I noticed it had been completely destroyed. The structure of each hair strand looks as bent and wiry as corn-husk hair, But drier than dry. The strands do not lie flat, but frizz beyond recognition. It is so awful. My scalp is also pink and tender.

This is the worst hair experience I have ever had. My stylist assures me that others have had great result with this treatment. Perhaps, the product stayed on too long for my particular hair. Perhaps the flat iron within the process was too much. But it is really bad. I do not recommend this procedure for anyone.

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Aug 28, 2017
Protein treatment totally damaged my hair!! :(
by: Hadir

Hi I'm from Egypt, last year i applied protein (Keratin) treatment and strengthening to my hair and it was straight for over than 6 months and so soft,, but now it's so dry and i lose my hair totally falling too much and it looks terrible ,, my hair basically curly but not half of it curly but horrible curly (broken and dry) and the other half is straight and i cant make it curly all any more , i tried everything..sulfate shampoo, went to sea and pool..natural sulfate shampoo..everything but nothing works..i cant go out because of my hair please i need help!!! :((((( i want my curly soft natural hair back what can i do? no it looks like a fried palm tree!! :D

Jul 16, 2017
Same problem
by: Anonymous

I wish I had never used gk keratin straightening at my salon. It looked great the first time about six months later the second time looked less great and now my hair is DESTROYED. I truly believe this treatment is a temporary fix that eventually makes your hair worse than before. My hair is thin, cracked off and ftrizzy. I am going natural letting it grow out. Great it will look good in a few years. Anyway BS to the hairstylists that say oh you had a bad this or that or you didn't take care of it. I go to an expensive salon took care of my hair followed the gk regimen Don't do it if you value the health of your hair

Jun 09, 2017
Very disappointed
by: Anonymous

Had keratin done at aveda salon. Very expensive. Very straight after treatment until i washed it 72 hours later. I think there was breakage and that created more frizz then i had before. Not sure if the straightener was too hot or what. I had a Brazilian before and it worked really well. Thought the keratin would be better. Called salon and sent pic and they said it looked fine according to their keratin specialist.
Not sure what to do. I might try coconut oil.

Jun 08, 2017
Never again! Will not recommend this treatment to my worst enemy!
by: Anonymous

I absolutely hate the keratin treatment! My hair smells like a perm and no matter what I do I have no style to my hair. I got it done to help dry my hair faster and calm my curls.. it looked better before! I put salt water, argon oil and coconut oil to try and reverse it. I'm sitting with a towel on my head hoping it soaks in. Horrible!

Jun 08, 2017
by: Anonymous

Palm oil can reverse the damage done by keratin treatment

Jun 07, 2017
Beware Toxic
by: Kim

I recently joined the natural life and I wish I saw these reviews before I used the product. I would have been 2 years natural and I can only reminise on how my hair was healthy before. Curls were popping and shiny. It smelled so good and I thought hey its protein why is some part of my hair straight for god sakes and will never return to its original texture. Product labeling is Misrepresenting and Deceitful. I know they updated it with coconut but the older versions that are toxic should be thrown out to the garbage. Label should have warned its consumers of the dangers of using it with clear instructions. My hair would have been shoulder length and perfect now but live and learn the hard way. If only the manufacturers would rectify its damages because its not just like we can grow back hair overnight all that time and dedication for health destroyed after this one product.

May 19, 2017
Keratin streightner gone bad!

Also had my hair done 2 weeks ago...
Was ultimately flat and straight for the 2 days I did not have wash for 48 hrs!
After the wash the curl was back 😢😢😢😢
Spent alot of money and was so angry!
Was told it is not as damaging as the Brazilian!
First time I have ever tried something like this!
My hair is SO dry, fluffy like cotton wool!
Have some straight pieces, alot of curls again or still?
Some of my hair broke off at the roots or 2cm from my head?
Seems cutting it off into a bob style is my only way out!!!
Cant style as I used to anymore!
My hair is layered down to the middle of my back!
Very pee'd off!
Wont ever do this again

May 18, 2017
My hair
by: Anonymous

I had the same experience last night!!!

May 12, 2017
Too much protein=damage
by: Anonymous

I am a hairstylist and perform the Keratin procedures. I am reading many of these comments and it sounds like you are doing repetitive treatments time and time again. There is such a thing as over proteinizing the hair, it will become gummy, break, ect. I would not recommend using strengthening treatments with keratin or protein in them while this treatment is in your hair.

May 10, 2017
Aveda Keratin - changed their product
by: Terri

I just returned from the Aveda salon to have had to cut 3" off my very curly hair that was finally getting below my shoulder. Now, back to fairly short hair as curls bounce up. In Dec. 2016, I had an Aveda Keratin service for $250. It was my 3rd one. I had been getting them once a year. Smoothed out my hair and I was happy with them. I did notice some dry ends months later, but an inch off and it was fine. With a round brush and some good products, my hair was calm for almost a year.

Wellll, in Dec. 2016, I had the "same treatment" or so I thought. The process seemed a little different. The next day, I noticed barely a difference...maybe a little less kinky curl and the texture was dry or more strawlike. I called Aveda salon. The manager said they had recently changed their Aveda Keratin product for "something they liked better"...then she switched her story later to their original Keratin treatment wasn't available any longer. I told her this new one wasn't impressive.

Through winter, I noticed my ends were dry. More frequent haircuts. By May, I couldn't stand it anymore....i just had a hair trim 3 weeks ago and my ends were just weird...dry, wouldn't curl and were just terrible. I left it all in its nastiness and went to Aveda...the stylist said it may have been the Keratin treatment and had to cut over 3" off in places.

I will never ever get one again. All that money and extra mess only to end up with shorter hair.

I've had the ULTA one, too, and it's worthless. I'll round brush for some more bounce and less kinks but I'll be doing a natural from now on.

Apr 11, 2017
I will never ever try keratin on my hair again!
by: Lexi

One week and a half ago Ive been to a stylist who put the treatment into my hair. Wash, blow out, then iron, again wash, cut and blow. Basically it should have been cut and with keratin. Today, it looks without life, the ends are worse than before and not to mention that she 'forgot' to tell me to use sulfate-free shampoo. A lot of money wasted plus I don't know what to do to my poor hair to revive it. I'm heart broken :(

Apr 03, 2017
by: Anonymous

Had this treatment done on my long wavy hair and after it was blown dry I could see the texture was off. Later after washing it was like every single hair was twisted,kinked, froed. All along the shaft of each hair had intermittent sections where the hair was split. My hair is 100% ruined. No babying or conditioner would rescue the hair. A complete loss. Hundreds of dollars in cuts and products and the time involved to grow the hair to where I loved it gone in one day. It will take years to get it back to where it was.

I did not have this done at a low-end salon. This was done at an award-winning salon in New York that I have been going to for a few years. I don't believe it's a matter of having it done right, I believe that certain people may not have a hair type suitable for this particular process.

It's the most disgusting mess I've ever seen and I think that there needs to be more communication about the possible risks of this procedure. If I had ANY knowledge of this happening I never would have agreed to having it done. My hair which was below my bra strap is now 6 inches long courtesy of this despicable process. I think the stuff should be outlawed.

For the love of God do not ever get this done to your hair it's simply not worth the risk.

Mar 25, 2017
keratin treatment went wrong
by: sharon

When I had my first kerastraight treatment it was amazing, straight shinny smooth hair. I could not believe it. I went back to the same salon 9 months later to have again, I had a different stylist. she washed my hair with special shampoo and left it on for five minutes and rinsed. She then she put on the treatment which was combed through (all the same as 1st time) this should have been left on for half an hour, but after applying the stylist started to use blow dry then straighteners!! I thought this was different to the first time that I had the treatment but thought she knows what she doing. After blowdry and straightening hair felt like over processed frizz. When I got home I cried could not run fingers or comb through hair.I contacted the salon but was closed. I rang kerastraight and I was told it was done wrong. Kerastraight contacted the salon I had to go back and have it all stripped out the next day as salon was now shut. I had to wait 1 month to have the treatment re-done.I have since been to a different hairdressers and been told that mid to end lengths of hair are in bad condition but not due to using straighteners but CHEMICAL DAMAGE.

I will have kerastraight done again as it is amazing but needs to be done right!. Look at Trevor Sorbie global ambassador for kerastraight website.

Feb 24, 2017
Idea straight at ulta
by: Anonymous

I had Kera straight done at ulta. I noticed that the hairdresser just did not blow dry my hair right. Very sloppy.
I have lots of nuts and bends in my hair. That when I comb
My hair just snags a lot. She was ironing my hair without really combing it down. My hair is ruined. My scalp is so itchy.
She told me not to wash for 4 days. No way I can go with this itchy scalp that long. Hope I don't lose my hair 😿

Feb 20, 2017
All people with burned or singed hair
by: Anonymous

I have been doing keratin treatments for over 5 years and in my profession opinion, if your hair is burned frizzy on the ends or singing end then the stylist used too hot of heat blow drying and way too hot of a flat iron. I am sorry this has happened to you. Keratin treatments are amazing as long as the person doing it knows what they are doing and does not rush the service.

Feb 19, 2017
Great for Hispanic hair
by: Eunice

Keratin treatment works great for curly Hispanic hair as mine. I had 2, six months apart , and I use the shampoo, conditioner and leave in from Brasiliana. My hair is soft, wavy and shiny. It is great for the winter months. I usually leave it curly in the summer, but it need some products to seal the moist. My curl partner has not change at all. I had highlights in the past and they still look great with the keratin. In conclusion, in my opinion , it is good for dye, highlight, strong hair, curly, frizzy hair,if you hair is fine and has only a beach wave curl, it may leave it to straight and limp, hope this help

Feb 19, 2017
Help for keratin treatments
by: Anonymous

I have had 2 full keratin blowouts and 3 of the express blowouts in between. My advice to your comments... invest in a really good blowdryer, round brush, and blowout cream. I use the sedu blowdryer, the Moroccan oil boar bristle round brush, and alterna perfect blowout cream. Honestly, my hair comes out better with these three products than when my hairdresser blows out my hair. The boar bristle brush will make your hair super shiny, and I haven't found a better blowout cream than alterna perfect blowout. I hope this helps!

Jan 19, 2017
Worst experience
by: Anonymous

Had the keratin treatment done yesterday on my bleached hair. I was assured, on 3 separate occasions, that it will be great for my hair, make it feel healthier, stronger, that it won't affect the colour etc etc. I was nervous but after being so strongly reassured by the stylist (at not my normal salon) I went into the appointment full of excitement of what it was going to be like when I walked out. Firstly my hair went yellow, then green (from them using multiple toners), now 12 hours later it is a complete frizzy ball and HANDFULLS of hair breaking off. I'm in tears. The worst parts are that it cost me over $300 and it doesn't look like I'm going to get that back. And that I let myself be convinced it would be ok. For everyone out there: TRUST YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT and research. Hugs to all of you out there going through the same thing 😪

Dec 13, 2016
Keratin treatment ruined my hair
by: Valerie Grace

I just got a keratin treatment done not too long ago. The brand was Pravana. I thought it was going to make my hair straight, soft, and shiny. Instead it fried my hair. The stylist didn't do a proper consult with me. It shouldn't have been used on my hair that was heavily bleach damaged and box colored. I had to have 5 inches cut off and I still have ends that look and feel burnt! My hair all over feels really dry and there is no shine. Watch out cause not all keratin treatments are the same. I didn't know it at the time but I was actually getting more of a harsh reverse perm. Make sure you do a thorough consult with your stylist beforehand. It should be their job to do it but not all of them will unfortunately. Mine didn't ask for my hair history.

Nov 20, 2016
The good and the bad
by: Clover

I have experienced the absolute best and worst of keratin treatments. Through my experience, I can tell you that it all comes down to a) the brand of keratin used, and b) your stylist.

