Keratin Treatment Fried my hair beyond my worst nightmare

by Alison
(Silver Spring MD)

I recently received a keratin treatment at an Aveda spa in Maryland. The stylist is a friend of mine and has before this, always done an amazingly good job with my hair. My hair is medium length, medium wavy, and a little bit fine. After decades of professional platinum blonde highlights, and the last few years of heavy flat iron use, I thought I needed a serious conditioning treatment. The stylist assured me this product had no formaldehyde. I think the treatment stayed on my hair for 15-30 minutes, in addition, the stylist used a flat iron throughout, to seal in the product.

In total, I was there almost two hours, and I was asked not to wash my hair for 48 hours. Those two days, my hair was extremely flat, but that was not the worst of it. When I finally washed my hair, I noticed it had been completely destroyed. The structure of each hair strand looks as bent and wiry as corn-husk hair, But drier than dry. The strands do not lie flat, but frizz beyond recognition. It is so awful. My scalp is also pink and tender.

This is the worst hair experience I have ever had. My stylist assures me that others have had great result with this treatment. Perhaps, the product stayed on too long for my particular hair. Perhaps the flat iron within the process was too much. But it is really bad. I do not recommend this procedure for anyone.

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Jul 01, 2023
Horrific results
by: Anonymous

Im a stylist and done several keratin treatments so i decided i wanted one on my hair due to it being frizzy and the curls after having my sons 3+ years ago never came back. It fried my hair and was only on for 10 min. I have one inch at my root that i can save, unfortunately im going to have to shave my head.

Jul 31, 2022
Me too
by: Anonymous

This summer I was persuaded by my hairdresser to have a keratin treatment. As I have frizzy curly coloured hair it reacts with humidity and is tiresome to keep tidy when on summer hols. It was the worst decision I’ve ever made! My hair doesn’t even look like hair anymore, just dry dull and brittle and shapeless. I really miss my frizzy but healthy hair.

Jun 29, 2022
Me too
by: Anonymous

I have been a fan of keratin treatments having had several over the years with stunning results. Strong, smooth, shiny, silky, straight low mtce hair. People would comment on how beautiful it was.

In May 2022 had the same treatment done at the same salon with alarming results. My hair was completely fried - dry, crocked, frizzy, frazzled just God awful. Just not sure what went wrong.

I have spent an absolute fortune on expensive shampoo/conditioners and repair treatments with no improvement including but not limited to Olaplex & Oribre but the hair is simply beyond repair. This is a cut off and start again job.

Not sure I will ever be game to have another keratin treatment done again....

Aug 29, 2021
GK Treatment
by: Anonymous

I agree, keratin treatments are of the devil. I received my first treatment October 2016 from an associate who's an hairstylist and she persuaded me to get the GK Treatment. At the time I didn't know I received the formaldehyde version of the treatment. IMy hair was soft and manageable but I did feel tinging of the scalp but just blew it off. Mind you the shampoo and conditioner are recommdeded and very costly along with the treatment. I would receive the treatment every 4 months. However, in 2028 I noticed my ends damaged and difficult to detangle and my hair was dry, brittle, and falling out badly. I confronted my stylist and she put the blame on my aftercare which is a lie because I followed her haircare instructions. This stylists had me keeping the treatment in for up to 2 weeks and then wash out and used extremely hot flat iron each time that caused the damage. I stopped the treatment in 2019 and vowed to sue her. In 2021,:I finally getting my hair back to pre-keratin. Run 4 ur life!

Dec 13, 2020
Keratin "Treatment" all lies
by: Anonymous

I had the exact same experience. I went in with the goal of adding shine and controlling frizz; my hair had no split ends and was extremely healthy. I never blow dry my hair, I let it air dry.
The Keratin "treatment" made my hair limp and flat and my entire head of hair has split ends from the root down.

Don't get this "treatment"; it's basically just a permanent and added no shine and my hair is still frizzy, but now it's destroyed.