First time I had a keratin treatment, I was absolutely amazed. My hair, which had previously been frizzy and dyed way too many times, became silky straight and seemed to glow for months after. My stylist was someone I trusted, who worked at an up-market salon. The keratin contained NO formaldehyde and actually rejuvenated each hair follicle.

When it was time for a re-do, I stupidly went to a cheaper salon to save money... SO not worth it, as I walked out with what my friends described as 'broomstick hair'. Absolutely awful. So awful, in fact, that I had to cut all of my hair off. This 'keratin' treatment was actually a chemical treatment, and the stylist had no idea what she was doing.

Fast forward a year, and I just returned to my original stylist for another keratin treatment. It was nerve-wracking, but she once again did a phenomenal job. Spend the extra $ to work with a pro -- when you use the right treatment, you'll never go back. X

Nov 07, 2016
My experience with Keratin.
by: Anonymous

This is a warning to all. Do not use Keratin in your hair, it can make it fall and make it weak for a while. Learn to embrace your curly, wavy, or not so straight hair. I will never place toxins like Keratin in my hair as long as I live.

What has worked for me after Keratin, was a beer shampoo from duffy, mulitvitamins such as hair essential, biotin with coconut oil, and also a shampoo called Tio Nacho strengthening shampoo.

Your hair will grow back, just please relax and learn from this experience as I have. LOVE LOVE LOVE your natural hair and stop putting toxin chemicals in it.

Oct 22, 2016
to Sandi
by: Anonymous

Do you want to wash it of because you worried or because you started to see some sort of damage on your hair? Not everyone had negative experience! I don't think panic helps

Oct 20, 2016
by: Sandi

So I was thinking about a keratin for a while and started to ask about it while getting my hair colored yesterday since I just had a baby and don't have as much time to get ready. I color my hair with highlights, yesterday I had a Balayage done and I use a straightener normally everyday . I haven't been straightening my hair since July because I was on end rest and no need to stay home with the baby.

I asked both the colorist/owner who does my color and my stylist about the risks of doing it and stated I've heard some bad things. Also being someone who has her hair burnt off about 7 years ago, I didn't want to go through it again.

Somehow they convinced me to get it done yesterday and I started to worry as soon as I got home . I then read this thread and saw Jennifer Aniston had to cut her hair off.

I'm extremely worried. If I wash my hair right now will I cut down on the damage ? Please give me some advice

Oct 18, 2016
by: Parisa

Hello everyone
8 months ago I highlighted my hair, my hair was very dry so went to Ulta beauty in frisco,Tx .
One of the hairdressers suggested to do kerastright smoothing system , so I did .
walking out the salon hair looked great and smooth but next day when I woke up all my hair at the end was frizzy and wiry I put diamond oil at the ends, tried to iron it . but , no luck so I called the lady back she told me to come back , she will do the treatment for just the ends by the time I got there she changed her mind , she basically told me I have to walk with my iron in my hand and a sharp scissor and I couldn't believe what she was telling me . Anyhow since then I've been doing mask and special treatment but my hair hasn't been improving at all I had 3 hair cuts and still nothing happening so upset and tired just want my healthy hair back

Oct 14, 2016
Mine too
by: Susanne

My hair is to my shoulders, I have had about four keratin treatments in one year (perhaps too many in hind sight). Anyway an obvious amount of hair has snapped off at the top and left it very frizzy and given me a very annoying halo around the part area. Like I said perhaps I have had too many treatments. I am still going to have the treatments but am going to scale them down to two a year. I get my roots done too.
Instead of just using a regular conditioner I use a deep conditioning mask always but this doesn't always help.
Any other suggestions welcome. Thanks

Oct 08, 2016
The treatment reconstructed my hair !!
by: Danny Dixon

Before i had this treatment my hair was Volumised thick and curly after having the treatment its seems like my hair is thin flat and very weak and is still straight Im a male its been almost been 3 months and it looks like there's going to be no change or going back do not do this treatment

Sep 22, 2016
Magic Sleek
by: Anonymous

I have had a Keratin treatment in the past and it removed all the full body I had in my hair which left it limp and looked like I had burnt ends.

I tried the Magic Sleek and the exact same result happened. My hair was flat, lifeless and looked like a corn husk with ends bent in all different directions looking very dry. I used a deep moisture conditioner which helped a little bit but after I curl my hair and brush it out, it is beautiful and full and within 10 minutes, it falls flat and straight and looks awful. I am trying to find a way to remove this out of my hair to get my body and fullness back.

Aug 26, 2016
by: Anonymous

I had keratin to get rod of frizz. That worked, but hair is LIMP AND LIFELESS... Just hangs without life. If I curl it, in two hours all the curl falls out.

Aug 23, 2016
For anonymous 8/21
by: Anonymous

After you shampoo your hair and rinse pour a cup of water with two tablespoons on apple cider vinegar on the length of your hair. Wait a few minutes, rinse then condition. Helped me. Best of luck :)

Aug 21, 2016
Keratin Disaster!
by: Anonymous

I had a Keratin Treatment at an Aveda Solon in Coconut Grove, Miami. I live in Germany otherwise, my hair is color treated grey but was realtively healthy. The humidity in Miami made my hair uncontrolable and I was told that a Keratin treatment was harmless and actually good for my hair. It was good for a few weeks. That was April 2016 and now August 2016 and my hair is ruined. I blow it dry and then it turns to a strawy bush an hour after styling. I have tried Olaplex treatments, conditioners and olive oil overnight. It's a disaster. I'm hoping for a miracle before I cut it off. Any ideas?

Aug 19, 2016
burnt hair!
by: kitty

I just had a chemical straightening treatment and my hair (which wasnt curly to start with, just slightly wavy) is now frizzy beyond recognition, as dry as straw and broken and damaged!!!
Is there a way to even partially rectify this? It's so bad I think i am going to have to shave my head! HELP!

Jul 29, 2016
8 months later, one side limp and ugly
by: Anonymous

I had a treatment and about 4 inches cut off in November 2015. After washing for the first time after the treatment every single hair on my hair started splitting. I had to cut another 3-4 inches off a month later because my whole head was fried. Now 8 months later my right side is back to normal but the left half of my head is limp, stringy and ugly. DO NOT DO THIS.

Jul 04, 2016
Worked at first but total regrets later.
by: Anonymous

I have been getting keratin express treatments for about 18 months (4-5 treatments) . The first few treatment were great but I think it was the last treatment after which I couldn't believe how dry my hair became , immediately after washing my hair !! The prior treatment left my hair wispy , gummy but I thought maybe it was a processing fluke since the first few times were so good . I am now at the point where I would have gone back for a treatment but my hair is in such bad shape , I'm wondering where it all went wrong !! One side of my head is curlier than the other and its lost most of its natural curl and frizzier than ever . First time in my life besides childhood I'm considering a short style to repair this mess ! I don't suggest starting these treatments to anyone , but if you must only get one to two treatments , anymore than than that then it begins to abuse the hair and break down its chemical structure .

May 31, 2016
The Worst Thing EVER
by: Anonymous

I have natural hair and I decided to get his treatment to have my hair straighten for my graduation pictures.I had received this treatment a yr and a half prior n it didn't nothing to my hair. So, I was assured that this product would not ruin my curl pattern but it has done just the opposite. I have been natural 5 years n I had shoulder length hair, but after 7 month my hair has not regained its old curl pattern n its just very stringy, no kinkiness or the thickness I had before. So now I will have to cut about 3 inches off to nurse it back to health because nothing I am using is stripping these chemicals out of my head. It was/is a lesson learned so if you don't not have to get this treatment DO NOT USE IT AT ALL.

May 22, 2016
Keratin not for highlights
by: Anonymous

Keratin treatments are not recommended for clients with recently or overly highlighted hair.

Apr 26, 2016
Same thing happened to my hair.
by: Anonymous

It sounds like you had a "Keratin Express" treatment based on what you described. I have had about 6 or 7 of these treatments now and the last couple of times my hair has reacted in a similar way as you described. Not ALL of it (thank goodness) was dry and frazzled, but after washing my hair after the 48 hours after I got the treatment done, I noticed that portions of it were dry and frazzled and just looked wiry and unhealthy. I don't think I will be getting this treatment again for a while because I believe it was either the treatment itself or the flat iron to seal it in that caused this damaged.

Apr 20, 2016
magic sleek
by: Anonymous

The best new product on the market is Magic Sleek!

Mar 23, 2016
by: Chip

Keratin treatment is not for everyone. You say years of platinum blonde hair and flat iron. Your hair is damaged to the point of becoming fine hair. A keratin treatment is the way to go but you should done a protein/ replenishing treatment for the hair. Which keratin has you must of got the straightening keratin treatment.

Mar 07, 2016
My beautiful grey turned brassie yellow
by: GSD

I did the Ion Keratin treatment I bought at Sally's beauty supply. I followed the instructions on the box to the letter and used the flat iron at the 430F as instructed. Instead of looking fabulous I see my beautiful white hair changing to a brassie orange color. The worst part is, it's all in the front of my head. I've washed it, using blue shampoo, but it's still brassie orange with a yellowish/green undertone. I've washed it a second time in 24-hrs, sprayed sea salt water on it, and presently I'm sitting under a heat cap with deep conditioner, Rosemarie and tea tree. What I now see is my white hair looking blond. OMG what a disaster! I may be bald after this, but it better than walking around with this crazy hair color.

Jan 13, 2016
Never ever again
by: Anonymous

I've hat Keratin treatments through 2,5 years a 4-5 times already. Now I have the thinnest hair ever, been having so much hair loss and some parts of my hair just broke in the middle. I've been using the their shampoo and conditioner in this time too.

Now I'm trying to fix it and just be patient... I'm using aloe vera on my scalp, read about the gelatine treatment against fizzy hair I really want to try soon etc.

Today was the first time I stopped with the shampoo & conditioner and just want to get out all as soon as possible. Good luck everyone to get back to 'normal'.

Jan 10, 2016
Most people's hair recovers
by: Anonymous

I promise you all - in the vast majority of cases, your hair will, indeed, grow back. And it won't take years to do so. The first thing you need to do is go see a dermatologist and get them to take a look at your scalp. In the vast majority of cases, no damage is done to the scalp - it is just the shock of the harsh chemicals that are causing the hair fall. Most likely, what is happening to you is called Telogen Effluvium caused by the chemicals in the keratin treatment.

Once reassured that there is no damage to your scalp, now you need to focus on recovery. First, throw out your sulphate-free shampoos and get a regular shampoo - I use Aveda's Shampure. Using it a couple of times removed the treatment from my hair. I should add that after an initial couple of shampoos to remove the treatment, you should only wash and comb your hair once a week. You want to be touching / moving your hair as little as possible. That means no plaits, no buns - leave it loose, or at least make sure you aren't in any way pulling on your scalp.

You will lose around 50-70% of your hair's thickness but please be reassured that you will ALWAYS have enough hair on your head at any one time to hide the thinning patches. Most people, believe it or not, will not notice you are losing hair if you're clever about it.

You cannot repair the damaged hair although I found using Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner as a leave-in, helped to hide the damage. The thing to focus on is getting new growth. I managed to get 3 inches of growth in 3.5 months by putting a few drops of peppermint essential oil in my conditioner and leaving it on my head for 30 mins each week. The scalp will tingle and stimulate blood circulation which is great for growth. Obviously you can stimulate growth by massaging your scalp but since this is not suitable for people with hair falling out, peppermint essential oil (which you MUST dilute with conditioner) is a great alternative and actually seems to work a lot better than massage.

I now have loads of new growth, which obviously looks ridiculous - very bouffant - as the rest of my hair is bra strap length and the new hair is 3 inches - but hey, it's progress! All I wanted to say is please do not stress about it, as that will increase hair fall. I promise you will not go bald and the hair will grow back. Just relax, treat yourself nicely - and focus on growing new hair. I noticed new growth around four months after my keratin treatment. Note: hair will grow back first in the first place you noticed losing it. It doesn't grow back all at the same time because you didn't lose it all at the same time. Best of luck.

Jan 01, 2016
Coppola Keratin straightening ruined my hair
by: Laurel

I share the same awful experience for this product. I have fine, hair, that I've been babying to grow and stay healthy. In the past I have had the Brazilian Blowout with great success, but I was told that the Coppola Keratin treatment was less harmful and I just wanted to keep my frizzes in check during high humidity. The first attempt left me unhappy so the salon offered to retreat for free. I expressed concern over doing it too soon and was assured it's just natural protein and will only make your hair feel healthier.

Wrong, it's all broken off. In fact, the stylist mentioned something about my haircutter was over texturizing my hair. It was actually hair breakage from this product. My hair is frizzy and more damaged than every and drier than a bone. It's the worst I have ever had and I have tried other keratin treatments too prior to this one.

It really doesn't help when I'm battling hair loss to have this happen. In tears today after going out in humidity.

Dec 14, 2015
How to get rid of a keratin
by: Master stylist

I am going to give you a few tips but if you try these, please do a deep conditioner between sessions. Try using salt sprays or go into the ocean. Shampoo with clarifying shampoos and finish with deep conditioners. It will not completely restore your curls but will help with the limp hair. Sulfate and sodium based products strip keratins and natural oils in the hair. CONDITION CONDITION CONDITION.

Olaplex has an in salon treatment and an at home conditioner. It doesn't say to in the instructions but I like to leave oleplex step 3 on for a few hours at home. The stylist maybe wasn't informed on the proper procedure on the treatment. No keratin that I know of is ever applied to the scalp so there shouldn't be a reason why your scalp would be irritated or pink. Sometimes however, curly hair isn't used to being blown out with a brush and that alone could cause a little irritation if you don't regularly stimulate your scalp. Sometimes stylist use the heat way too high for keratin treatments which could have caused fragile hair. Stylist are instructed to use heat up to 450 degrees F but many people don't know that hair can melt at 451 degrees F. Too many passes with too hot of temp will definitely make your break.

Curly hair people please know!!!!! Even though these treatments say they will only get your frizz under control, they will also without a doubt relax your curls. If you are looking for a process in which you keep your natural curl but eliminate frizz do research for a hairstylist who knows how to cut curly hair properly. My curly hair clients love when I cut their hair dry.... Just a bit of advice.
Good luck!

Nov 20, 2015
by: Denise

So, I did the Brazilian Keratin Treatment two years ago & still half of my hair still needs to grow out. So now all the back of my hair is super curly, while everything in the front is straight with a little curl from my roots, but it's been like this for months now. I have really curly hair, and I was so tired of managing with it. It was always a stress to me. But now I would give anything to have my hair back. I miss it so much. I did the BKT two years ago, and it came out great for the first 5-6 months. After that my hair was taking forever to grow out, but only in some parts. I need to know how to remove this stupid treatment for my hair. I regret it so much. I would never recommend this treatment to anyone, ever. What the hell do I do to get my natural hair back?

Oct 27, 2015
by: Isha

I have heard so many complaints about these treatments.
The thing is persons are not educated on keratin processed hair and how to treat and maintain it, even hairdressers don't, so they cannot advise.
The hair is made of both protein (keratin) and moisture. I would have not advised a keratin treatment just yet to repair the damage to your hair. All hair types are not the same and what worked for someone, may not work for you.
In several weeks before the treatment, I would've done weekly deep conditioning treatments and moisture masques in order to treat the color damage additionally, moisturizing my hair daily (since color especially lighter tones, will dry out the hair). By having moisture in the hair, it preps the hair for a protein treatment and when washed out and another moisture treatment done, the hair won't have breakage or excessive drying. Many ppl seem to think because their hair is keratin treated, it also and only requires keratin infused products. This is not so.
Hair needs moisture when its dry, frizzy and breakage. Hair needs protein when there is little structure and too much moisture. Understand this science and you may never experience hair damage again.

Oct 24, 2015
Same here
by: Anonymous

I had the same thing happen to my long long healthy natural hair, just from using a keratin shampoo a couple times. It's been falling out like crazy from the roots, and i can't even brush it carefully without getting huge handfuls... nothing is fixing it... after a month my hair has never looked this bad. Don't use this stuff i can't believe it is safe for most people.. :( goodbye all my hair

Sep 28, 2015
What brand of Keratin??
by: Shelly

I have very long thick curly hair and a lot of it. I finally decided to go do Keratin but was convinced to do. Botox instead which doesn't have formaldehyde in it and is supposed to just make ur hair healthier and less frizzy. It only made it 15% better - a little easier to comb my finger through but everyone laughed at me that it looks the same! Still big, frizzy and out of control curls. I went back and she convinced me not to do keratin because of the formaldehyde.

Some people here say it was good for their hair, can u share what brand of keratin was used? Can u ask? Cause there are so many kinds and some are great an some are not.

I'm scared to do it cause my hair is really what makes me beautiful or ugly lol- it's like something I can't afford to lose but I really wish it was tamer, I dont even mind if it was wavy but just not so frizzy and big.

If anyone knows what brand I should look for or tips, that would be awesome:)

Aug 04, 2015
My opinion
by: Anonymous

I've got really curly hair with a lot of fuzz. I read up online about keratin and three years ago I decided to get the treatment done. I washed my hair after three days and my hair was still curly and now when I think back, looked wonderful. I called the person up complained and she did it again for free. My hair went completely limp. It was shiny but I had no curl left and after dealing with dry, fuzzy, unruly hair I was happy. I had it done again 4 months later and again after that. I started noticing my hair was getting straighter and straighter but this did not stop me. I was so happy to have long hair that I kept it straight and would use my GHD'S on it to maintain the shine. What a big mistake. I ended up thinning the hair more and damaging my ends so badly, I had to chop loads off just to make it look healthy again. You would think after all that I would have stopped but I didn't. I went back and got it done again. I decided i would never use heat on my hair ever again and would finally embrace my curls. I only had the roots done and did not let her put it through the rest as they already had keratin on them. After I washed my hair it was a bit limp at the roots but looked amazing. My roots soon grew out and I got my body back. After six months I just had it done again 5 days ago and i forgot to tell her not to put any on my ends but just my roots. She also left half an inch from my scalp so I could retain some volume. After I washed my hair I had some stringy bits. My curl patten was different all over and It looked like I needed a cut badly to remove the damage. A day later to bring back my curls I washed half my head with a pre keratin clarifing shampoo and left the conditioner in for half an hour. I can already see a difference and my ends don't look so bad now either. I plan to use salt on my next wash as I know that works too.
Don't fret just do everything they tell you not to do after a treatment and your hair will return to normal. Go swimming in the pool and in the sea. Use a strong clarifying shampoo and leave it on for 5-7 minutes but make sure you condition your hair well so it doesn't dry out. Do regular treatments with a mix of warm coconut and argon oil on wet hair so it absorbs into the hair cuticles and leave it in for as long as possible. If your hair is curly look into having a curly hair cut, where each curl is cut separately and that way you don't loose too much length. I'm positive if you keep washing it whilst nourishing it your hair will go back to normal in no time. I wish I could say after everything I've been through I will never do it again but I can't. I will always have my roots touched up. I'll just never let her put any on the rest ever again.

Jul 21, 2015
My opinion cntd
by: Anonymous

You may also be hypersensitive to protein or keratin because your hair might already have enough in it. Some people have that condition

Jul 21, 2015
My opinion
by: Anonymous

I think it was the flat iron I have curly thick hair at the front and Afro textured hair at the back and I've done protein and keratin treatments on myself with great results and never use a flat iron in between that's a very strange method I think ur supposed to sit under a dryer to let the product dry then rinse it out or u can let it air dry and rinse it, I think the heat from the flat iron damaged your hair

Jul 13, 2015
Messing with nature carries a high cost!
by: Jeannie

I was talked into having the latest keratin treatment done by my hairdresser of 8 years, supposedly containing reduced levels of formaldehyde. She was happy to do it a week after putting foils in my fine hair. I've had the same experience, the shiny bouncy hair I had a week ago has turned to crisped frizz. The hairdressers applying this toxic cocktail as well as the clients are being subjected to a carcinogen which should be banned outright. I'm contacting the Australian therapeutic goods association for clarification as to how this product was given the green light, considering the fumes were more overpowering in this 'new' treatment than they were in the previously banned formula.

Jul 10, 2015
by: Karla

I use jo-baz and completely melted my hair :(

Jul 01, 2015
by: Anonymous

If the stylist used the iron at too high temp and made too many passes with iron,will removing the keratin help? If the product is removed will the hair be fried

Jun 09, 2015
A great experience, thank goodness
by: Emster

The May 19 description of a successful treatment is also what mine was like. This is my third one in the past 2 1/2 years. Just got this one on Thursday, washed today, and it's great. I have thick, somewhat coarse hair. I got these treatment all from the same stylist at an Aveda salon, and just rather fell into the first one with her. If I'd searched the Internet first I may never have done it! I think lesson learned is probably get a solid referral. Good luck!

May 28, 2015
Keratin treatment not for highlighted hair
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm a stylist that does these treatments all the time. They are not recommend for over 50% highlighted hair! I am pretty highlighted and did the treatment and my ends were not happy, I am also not platinum. You need to do some reconstruction on your hair. Oleplex is an amazing new re-branding product on the market. It can undo some of the positives from the smoothing treatment. But it will reconstruct those broken bonds. Good luck. I hope this helped you.

May 21, 2015
Re: Keratin treatment
by: Anonymous

Thanks Becky. I will go back to the hair salon and see what they say.

May 20, 2015
reply to may 20th about dry hair
by: becky

That's rubbish about not having the right hair dryer. same thing happend to my hair. jaggered hairs and dry ends. I got full refund as it had burnt my hair. had to have it cut off and free deep treatment. Buy some aveda intense treatment as only thing that's saved my hair just have regular chops

May 20, 2015
keratin treatment
by: Anonymous

I did keratin treatment on last Saturday and washed my hair on Tuesday morning. My hair is dry and frizzy and each strand is crooked. Called the hair dresser and she said that I am not using good quality hair dryer to activate heat as the hair dryer is not strong enough. Is it correct? Not a good experience!

May 19, 2015
If your hair is fried they did it wrong
by: Anonymous

I have done keratin on my hair about 4 or 5 times now. I go to a guy that knows what he is doing. the keratin has done wonders for my hair. Its actually stronger and I'm able to grow it out longer than ever b4 bc my ends aren't split like they used to be. However i have really thick dark hair so I'm not sure what the keratin does to thin lighter hair.. but it worked wonders on mine. my stylist guy shampoos my hair about 3 times with a clarifying shampoo and then he applies the keratin to my hair when its still damp. he brushes it throughout my hair so that its distributed evenly then he puts my hair in rollers and puts me under a dryer for about 20-25 min until my hair is pretty much dry. then he blow dries it straight and goes over it with a flat iron. He flat irons small sections and does a very thorough job. i don't wash it for about 4-6 days (this part is a pain in the butt) so that the keratin can really set in. the keratin lasts for about 5-6 months bc i only go back when flat ironing my hair starts to take longer and the humidity is starting to affect my hair again meaning the keratin has pretty much worn off. keratin is supposed to strengthen your hair not weaken it.

May 18, 2015
Brazilian Blowout
by: Anonymous

I've done it recently, and whole effect was gone after first washing. I checked in internet what could go wrong and realized that my hairdresser rinsed the keratin out before ironing (he washed them, dried them, applied keratin for some 40 min, rinsed it, dried my hair, and ironed them). The treatment was done by Thursday and i washed my hair Sunday night. I was quite disappointed and i went there today (Monday) and told him that my hair are exactly the same like before the treatment and told him about mistake he did and I was told that this is the way they do it and it will not guarantee that my hair will be straight but my hair are slightly wavy and they were the same frizzy like before, even my boyfriend noticed it that it's not like it should have been.
The hairdresser offered to redo it so lets see what happen.

May 08, 2015
fried hair
by: becky

I had kerastraight done on my bleach highlighted hair 3 weeks ago, when I came out of the salon I noticed my hair had gone a yellow colour but I thought once washed out it would go back to normal, anyway after first wash my hair looked nice and straight but then after the third time I washed it the ends were looking dry and I had jagged hairs that I could see when I brushed it.

I tried deep conditioner sulphate free but it didn't hydrate my hair at all and then bits started snapping off so stopped any heat on it, by week 3 I decided to go back to the salon as 160.00 I was not happy, anyway whet I took my hair bobble out the stylist said oh my god your hairs been burnt they couldn't apologies enough and I got a full refund and now I'm booked in for 45 minute intense treatment and to chop it off!!! what happened my hair is ruined and even the money back is not going to change that, never again will I have a kerastraight done.

May 08, 2015
can I use keratin treatment on permed hair?
by: Anonymous

After how long after a reverse perm can I do a hair ago straight keratin treatment

Apr 28, 2015
I refuse to let keratin win!
by: Anonymous

I posted this on another Keratin thread, but here goes!

Six months ago my hair died. RIP hair :( I've always been known as having the biggest, thickest, longest,... Read more

Apr 20, 2015
frizzy and dry hair
by: Anonymous

hi! its my 2nd day after applying keratin treatment at the salon.. after i washed my hair its very dry and frizzy.. and then i ask the salon manager to retouch my hair.. and then they told me that they going to apply again a keratin treatment to my hair?

my question is that.. is it ok to apply a keratin treatment after two days of appplying keratin treatment?

just email me at this account!

thank you so much!

Apr 08, 2015
It's Gone Now...
by: Anonymous

I did my first treatment a few weeks ago. Not only did MORE of my hair break off compared to other straightening products, my hair looked fried and dried, I have a disgusting flacks scalp (first time in over 30 years), it smelled bad when wet, when finally washed I lost so much hair, and it overall was lifeless. I ended up cutting it off. Never had I been so ashamed of my hair and ended up just being insecure. So I chopped it. Now deep conditioning hair and scalp so just looks healthy. Olive oil mixed with coconut oil couldn't even hydrate he hair. I feel better about myself with it gone.

Mar 05, 2015
by: Anonymous

I did keratin 3 years ago and my curls still won't come back. Why? Isn't it supposed to grow out? I had very pretty curls but was just tired of using the iron when I wanted it straight. Now I have no choice on whether to wear it straight or curly. I miss my curls

Feb 18, 2015
Annoying hair
by: Some random persom

I have the same thing too. My hair is feeling knotted to other hairs and they are crooked and frizzy and brittle. I stay in the bathroom for like 30 minutes just to get my hair right and it is really annoying. I also have these oily red dry spots on my head that have this crust on top of and I start picking on it til that piece of crust falls off because it looks weird and it doesn't feel good knowing that there is a piece of crust on my head that doesn't belong their. Some one PLEASE HELP ME

Feb 11, 2015
Fried hair
by: Anonymous

I would recommend keratase architecture green tub mask , some stupid hairdresser done the same and its looks fried but it's soften the sdraw hair and the milk helps the breakage !!

Feb 11, 2015
Fried and frizzy
by: Anonymous

Got L'Oreal hair smoothing 3 days back, my hair have been damaged extensively. They look fried and dry and frizzy.

I got smoothing done 2 years back and the results were exceptionally good. Got it done again from another salon. This is the worst nightmare to me. My hair looks frizzy and fried and dry. I don't know what to do and which shampoo to use now. please help.

I feel so under confident seeing my hair now.

Feb 08, 2015
Terrible experience with Aveda straightening product
by: Anonymous

Had the "new" straightening Aveda product back in 2012 and not only did it fry my ends it caused severe scalp irritation dis to the tourmaline content. It Also changed the structure of my coarse hair to even more wirey and frizzy as it wore off - about 2 months or so. The product was pulled from Aveda in late 2012 and they did refund my money. I thought because it was an Aveda product it would be a good decision. I started doing the search and destroy split end activity and have pretty much accomplished getting rid of the fried ends along with with regular cuts. I try to avoid getting cuts, because the longer length helps with the frizz and kink. Fast forward to late 2014 , decide to give the traditional keratin treatment a try, but first a strand/ scalp test - all was good. I believe the name was Good Keratin. The result was very good, except the stylist cringed hair toward my ear and I lost a chuck of interior hair, I still can't believe it. Oh and of course she didn't tell me, I had to find it 3 days later when I was finally allowed to wash my hair. The fumes were awful, my eyes and throat did burn - I covered my face with a towel. My hair never has looked better - ugh.

I am starting month 5 since having the treatment and it is starting to wear off, trying to decide whether to have it done again. If I do, I will take my own industrial strength mask and also use a towel. As a child I was tormented and made fun of because of my hair - so this has been a personal issue for sometime. It's such a shame that the products can't be made safer.

Feb 06, 2015
Alison ; bad experience with Keratin
by: Eileen

Alison, that is a shame. That should not have been done on heavily hi-lighted hair.

Jan 30, 2015
First time keratin
by: Anonymous

I had a relaxer over 6 months ago. I think it was Affirm gentle. I had been experimenting with Mixed chicks, pureology, and DE conditioners. Dryness was my problem so as my new growth came in I tried conditioning, Flat Ironing then re-conditioning before leaving home. Over 6 months the period of supple silky hair got shorter and the conditioning period became longer. I found myself Flat ironing everyday and knew I was killing my hair but didn't want to loose my shoulder length. So I caved in and got the Global Keratin treatment. After all the damage I had done including porous sections of my hair, I didn't know what to expect but it came out silky shiny and flowing. I normally have very fine hair but it took the process well. I did not like the Formaldehyde. The salon website said it was a F-free treatment but it smelled like a dry-cleaners in there so that was bull. I had a sore throat, stuffy nose, cough and a headache for the first 40 hrs. I have decided I don't want to do it again unless I wear a full-face gas-mask. The stylist herself was coughing and tearing up. I feel for her. But she did tell me not to wash it for a full week. I think some women out there who have been having bad results may have done so before 3 or 4 days. I have always doubled the time suggested just to give my hair time to adjust even when I relaxed and always had great results. I also always apply Pureology straightening serum before AND after flat ironing. That advice came from a Japanese stylist I used to see at Kenworthy in LA. I think my next move is to try Hair 360 next after another 6-7 months.

Jan 29, 2015
by: Anonymous

I feel for you cos some stupid hairdresser did it to me, they never took ownership or responsibility in what they did , and what's worse these big companies there technical lines stink , L'Oreal or matrix are the worse!! Try and steer away from them .

Jan 29, 2015
fried and breaking half nightmare
by: Anonymous

I also had this treatment done to my hair from a stylist that I had gone to almost two years ago, IN CHICAGO, I starts off as greasy and dull she reassured me that its supposed to be that way the first few days since we cant wash it right away, it was nice the first few months maybe 6 months... then it became fried and now it is beyond fried! I am trying to let it grow out so the new growth can come thru, my hair strands are all kinds of lengths due to the tremendous breakage its has suffered, im sooo upset, when I wash it, and brush it it just breaks like its burned, so sad,WARNING!!! NEVER EVER do this process to your hair... STAY AWAY from KERATIN RELAXING! IT DESTROYS UR HAIR! ALMOST 2 YEARS LATER AND IM STILL TRYING TO REPAIR IT! :( :(

Jan 09, 2015
Fried over processed hair
by: Anonymous

Had chemical straightening , hair was fine wavy and in good condition . After treatment hair feels like a Brillo , curly on top , straw and brittle on the ends. Anybody been through this , am I able to restore hair structure to what it was !!

Jan 04, 2015
it's been two years and today i cut off the last of the fried hair!!!
by: Anonymous

I had a Brazilian Keratin treatment done about two years ago. I have never had the healthiest hair, it's always been curly, dry and frizzy as I had always used a straightener. I was told about this treatment and how it could work miracles to help tame and soften unmanageable hair. What they didn't tell me is that it isn't ideal for fine damaged hair. I didn't wait the full time before washing it out, I started to panic because I could see breakage in my hair. I thought it was the product but realize now that it was the high temp flat iron that did my hair in. That day I cut off six inches of hair and noticed broken strands all around my crown. I kind of have a "it's hair, it'll grow back" mentality, and it did. For the first 6 months or so I had to battle the hair falling out. I trimmed it every couple of weeks and finally lopped it off to my jaw. I haven't used any heat on my hair since, nor have I brushed it.

Today, two years later I finally cut off the remaining fried hair. I would not recommend this treatment. I'm sure there are many qualified stylist to do it, but you never know what you're going to get. The only benefit I have had is that I now realize after having not using heat or a brush for 2 years, that I naturally have quite nice curls I never knew existed.

Dec 02, 2014
by: Anonymous

I would say that the keritan treatment does nothing, but that's a lie, it does. It did nothing good to my hair, only bad. It also cost me $200. I have curly hair that always is frizzy I had my hair highlighted and damaged through using a straight iron everyday in middle school. I'm now in high school and I hate my hair even more. It's so hard to wash and I wondering if this treatment had anything to do with it. When I wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner it just gets this yellow mask on my hair which I scratch off with my nails. Overall a bad experience and I wear my hair back everyday.

Nov 25, 2014
Fried hair ;)
by: Anonymous

Your hair getting fried had nothing to do with Keratin. Unfortunately, your stylist neglected to remember you can't put a flat iron on lightened hair over 430 degrees. Keratin is a protein not a chemical(most MFG) you are simply returning protein. It's the method in which you returned the protein that did the frying. Iron was way too hot and if it was passed over the same section 10x it burn. It's an honest mistake on the part of the stylist. We learn from our mistakes but unfortunately it was a friend who did it. ;( no worries Biotin pills work good for some people. Good luck!!

Nov 22, 2014
The worst think in the world G-Keratin
by: Anonymous

The back of my hair is 1/2 inch or less and fried while the rest of my hair is long. I was told the reason was because the pony tail i was using. But, the fried spot grew and grew. From 2 inches round to 5-6 inches round. I had the Gk May today is Nov 2014 and i want to save my hair i don't know what to do.
Is the GK still in my hair? What do i do to save the rest of my hair? Because i am African American my hair is hard to manage could i put braids in? When can i use regular perm?
Where should i go for the answers yo my questions.
I did my research and can not believe this is happening. I watch videos saying good things about G-Keratin. Its holiday time and i am almost bold in one area of my hair and waiting for the remaining hair to fall out.

Nov 21, 2014
by: Anonymous

I had the Peter Coppola done about a month ago by an excellent salon owner who I trust. I have gone to her for over 15 years. I have damaged hair that is naturally very thick and a bit wavy. My stylist spent a good 3 hours on me abs the results were very flat. But now a month later it's like I never had the treatment at all. It's nothing like it's supposed to be. It needs to be flat ironed every time, though I can still smell the chemicals from it, when it's wet. Not happy at all. Very disappointing.

Nov 17, 2014
Fried bangs
by: Anonymous

I have straight across bangs/fringe that I have chemically straightened. I straighten the bangs only and the rest of my hair is wavy. When I was living in Korea, they did such a perfect job (and I assume it was Keratin they used)! I tried the process once in Canada that showed no results and then once from a sketchy, cheap hair dresser, that fried my hair! I had to go to Korea town, just to get a decent job done!

Now, I'm living in China and the hair dressers are awful here! I tried the chemical straightener and they either left it on too long or used the flat iron too many times because, again my bangs are completely destroyed and fried!!! So far 'Korea has been the only place where they know how to do it properly!

Oct 16, 2014
4 days after keratin
by: Anonymous

So i got the keratin treatment to put protein into my hair. My hair is really over processed and i was desperate to get it to look any bit more healthy and grow it out. My stylist used the conditioning treatment on me and i had to wait 24 hours to wash it. Before i washed it i loved the difference in my hair! It felt honestly like it wasnt even my hair it felt like beautiful healthy hair. One downside was it made my hair noticebly brazzier. If you have highlights id watch out for that. After washing it it dried really nicely, no frizz at all and im glad i wont have to be using any products or heat for the following months. But i do notice that areas that were really dry before i got the keratin are fried as fuck. These areas have split enda from tip to end and feel like horse hair:( im hoping this is the worst of it and it doesnt get even more fried..

Oct 14, 2014
by: Anonymous

I bleached my Brazilian hair weave. how long do you wait before bleaching it again and what can I use to make my ends soft?

Oct 13, 2014
Hair condition.
by: Benrodeo

There are only two things you can do to a hair shaft. Swell or constrict the diameter of the hair. Redken used to make products that would replace the protein in the hair. But not any more. The faulty logic that a perm solution mixed with protein could be injected into hair by heat is ridiculous. Hair grows at an average rate of 3/8th of an inch a month. It sounds like the hair follicles have been damaged. All perms, and all color's damage hair. They swell the diameter of the hair to allow the chemical to enter the hair. We had signs in our salons that stated this fact. In our state you could be sued under the deceptive trades act if you did not tell the truth to your clients. In 45 years we were never sued. The Government says that anything that brings about a chemical change in a hair is a conditioner. So just about any chemical can be labeled a conditioner. How about using battery acid. It is a conditioner by FDA standards.

Oct 13, 2014
get a life
by: Anonymous

people quit crying about your hair!!! get a competent hairstylist keratin is a wonderful tool just like all others that have a function if you know how to use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 11, 2014
Happened to me too
by: Anonymous

It happened to my hair too and I've just had a concave bob cut to get rid of the fried hair.
My hair was a bit damaged before I had the keratin and I dye it pretty regularly. I've just read that keratin is not recommended for fine and/or damaged hair :-/
I feel your pain.

Sep 27, 2014
Singed hair from Keratin treatment
by: Sandi

I just had a keratin moisturizing treatment (at least that's what the stylist said it was) 4 days ago and it keeps getting worse every day! The ends are all singed. I haven't washed it at all but it is still terrible! My stylist said it would make my hair look great and the grey hair & flyaways would lay down better (my hair is already very straight so I did not need it for that). I had no idea it could cause such damage. I've already had 3 inches cut off but still have at least 2 inches of singed hair. I have to put product in and flat iron to make it look better but still am just wearing it up because it looks terrible! All broken and singed. So depressed. I can't afford to cut any more off, my hair is already too short!

Sep 24, 2014
yes it does that time
by: Rvilla

It has been 3 years now and I have 2 inches that I haven't trimmed yet, however it took that long , first because I had to cut off over 4inches the first time it was done, then the next day another 2 inches and every 4 months to 6 months an inch at a time. I tired everything as well and nothing worked except when I would receive a super condition treatment at the hair salon of course that only lasted until I washed out my hair. I tried not to wash my wash too much thinking that it might make it better not sure if this worked or not but that is what I did. Also I would used the hair straighten in the beginning when my hair was super frizzed to tame it. Good luck everyone I know it is hard and I wished they would ban that stuff,seriously is not good.

Sep 23, 2014
Keratin fried and ruined my hair
by: Lauren C

I posted a few months ago that I tried Tresemme Keratin Smooth conditioner. It ruined my hair. I thought I had a solution using a different kind of Tresemme shampoo/conditioner. It never fixed the problem. I would leave the conditioner on for 5-10 minutes. It was fine for like 24 hours, then it would just go back to the fried and puffy , afro like style. I got fed up and chopped my hair off down to 2". Not going to go thru more problems or money with salons and stylists who don't know shit. It feels much better. It will grow out and feel like NEW hair again. I HATE KERATIN !!!

Sep 23, 2014
all hair is not made the same !
by: kerastrait

This product is made to fill most if not all hair needs. I can go into all the variables but i wont. All i can say, if you have curly unmanageable hair this will make it better. If you have thin lifeless hair then it will give you body. It is all in the tools. You use a flat iron or a curling one. The trick is sealing. It has to be hot. 450 degree is the best. It wont burn hair if done correctly ! I have done it on 7th stage blond and no breakage

Sep 23, 2014
advantages and disadvantages
by: N.F.

Going for keratin treatment got advantages and disadvantages – First is the feeling which is pretty much relative to each person. Some will feel as if their hair is coated with plastic. Some feel their hair is heavier. Some feel it greasier. -

Second is the texture. Some expect to get a less wavy or frizzy hair and get disappointed by totally flat hair. That is why, you should ask all details from stylist before trying. OR better; ask a friend or read other people's review of treatment and all consequences that comes with it! As for advantages… Oh well. I'm pretty sure it is obvious and need no discussion.

Sep 22, 2014
I hate my Keratin treatment
by: Anonymous

I finally agreed to a Keratin treatment after my stylist had pushed it for a year. I was happy with my hair but she seemed convinced this process would make me love it. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I absolutely hate it. Even after it was washed out (72 hours later), it was totally flat with not an ounce of body. I am so unhappy with it, I may never return to that salon ... and I've been going there for years.

Sep 10, 2014
Stylist Refuses Keratin Treatments
by: Stephen C

I am a stylist (32 yrs) who will never offer this junk to my clients. First of all this is no different from getting a chemical relaxer. The main product used to str8ten your hair is Perm Solution! Second, KERATIN cannot be put back into hair. Hair is DEAD so how can you put protein back into dead hair?? KERATIN is just another word for Protein, Just as AQUA is to Water! All these silly salon trends make me crazy! Feathers, chalk, I mean Come On People!!! What do you expect?? Hair can only take so much. Stop striping and straightening your locks! Get with a stylist that can work with your natural hair. You will have a friend for life!

Sep 07, 2014
keratin product and heat
by: Anonymous

It depends on several factors - Too much keratin used on hair can cause hair breakage. Too much heat by iron to seal the keratin could also cause breakage.

Sep 06, 2014
It wasn't the keratin
by: Anonymous

Maybe the years of dying blonde fried your hair. Keratin is simply the protein your hair is made from. There is no lift in Keratin, therefore it is impossible to fry your hair.

Jul 08, 2014
Why did I mess with what God gave me?!
by: Anonymous

After many months of trying to convince me, I finally gave in to my stylist and had the keratin treatment done. The first few days my hair so so pencil straight that it scared me. When I finally washed it I couldn't believe what was happening! Much to my horror, my hair was falling out in globs,was so tangled and felt so sticky, gummy and gross. When dry it looked worse than anything I had ever seen. It was so bent, wirey, fried, burnt, like I had a bad perm, frizzy and oh so ugly!. Every time I washed it it had that same gummy texture and loss of hair. I talked to my stylist and he said it was due to the fact that I also color treat my hair. That is hogwash! I have been coloring my hair for over 20 years and never had this happened. I was in a constant panic. And talk about regret. I had this treatment done in August 2013 and here I am its July 2014. And still my hair is is no where near recovery. The ends are still so very dry that I will cut off the ends as needed. I still have sections that are so uneven in the curl, so dry and pretty much lifeless. I guess I should have stared by saying that I had beautiful long curly hair. I always received compliments from both friends and strangers on my hair. I was always ask if my hair was naturally curly or if I permed it. I would occasionally flat iron my hair for a different look. My stylist said the KT would help my straighten it faster when I wanted to wear it straight and would just loosen the curls a "little bit" and remove and frizz. Well it did just the opposite. I know have a head of the most frizziest hair. It looks like scarecrow hair, it just sticks out all over the place and doesn't do anything. Kind of reminds my of pubic hair (hate to say it but true). I am doing whatever I can do get my beautiful curls back, but so far, nothing is working. I am so bummed, saddened and disgusted with my hair. My hubby says I am still beautiful but I sure don't think I look it. Lesson learned, I SHOULD HAVE NEVER MESSED WITH WHAT GOD HAD GIVEN ME. HE KNEW WHAT HE WAS DOING WHEN HE CREATED ME AND GAVE ME CURLY HAIR! I'm more than sorry I did this to myself. Praying!!

Jul 02, 2014
Hang in there.
by: Rvilla

I had my hair ruin July 2012 and it is now July 2014-I have 2 inches left to cut off the damaged hair. Be careful do not redo with any other treatment, condition your hair , super condition and try not to use the dryer to much I know it is hard but your hair needs to get back everything it lost.
Good luck hang in there, we all have been there and understand completely. Your hair will grow back just try not to wash everyday and use leave in products as well.

Jul 02, 2014
to JJ
by: N

If hair fried then its not the shampoo or any other after-treatments. Read other comments on this page! You hair fried by either too much heat from flat iron or too much Brazilian product on hair. Talk to stylist responsible and ask to assess your hair condition.

Jul 02, 2014
by: JJ

I got a brazilian blow out last week and now my hair is a fried frizzy mess!!! It looks like I have Burned barbie hair! I have had brazilians in the past and they have been great!! I must have used a shampoo that was not great for after braz.blowouts. What can i do ?? Its gross feeling dry and I hate it!!!!!!!! Its really fried and Im not kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!Help!!!!!!!!!!

Jun 10, 2014
Update on my post.
by: Lauren C

I used Tresemme Deep Cleaning shampoo and Remoisturize conditioner today on my hair, plus did a little trimming of ends and my hair is back to normal. The frizz is gone, it's soft to the touch and has settled down .So glad that I didn't have to do anything more .

Jun 10, 2014
Keratin is horrible stuff
by: Lauren C

A friend gave me a partial bottle of Tresemme Keratin Smooth condition. I used it a few times, maybe a month or so, It made my hair feel and look pretty good for a couple days, then it started to frizz up alot. I ended up throwing the bottle out. Since then my hair is like straw, very coarse and very puffed up. It's like it got stripped of anything natural. I have also tried trimming it thinking I had alot of split ends but it isn't that. I have tried 'fixing it' with other NON-keratin brands, like Suave ( my old standby), Herbal Essences and Pantene. Nothing has worked to calm it down. I just tried Tresemme regular NON-keratin shampoo and conditioner. I am hoping this works this time. I want my old hair back

May 30, 2014
Keratin RUINED my hair!! Don't do it!
by: Anonymous

Before Keratin I had long, curly ringlets. On a whim I decided to try keratin straightening. I got a "formaldehyde-free" version where you wait only 1 day to wash your hair, only my hair was neither straight or frizz-free after the $350 treatment. I went back to the salon and the stylist redid the keratin treatment for free, using the Coppola keratin. After the treatment my hair was pin-straight and beautiful. I loved it so much I got another one seven months later. This time it wasn't quite as wonderful, and I noticed that my hair was thinning a lot! I had to flat iron it after blow drying it to get it straight and I noticed quite a bit of hair on the bathroom floor every morning. It also didn't last as long the second time. The third time he did the Coppola treatment, it didn't really take. I went back and he said my hair must have gotten "used" to the keratin so he'd do a Brazilian Blowout on top of the Coppola one. I didn't know that that formula is *loaded* with formaldehyde. After that my hair started to thin a lot and look awful and I decided to try to return to my natural curly hair. That was more than a year ago. My hair is now cut to just below my earlobes and it still isn't all one texture. I have worn it in a ponytail every day for six months. It's so fragile and breaks so easily. It looks so ugly that I can't wear it down. When I think of my long beautiful curls I wish I had never done keratin.

May 28, 2014
Worst hair decision I've ever made.
by: Anonymous

I had a keratin treatment done in February. I was told it would last 3 to 6 months. It wore off after about six weeks (after cutting my wash it down to twice a week and switching to be really expensive sulfate free shampoo).
My hair is now completely fried, very dry, falling out, fly aways like crazy, more split ends than healthy hair, and it looks absolutely awful. While the keratin was on my hair I loved it. My curls won't even come back now. I'm literally forced to straighten my hair every day now.

May 07, 2014
bangs are still fried
by: trish

I had this treatment a few years ago the results were horrendous. I looked as though I was a chemo patient. It took a year for my hair to grow back. And if I don't condition my hair after shampooing the fringe my bangs are very much crinkled and fried still. I can't say enough how horrible this product is.

Mar 16, 2014
Worst Nightmare for sure.
by: Anonymous

Same thing just happened to me. Like the woman described below, it's like someone took an invisible match too close to my head and the hairs just curled up. It has ruined my hair and gets worse everyday and I'm deep conditioning my hair twice a day for a week now. I've worked so hard to grow out my hair, only getting lightly highlighted every 10 weeks. Next week I go back in to have my hair chopped off because it takes way too much work to hide the fried hair and even then it still looks brittle. I'm so depressed.

Feb 20, 2014
Aweful experience!
by: Anonymous

Think twice before this treatment!

I had previously gotten two Keratin treatments done ( they were a little diff. From the Brazilian Blowout but I don't remember the name) and they turned out great! Then just two days ago I went in for the Brazilian Blowout Keratin treatment. I loved the way it looked right after but the next day when I woke up all my ends were dry and curly and knotted.. I thought maybe I just slept on ot weird and went to work. I showered before bed last night and when I woke up this morning and ran my hair through my now dry hair, I was in horror!!!! At the end of my hair I felt just big balls of the driest, frizziest hair I've ever seen! It was so bad I couldn't even run a brush through with leave in conditioner in it! I have to go to work so I just grabbed kitchen scissors and cut off two inches of the worst part until I can go into the salon and get it cut after work. So much for growing my hair out!:( I'm sorry to everyone else who has gone through this and if you are thinking about getting the treatment- think twice!!!

Feb 09, 2014
Don't keratin!
by: Tired of frizz

I had the keratin treatment done to my hair a couple of years back. I am mixed, so I naturally have tight spiral curls. I hated them though, but I miss them now! I'm reading all of these keratin horror stories and I'm shocked! I literally never ha any problems with the treatment when I was continuously getting them done(every 3-5 months). My hair was perfect. Pre-keratin, it took a solid 2 hours to straighten my long curly hair. Post-keratin, 30 min top. Mind you, I have SO much hair. So 30 minutes is on point for me! I could even wear it "natural" and had perfect waves. Now here's the thing, when I stopped getting my treatments done, I seriously considered shaving my head and starting over with my hair. My roots started growing so I had massive curly roots... Not cute. I couldn't wear my hair down anymore. The part of my hair that had the treatment just got frizzier, and fizzier, and frizzier. Almost 4 years later, my hair is still recovering. I have to slowly trim my hair because I don't want to cut off too much at a time since my hair is STILL shoulder length. So now, I have this half curly have frizzy straight hair. I am NEVER keratin-ing again..EVER. It's not worth it. And for you ladies whose hair is falling out from this, have you considered the texture of your hair. If your hair is thin but still curly, harsh treatments like keratin is just asking for trouble. I wouldn't recommend it to anybody. I'm glad I read this because I was about to keratin my hair again soon! I'm just ready to have my curls back! Happy hair growing ladies! :)

Oct 07, 2013
Aveda straightening system
by: Anonymous

I live in Houston and this process ruined my hair. It was like it melted my hair and it kept breaking off until there were very wiery hairs left. I have to do way more work on my hair to hide this. I am very displeased with the results.

Sep 12, 2013
will try salt!
by: Stella

Like the conditioning keratin did - but where did my curls go!!
We are never happy with what we have. Was told that curls would be back just not fuzzy - defined. Saw a stylist who convinced me that my hair would be that way too!!! Sooooo wrong. I am trying a salt water rinse suggested here and see what that does.

May 27, 2013
My hair dresser said "He had something special for me"
by: Joey

My Mom died in Oct of 2009. I'm beyond devastated and upon returning from 3 months in Nc settling her estate, I run to my salon. My hair was bra strap in back and long layered bangs that started jaw level. My hair dresser said he was going to do the "VEGAN BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT" AND THAT " I would feel beautiful" ! apparently its to be put on a week after you have had your highlighted . He wanted to put on same visit. I didn't about the wait time. It burned. He took it off and returned the next week. The treatment was applied and I was told no washing hair for 3 days. When he did the flat iron part I noticed a small piece crimped. I blew it off . The next am I woke to crimped hair all over. I call him immed. He says to wet hair in shower only no shampoo /conditioner. Got it. When I do wash my hair I go to brush my bangs out and as soon as the comb went to the hair it shriveled up , like some one was holding a invisible match. Long story short, He had given me a Coppola. my hair shed and broke off from Jan 11 to June 2012. I have to wear wigs , hair pieces....I cry every day I have gone through losing my Mom and to losing hair back to back . I am very angry , depressed ugly. For his suggestion has cost me something I can even really buy back. My hair as is your hair is priceless. It is short, and doesn't even hair a style. Thin, bald spots(the growth there is good). I was told 2 years and I believe it s going to much much longer. There is much more to tell concerning his mistakes , but I feel Ive made my point. You all have my deepest sympathy and best wishes for regrowing your hair.

May 23, 2013
salon recommend
by: Rvilla

Hello, I am so sorry I know how you feel I think we all do and basically it sucks , because you can't do anything at all. My co-worker got her hair done at this salon in Maryland and let me tell you her hair looks great.She got the Kertain system done even after I told her not too she has nice hair, why take a chance learn from me, long story short she did it anyways and she was lucky-looks fantastic. She went to "Maria's hair Classic" in Silver Spring, MD she said they specialize in treatments and Dominican hair products and it looks great. Good Conditioners seem to last only a few weeks and then you need something more-will try to buy these Dominican Products and post results. Also do not cut your hair in LAYERS make sure it is even length. I did thinking it was getting healthy...BIG mistake...ugghh.I got my hair done in July 2012 and still trying to make it look normal. Good Luck everyone.

May 23, 2013
Big Mistake!!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I wish I had looked information up Before I had a Keratin Treatment. I have very curly hair and LOVE my curls. I let myself be talked into this, Oh it was going to be Great!!!!! Wash & Go!!!!! I was going to Love it!!!!
Let me start by saying this was a Huge Mistake. My hair is Fried... My scalp broke out. I can't do anything with my hair, I have been trying to just condition, but honestly feel I will end up cutting all this fried mess off. I guess, I will be looking for a new salon as well. I can't believe someone would sell this product. I would not sell this product to Anyone!!!! On top of all of that it was not cheap. I paid someone to Fry my hair.....

Apr 23, 2013
If you are in a hole, stop digging (part 2)
by: Blondstraight

4) So to make it again better, I went to another salon (more expensive by the way). I wish I had not.

a) They did not have the Curly version of Global Keratin (which I had used so far) and insisted that Resistance version would be the best. They had Light Wave but it smelled weird so I said okay.

b) I told my story and insisted that he used lower temperatures and told him my range. He and others smiled as if I were paranoid. I continued to insist and he told me to trust him and everything would be fine. He said the temperature was low and that he lowered it further but I did not see how much it was.

c) They washed my hair and NOO! The roots are soft but the ends are stiff. Some hair has fallen from the lengths. I need much more trimming now. I would say it is the same as after my hair was fried. So 3 points. In fact it may be worse since it is much shorter now.

d) After the first frying, I would have healthy hair if I had ear-length hair. Now I would have healthy hair if it is eye-length.

e) They said my hair was damaged to begin with and the treatment made my hair soft. I said I had it done for the ends which is worse now and they said it is not worse and the treatment is not a miracle.

I will visit them to ask for some kind of compensation since even if it did not damage my hair as they claim (it did damage and degraded my hair from 3.5 to 3. I should have much more trimming now), it was not beneficial at all. And if something is not effective, then you should have some kind of compensation.

But since the difference is minus 0.5 points, I do not know how they would compensate. The first salon gave some compensation because the difference was much more (from 7-8 to 3).


1) If you are in a hole, stop digging.
2) Use natural oils such as pure argan oil before drying (and before washing once a week) (After drying I prefer to use Kerastase Nutir-sculpt serum)
3) Have regular trimming as your hair grows. And try to wash your hair at most twice a week.

I will never have a keratin treatment again. It is too risky. There are many factors that you cannot control.

I will stop worrying now. I will continue with my at-home treatments. I improved the quality of my hair from 4-5 to 6 before. I will improve it again.

Apr 23, 2013
If you are in a hole, stop digging (part 1)
by: Blondstraight

That is what happened:

1) Before treatment I would give 7 or 8 points to my hair and it was almost waist length. After the first treatment it became 3 points. After the second treatment it became 4 or 5 although it was trimmed again and again. (I am giving numbers so that I can make my point while telling what happened next).

I took part of my money back from the salon saying "my hair is still much worse compared to when I came here". He gave 80% back saying 20% was VAT. He did not reimburse to my credit card. He gave cash maybe because he did not want to give any proofs for potential lawsuits.

2) I continued to use the products that I used before. These are Nude shampoo, GK moisturizing conditioner and Kerastase Nutri-Sculpt serum (after drying my hair).

2) I added new products to my weekly routine.

a) I applied ozonated olive oil to my scalp avoiding hair as much as possible since I learnt it may change the color (My hair is colored. I don't know if it affects the color of virgin hair). I will not use this weekly. I will use it only when the roots (virgin hair) grow before I get them colored.

b) Pure argan oil: I use it before drying. I feel it changes the color a bit but the result is worth it so I use it regularly. I use it a lot so it leaves a wet look. But I do not care. I feel it prevents further splitting and improves the quality. I also apply it once a week from scalp to ends, wait for 1 hour with cling film and towel over my head, and apply a lot of shampoo (without water), message, and then wash (otherwise you would not be able to wash it off without drying your hair. Same with olive oil).

After all these at-home treatments and a bit more trimming, my hair became a 6 over 10. I was so happy. Then, I wanted more. I wish I had not.

3) I had ozone therapy treatment. It took almost all the keratin left on my hair!!! DO NOT have it if you do want to keep the keratin on you hair. My hair looked almost the same as it did after my hair was fried. 3.5 points.

Apr 15, 2013
Oil Treatments
by: Anonymous

I have never had a keratin treatment before and after reading all your comments I'm not sure I want too.
I do treatments myself at home and I usually use argan oil or bamboo kendi oil. I usually put the on dry hair and then use a low temp heat on my straightener to seal it in. I do this before bed and wash it out in the morning and I have never had a problem. My hair is soft and grows extremely fast. Just a few months ago my hair was so dry it was not even manageable. It used to take me minimum 15 just to brush through it from continuously bleaching my hair. I still change the color of my hair every 3-4 weeks (I get bored of it quickly) but the oils have made a huge difference.
My mom has her beauticians license so I usually have her pick up the oils from the wholesale for me , but I'm pretty sure you can get them at a salon.
I highly recommend these oils to everyone, and especially to the ones whose hair is damaged from the keratin treatment.

Also you can use these oil on your hair just to add a bit of shine which I love =)

Mar 28, 2013
by: Blondstraight

Thank you very much. Sorry, I did not know TLC meant that :)

I wait now. The owner of the salon told me not to wash my hair for a couple of days more. He said my hair may needed extra time to calm down after two keratin treatments and all the washing.

I still have bad parts in my hair. It is frizzy, the ends go in different directions (I did not have that before the treatment) even if it has been ironed. I told the owner that it still looks worse than how it was when entered the salon a few days ago, but looks like better than the previous result.

I will share my results. Thank you all for the information you have shared so far. It has helped me a lot.

Mar 27, 2013
To : Blondstraight
by: Anonymous

TLC was just an expression for "Tender Loving Care". Thanks for sharing your story it helps a lot to learn what to expect. Looks like they trimmed the damaged part and perform the treatment on healthy part and that is good news if doesn't damage the healthy part!?

I don't think and I hope not you be among those loosing hair. Most ladies that lost their hair had treatment touch their scalp. You didn't! And that is good!

Thanks for sharing your tips on growing hair. Lots of good stuff to read. I am sure a lot of ladies including myself will benefit from them. I have not heard about ozonated olive oil but will look for it.

Keep us inform on how it went in few days or weeks? Cross our fingers for you. Stay positive and happy :)

Mar 27, 2013
by: Blondstraight

Although I mentioned my hair is better now, I meant better compared to ruined. It is still worse than how it used to be before I entered the salon a few days ago.

I will see how it goes after I wash my hair. I hope it will improve more after all the treatments I am considering.

Mar 27, 2013
What now
by: Blondstraight

Now, I consider ozone therapy for my scalp to get rid of any formaldehyde residues left. It lets the roots to receive oxygen. I think it helps hair not to fall down and also grow faster. One treatment costs about one fourth of the cost of keratin treatment. But I have to ask if it may also take out the keratin on my hair as a side effect.

I will also consider hair mesotheraphy immediately if my hair begins to fall out excessively. I would like to have this treatment anyway but a package of ten treatments costs about 3-4 times of keratin treatment in my country.

I am also considering pure argan oil and pure ozonated olive oil for the scalp and the whole hair. Olive oil dried my hair once but it was because I washed my hair 5 times to get the olive oil out. I learnt that if olive oil contacts water it becomes very resistant to washing off. What one has to do is dilute shampoo with very little water and cover your hair with it and add more shampoo to your hair and only after then you can wash it with water. I will try that and see how it goes. Because as far as I remember it speeded up the growth of my hair.

I am considering using ozonated olive oil before I wash my hair (I would not use this on my face because although great on the skin, it caused small hairs on my face), leave it for an hour or so with stretch film and towel on my head) and then use pure argan oil before I dry my hair. I'll see how it goes.

Jul 27, 2012
6 weeks later & my hair is still disintegrating
by: Sundish10

I had some type (don't know what type because stylist won't return my calls) of blowout done about 6 weeks ago and it destroyed my hair.

I began losing hair immediately since she did a highlight/lowlight during the same visit - where she colored it- it broke off leaving an eighth inch of fuzz. My scalp burned badly the first week and continued to burn a few weeks more.

It is 6 weeks later and it is still falling out by the roots and breaking off. I'm noticing hair so fine it is almost invisible, I think my hair is disintegrating. I wonder if there is something that can be done to stop it?

I have started taking Biotin & Stimulair - which could be a scam - but I am desperate.

I am also considering wigs because if this continues It will all be gone in a few months although I will probably shave my head before that.

Once a week I am going to save one day of the lost hair in a baggie with the date on it so I can document the amount of hair lost and the ever increasing fineness of the individual strands. I wish I had started saving it sooner - It is horrifying.

I am sad, but hopeful that it didn't do permanent damage to my scalp and in a few years maybe I'll have my hair back. :D
Do Not Do This!,

Apr 08, 2012
horrid bangs!
by: Anonymous

My bangs now stick straight out. even with blow drying and rolling under with a brush, they still sit about 1/4th of an inch from forehead. so bad.
i got this treatment before when i didn't have bangs and it was fine, just a little flat for a few weeks.

Apr 06, 2012
A stylist's view
by: Anonymous

Hello, I have done hundreds of keratin treatments, I use Peter Coppola's product. I have never ever in doing it for the past three years had a client experience what happened to you ladies. First of all if your hair comes out flat or damaged they didn't adjust the heat of the iron or how many times they went over with the iron to your individual hair texture.
I always say I do my keratins with love.

Everyones hair and desired result is different and the treatment can be adjusted to each clients goal, chances are you got a stylist that does EVERY client the same way.

Another possibility is that salon is lying about what product they use, Peter Coppola keratin costs us $400 a bottle. Many salons use cheaper products that have stronger/cheaper chemicals. I am in no way saying Coppola's treatment is "natural" but it's gentler than other brands for sure.
Bottom line? Make sure your stylist is experienced and will take the time to make sure you get the personalized results you deserve.

Mar 19, 2012
From stylist please read!
by: Brianna

All if your comments are amazing to read! Consultation in everything with this system! No treatment is formaldehyde free! the difference is does it have a safe amount? The only one approved by OSHA is the coppola! when you
go to the salon ask for the letter from OSHA assuring you that it is the right product they are using! To all blode, your hair should stay the same color as before and the treatment should be clear (made just for blondes) the reason some of your hair has been fried is because your stylist has not been certified properly! With different type of hair the heat on the flat iron should be set accordingly and the amount of swipes on the hair varies as well! I have been using this system for 3 years and have NEVER had an unhappy client! This system is amazing when done and used properly!

Mar 07, 2012
Pretty Bummed!
by: Tanja Neiner

I have brown hair with little highlights. I did the Brazilian Blowout first and loved it!! It was perfect for the summer. I didn't go to my usual salon because they didn't offer it. Because the Blowout wasn't considered super safe, the following summer I had the Keratin treatment done which the girl I go to just started doing. She had done it a handful of times before with great results. That whole year before however I decided to get more highlights for a blonder look which was new for me. After my Keratin treatment, and after the first wash I noticed that the top layer of my hair was totally damaged. It was kinky, fizzed, broken. I believe that because of all the highlights I had and because my hair was so fine along with the hot iron running over it a few times at 450 degrees, it just couldn't handle it. It has been 10 months since the treatment and it still looks awful. I miss the way my hair used to look!!!!! So bummed!!!

Mar 04, 2012
by: jessica

This treatment has totally destroyed my hair. In addition it is falling out and thinning. I have always, up until now have had problems with my hair being too thick, now I am struggling to find a solution to this horrible problem. Why is this product marketed as something healthy for your hair. We should be aware and warned of possible side affects. I hope I don't lose all of my hair. I am trying liquid silica that I purchased at a local health food store, but if anyone else has had success with something to help with the hair loss and damage please share. I just started the silica I'll post if it seems to help.

Jan 19, 2012
There are many different brands.
by: Anonymous

I am a stylist certified in a few brands, I Have been getting them done on my own hair for, at least 1.5 years and my hair is a double process blonde with bleach (so I have had it done every 3-4 months.) I love my hair, it has never felt better or looked as shiny.

There are SO many brands out there you have to be careful about which one you have done. I did TONS of research on which one I wanted to carry. Some are not recommended for hair that has bleach hi-lights or for compromised hair (these are the ones I would NEVER perform) I do not trust a treatment that says it will make your hair healthier as long as your hair is semi healthy, that doesn't even make sense! Stylist error, and poor consultations with the client are what is happening with the bad results here. Training and keeping current with training is SO VERY important!!

In my totally honest opinion, my VERY VERY favorite is GK Hair, they have 4 different formulas for 4 different levels of taming, so if you really want to keep your curls you can or if you want straight you can get it fairly smooth (depending on hair type) GK is by far the most conditioning and softening, I also do the Brazilian Blowout zero and original, I have seen this work well on people, however, Last time we did my own I had the zero done, and I do not feel like it is nearly as conditioning as GK. There are so many names that Have Brazilian in them it is sometimes confusing to really understand which one you are doing, so beware and talk to your stylist and make sure they are certified and highly trained.

Jan 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

All we can do is snip away the split pieces: this really helps because those bits tangle into the rest of the hair and you end up ripping your hair trying to brush so much breakage and get a shine and silkiness with a flat iron.

I recommend using Garnier fructis straightening serum in the little fat bottle, it makes your hair think you never did this awful thing to it, but that's a temp. Effect. Oh also, the Johnson and Johnson baby oil plus aloe Vera and vitamin E (don't use the others they don't work you need the 1 w/ the green cap) apply this on damp conditioned hair... Keep it on overnight or as you can stand it once weekly and when you wash it out and straighten with the garner stuff that's about as close as you may get to your pre- keratin scam treatment state.

I wish you all good luck and that your hair grows back quickly. Taking two daily vitamins a day can make that happen much faster, but it isn't safe to take more than that. Alrighty then, let's keep speaking out till everyone knows what a crock of ishh this "treatment" really is!

Jan 17, 2012
I didn't have bad hair to start with..
by: Anonymous

I didn't have bad hair to start with. I just had wavy hair. I wanted straight hair. I flat ironed my hair once or twice a week to get the silkiest and bounciest hair- that wasn't really like that naturally. The thing is, I thought that if I did the keratin treatment I'd have permanent silky hair without flat ironing, no more frying my hair, no more laborious routine- just blow-dry and go. I had typically fried my hair on 450 on a regular basis, but a little TLC for 3-4 days brought it back to new.

I guess that just wasn't good enough for me, so I fell for this supposed "MIRACLE" treatment that "CONDITIONS" your hair. Pfffft! I should have known that anything you have to BURN INTO YOUR HAIR AT 450 degrees isn't a "conditioning treatment"! Ohhhh... But it looked Sooo lovely after four days of sticky flat dirty hair! And for that whole month and even the next... I mean, my husband was given me the thumbs up on spending his money for this, and I couldn't stop touching my hair and staring at it and smiling at my frikkin awesome bouncy silky hair. Well, I did everything that they said- maintained it to the "T" and it ended up wearing off in just those 2 months. I didn't notice it at first.. I thought I wasn't getting enough vitamins cuz my hairs were all over my pillow and all over my house... In our food!!!! Then I realized I had like hella crazy split ends EVERYWHERE!!! well... I was shocked but hey, I still had MOST of my hair and the breakage was slowing down... Plus couldn't I just do another treatment if it was just wearing off or something? NO. and let me tell you why.

The week after that things got insanely worse. My hair started to get DRY CRUNCHY AND EVEN NAPPY. YES. NAPPY. the problem with this result is that.... (deep breath) I have naturally silky hair and umm... I'm not African American, as far as I know my hair isn't supposed to behave this way. I tried to get a closer look to figure out what is happening, apparently my split end have split ends- which also have split ends( not joking) I also plucked out a particularly wirely strand and it was all crinkled up like the hairs inside the corn husk, it had a split right in the center of the hair strand like the eye of a needle, that was high up the shaft where the "virgin" part was. It was so dry and brittle that I tugged it again and it snapped with little effort. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS: as the artificial keratin that I applied wore away, it was still attached to my hairs own keratin, as it fell away.. It ripped off my keratin as well. For some of you the bond didn't hold at all and this happened right away.

Sep 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

I had this treatment done only last week and have been in tears from having it done. I was talked in to getting my hair cut into a bob... leaving it in better healthy condition. I let the layers grow down and loved it. To maintain it i was talked in to this Brazilian Aveda blow out. My worst mistake...after the substance was applied,the irons were put on my hair damp and there was no conditioning treatment afterwards.

An awful amount of steam came from my hair and i noticed strands of my hair breaking off. When i questioned the owner i was told this was normal as it was sealing the moisture into my hair... Well i'VE since had to get weekly treatments...i've had to get my hair all cut into short layers and quite frankly my hair has been ruined. It just looks totally frazzled right to the roots. I have been advised to sue by other friends and hairdressers...not a route i want to go down...i just want my hair back to what it was.

It wrecks me to see that this experience hasn't stopped the hairdresser advertising it or stopped her from doing it again on others... How can i get my hair back to normal again instead of it looking like a scarecrow, it's really getting me down to the point i'm considering extensions!

Sep 02, 2011
by: Katrina

Thank you for your reply. Is must be hard as a stylist to decide how hot to go with the straighteners when everyones hair is so different and the instructions say to aim for a certain temp to seal the product in! Oh well, I will see tomorrow what its like when I wash!

Sep 01, 2011
by: Anonymous

Katrina, Sounds like your hair been damaged by hot iron. Your hair either was in poor condition prior to your treatment and got worse by straightening OR got damaged by high temperature or long exposure to straightening process. If this is the case washing it out will do little help and might even make it worse. I think safest is to follow your stylist instruction and wait.

Sep 01, 2011
Worried Keratin complex has fried my hair
by: Katrina

I just had the Coppola Keratin Complex done on my hair yesterday. I had Kerastraight 2 1/2 years ago with very good results. This time, when the stylist was straightening the product into my hair, it did not seem to be shiny, and the texture of my hair felt very strange. The ends of my hair appeared weak and brittle, so she trimmed my hair all over. I'm still very concerned as the hair feels very strange and the ends of my newly trimmed fring/bangs look dry and a bit frazzled. I feel like once I wash it and dry it, its going to be awfull and frizzy.

Should I wash this out of my hair sooner than 72 hours if I am concerned it is damaging my hair, or could this harm it further?

Thanks, Katrina

Jul 26, 2011
Aveda burned my hair
by: Taylor

This Aveda keratin treatment burned my hair. I tried cutting a few inches off to take off the dead ends and it still looked dead. This product is horrible. I wish I could find a way to reverse it ! I would not advise anyone to use the Aveda keratin products.

Jul 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

I got the Aveda keratin treatment and I love Aveda products, I have been a loyal Aveda customer...but this FRIED my hair. My hair looks DEAD. It turned my hair from a lovely brown to ORANGE. The ends are dry beyond belief. It looks like STRAW. I am so upset because Aveda does not have any way of reversing this mess. My hair is flat, dull, lifeless. DO NOT USE THE AVEDA KERATIN TREATMENT !!!

Jun 17, 2011
Hair Salon Owner
by: Anonymous

I really cant believe that she just flat iron your hair. It clearly said to dry the hair to a 80% then flat iron to 360 degree. Maybe she just left it on too long and also there are many different types of keratin for different types of hair so if I was you I would get a free hair restoration treatment weekly free of charge.

May 20, 2011
RE: Fix a bad treatment
by: Anonymous

Greasy hair also caused by using conditioners - Look if your daughter using too much conditioner that comes with treatment!

Either treatment was successful but used too much conditioner OR They used too much keratin treatment during process in first place. Clarifying shampoo could help.

Apr 10, 2011
Brocato smoothing treatment
by: Anonymous

I had the treatment applied to my hair at an Ulta salon.. ($195 plus tax & $60 for products) my hair is fried beyond all imagination. I told the stylist before she even began the flat iron process that i was very worried because my hair looked like a brillo pad, pieces of hair were falling out and breaking off everywhere. It was horrific! After the flat iron and waiting two days to shampoo it didn't get any better. My straight blonde is melted, matted to my head.. just awful. I had all of my hair cut off (6 inches) it is still horrible. My regular stylist said this is common. The stylists aren't trained properly and they should know that it will melt my hair type. Do not! not! not! get this treatment applied to your hair.

Mar 21, 2011
Keratin treatment
by: Veronica

I feel so bad and hate to hear all the stories of the hair damage from keratin treatments. I have very curly, coarse, crazy curls. For years I was getting the Wave Nouveau to control my curls with a chemical curl. My hair finally had enough. It started falling out, breaking off, and looked like straw. I ended up cutting at least 8 inches off.

I started going to another salon after my hairdresser kept saying it was my hormones causing my hair problems. So, I went to another salon, and was told that I didn't need to have keratin. Just leave my hair alone and "embrace" my natural hair. Ummm, no! She didn't have to deal with this head of mess daily. So I decided to get the keratin treatment. Now I am on my second treatment. I have had so much success with the treatments. I have a great hairdresser that knows what she's doing. I have had incredible hair growth now. And for the first time my hair shines!

I am looking forward to let it growing long enough for me to enjoy my looser, shiny curls. I wish that there were more stories on here like mine. After much abuse, keratin saved my hair! I am sorry to all you ladies that keratin did not work for you and send my prayers your way.

Mar 14, 2011
Keratin CAN be reversed, the answer is in your kitchen!!!
by: Curly babe

I have naturally curly hair, and went for the Keratin Treatment seeking a little more shine, smoothness and silkiness for my curls. The result was awful: unnatural-looking strands of straight hair and some waves that refused to go. Although it didn't look "fried" and I didn't experience any hair loss (it was actually silky), I couldn't style it back to curly and it just looked odd specially as my roots started to curl as it grew.

Until I found the answer online: SALT! We were all told to use a special shampoo and conditioner without sodium chloride (salt)and stay away from the ocean and pools to preserve the effects of the Keratin treatment. I did the opposite, I washed my hair with a high concentration of salt water, combed it freely, used a little hair cream and scrunching and it did wonders, I'm getting my curls back! Apparently the chemical reaction the Keratin treatment produces is reversed with salt, which accentuates the natural waves of your hair (google it).

I was a little skeptical at first, I've always heard that salt water is bad for your hair and will dry it out, but in this circumstance it was just what I needed. I found that people actually use salt sprays to accentuate waves and get a beach look.

I wouldn't recommend a daily salt bath, as it might eventually dry your hair. Conditioning is also important. But for those of you seeking to reverse the chemical reaction quicker and go back to your natural look: try salt. Sea salt is what's advertised, but I used regular salt and it worked too.

To me it makes perfect sense that the answer was something as simple and natural as salt. This once again tells us that no matter how much money we spend trying to change the structure of our hair it will always go back to it's roots (pun intended) so we might as well embrace it, condition it and love it as it is! Without the commercial nonsense we've been dragged into. Once you do this you can start using your head and money for better purposes.


Feb 24, 2011
It made my hair thinner!!!
by: Holly

I have had the process done THREE times. The first time it worked amazing. I went to a place that I am pretty sure used the type with lots of formaldehyde. I had to wear a mask and they used a HUGE fan to blow away the fumes. This of course, did not stop my eyes from burning-or my scalp. Even the stylist was coughing.

Anyway, the first time I was really pleased and felt the pain worth the results. Not so much the second time, where the treatment hurt A LOT MORE. When I was able to wash my hair, it was very very thin. My scalp was peeling! I called the salon for help and they blamed the products I was using. FYI: I was using the products I bought from their stupid salon.

My hair has not recovered. The curls returned after six months or so, and I went to a different place where they used a milder version of the stuff. I wore no mask and it did not burn. When I told them what happened they explained to me that my previous stylist essentially chemically burned my scalp.

I think I would have been better off trying the less toxic version of the stuff, but now, over a year later, with still thin hair, I will not do the treatment again. With the exception of my roots, my hair is still pretty affected by the treatment. My recommendation for people- TRY SOMETHING ELSE.

As of now, since this isn't regulated, there is no way of telling what may happen to your hair.

Feb 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

This happened to me too! I got the Global Keratin Treatment in strawberry scent. My hair is completely fried and I have had to cut at least a few inches off and it still is not even close to being presentable. It is SO BAD that I don't even want to leave the house. I had really great curly hair that was damaged and dry from too much bleach. The salon said this would not only fix the damage but it would enhance my curl by taking out the frizz. They assured me I could keep my curl. I DID NOT want to straighten my hair.
My hair is now burnt and crinkly with no curl and no shape whatsoever. It is exactly like the others described. It sticks out in what I can only describe as the Mad Hatter look or a very bad 1970's perm. I am devastated!!

Jan 27, 2011
Depends who does it, had a good one and a really really bad one
by: Georgina

I had the Brazilian Blow Dry in October 2010 at Rush in London. It was horrible leaving my hair without washing for 4 days, but the results were amazing - soft, silky, baby hair.

I should say that naturally my hair is quite fine, I am prematurely grey (about 25%) and I have highlights, some lowlights and get a semi on the roots as and when needed. It always looked OK when I blow dried it, but there were some bits that always wanted to stick out. I used my straightening irons a lot. It always went frizzy and hideous in rain, mist, humidity.

After the treatment I could blast it with the dryer for 4 minutes, quickly run the irons over it and it looked and felt fabulous all day.

It wore off after three months, so I went to Toni and Guy in Hitchin to have it done again. I didn't think the girl was putting enough product on my hair. A different woman dried and put the irons on it. She passed the irons over it ten times a section.

It didn't feel as nice while I was waiting 4 days but I hung on to hope. When I washed it out, it was in a complete state. I showed it to two other hairdressers and they said it was singed completely, properly burnt. I have had to have it cut much shorter and it still looks and feels dry and frazzled. And I had been growing it. Turns out the salon had very little experience of doing this treatment. When I phoned to make the appointment the woman I spoke to said they'd been doing it for 9 or 10 months, but two other staff members (including the senior stylist who fried it) told me 2 or 3 months.

I do believe in this treatment because the results I had first time around were just amazing.

But you really must make sure the salon knows what they are doing. I'm very upset by my recent experience.

Dec 21, 2010
Dont agree
by: Lily

My hair is super curly and frizzy. It couldn't be let down without hassle. My friend recommended this and it absolutely worked! My hair is perfect and shiny and straight. Did you crinkle it or tie it up?

Dec 21, 2010
Straight, Stringy hair with no volume. Curls are Gone from Keratin treatment
by: Anonymous

I was under the impression that the Keratin treatment would leave my natural curls and take away the frizz in my hair. Guess what? No frizz, no curls, no nothing. My great natural volume is gone. My thin hair looks horrible. I am just sick over it. Can not get anyone to tell me how to reverse it. My hair feels like plastic. I hope it does not start falling out like everyone else says. This is truly a nightmare. Not one compliment yet on my flat, stringy hair. This stuff should be outlawed. Beauticians should be aware of this product.

Dec 16, 2010
Untrained stylists
by: St. Louis Stylist

I am sorry to hear of these disappointed customers. I can say from experience it is highly important to find a trained stylist (certified). I have had the treatment done twice in the last 6 months, and my hair is so unbelievably healthy! I also happen to have a double process color and hi-lights, before this treatment I had no idea what it was like to have shiny healthy looking frizz free hair.

This is where some can go wrong, if not enough product is used, if the hair is dried on too high of heat the product can evaporate before being sealed in by the flat iron, and flat ironing too many passes or on too high of heat. Please dont give the treatment bad press it is the stylist's fault or their trainer for not being thorough with them.

Dec 01, 2010
Stylist error
by: Anonymous

I am a stylist, and not all stylists are created equal. just because you have a license doesn't make you an "expert". I have done the Brazilian on my own hair and it is bleached and i love it. Fried hair and bent ends it not the product, it is the stylist lack of skill and knowledge. A good stylist knows that you need a temp controlled flat iron. The suggested temp for virgin, frizzy non colored hair is a degree temp of 450. I flat ironed my hair on 375-400 because it is considered "fragile". If the hair is fragile then you would use a lesser heat on the flat iron AND depending on the hair you should only do a couple passes on the hair with the flat iron. The more passes on the hair shaft and the higher heat will surely ruin anyone's hair. I mean come on, the reason for fried hair perming, coloring, bleaching, or straightening treatments is stylist incompetency or lack of training with that product. please ask to see the stylist's certificate of completion of the course before you let them touch your hair. Most just order the product, read some directions and put it on a client.

Aug 13, 2010
by: Anonymous

Do your research, especially for blondes and chemically damaged hair, you need different keratin products to those with healthier hair. The hair straighteners need to be set lower than normal. Keratin Complex is the product I use as this has no formaldehyde and has a program especially for blondes and chemically damaged hair.

Aug 13, 2010
it can be washed out....
by: Nikki L

Sorry for everyones horror stories, but to let you know it can be washed out but not by sulfates/ides.

Sodium chloride (salt) pulls the keratin protein out of the hair. I myself am I stylist at a Aveda salon in Perrysburg, oh~salon hazelton. This process has to be carefully done and must have training to do so.

There are many different kinds, we carry formaline free. None actually have formaldahyde, the formaline when heated at extreme temperatures may produce the gas formaldahyde.

Everyones hair is different the hair should only be ironed in until there is a high shine achieved. Beyond that it can be fried. (I myself have just gone thru this with a collegen infused one, I repaired it by using the Brazilian blowout brand, it more moisturious. The ends are still a bit frazzled but lay much better than before. Each section was only ironed 3 to 4 times. ) Ask if your stylist is certified or received in-salon training. There much more knowledge learned from being certified.

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