Aug 28, 2020
Keratin nightmare

Had the same experience with keratin on March 2019. The first keratin I got was November 2018 and the results were amazing. Smooth, shiny hair with movement. So I decided to get a second treatment in March but at another salon. The result was horrifying! I knew as soon as I stepped out that my hair was damaged beyond repair. The color became orange whereas my natural was brown, they became super thin and the strands were gummy and tangled. After ever shower I couldn’t untangle them and the movement disappeared. Also they were so frizzy! I had amazing long hair before and it is still a nightmare. I had to cut it 7 times in the past year. Now it’s been 1,5 years and it still isn’t like before. The texture of the new hair has changed. It’s frizzy and thin still. I can’t grow it long anyone. I cut it every 2 months. Has anyone got their hair back to normal after a bad keratin experience? How long does it take?

Oct 22, 2019
My beautiful hairs just burned out
by: Affaf

I also got this Keune Keratin treatment 6 days back. My silky smooth hairs just turned out like bushes. I am just trying to fix my badly crumped hair. If anyone know any treatment please help me out. And BIG NO to keratin treatment

Oct 10, 2019
Will never recommend this treatment
by: I Am Groot

I did this karatin treatment that have straight look but it just destroyed my beautiful hair, i never revomand these kind of treatments and will never do it again.. Now m trying to fix my burnt hair. Iam following soming home remedies, some oils. Hope this will work on my hair

Sep 24, 2019
Poor keratin treatment
by: Someone from Singapore

I had the same thing that happened. Now my hair on top is only one inch long, I dont even know how long will it take for my hair to grow, and will it even grow. I am super scared and i dont know what to do with my hair now... any suggestions on what to do?

Sep 18, 2019
Destroyed Hair
by: Jackie

I had the same thing happen. It destroyed my hair.

Jun 03, 2019
Same problem as April posters
by: mary

Any assistance or clues????
This is the first time for have this issue.

Apr 29, 2019
Post keratin treat6
by: I Am Groot

What can I do once it fries your hair?

Apr 25, 2019
Post keratin treat6
by: I Am

I had a keratin treatment done at salon 1 week ago. First 3 days it was flat, smooth didn't wash it, didnt get it wet. I did notice on one side it looked pretty dry, my stylist had said if I woke up & had " bed head" to bad I could kinda smooth it down a little with flat iron. That's only thing I did. After 3 days washed & conditioned with what she gave me. My hair is fried! Idk what could've went wrong. She was timing ever step she did. I'm thinking I'm gonna have to cut it really short to try '& get it half way fixed
Any suggestions or thoughts

Dec 11, 2018
by: I Am Groot

I had my hair keratin straightened back in April 2018 and it looked fantastic. I went to the same salon in a different suburb and it seemed like it was on my hair for hours, they really ripped at my hair as they brushed it. I walked out looking amazing, then when I washed my hair and dried it it looked ok but I noticed how every single strand depressingly SNAPS... there is NO STRENGTH LEFT in my hair it is dreadful and this isn't the dreadful bit yet, when the keratin washes out (and probably is doing my hair no good the entire time it's on it anyway) it's going to be a frizzy 8$%cK NIGHTMARE. I am so depressed, it's as thought I've gone and got breast implants that are now making me sick..... as i have been FOOLED! If you look at the dates of all these feed back it is clear the product has drastic changes and it's doing drastic results to even great conditioned virgin hair. I feel so depressed


Jul 31, 2018
Worst Nightmare Keratin
by: Anonymous

I had a long, healthy looking natural red hair that was never treated with any products or dyes. My hair also had natural waves and decided to have a keratin treatment so that it will give me a more elegant straighten look. My stylist had told me keratin does that and applied the product into my hair and then used a flat iron. Then I was
told not to wash it for 3 days and did so, but after I washed it my hair looked awful, It is dry dry dry, hard, opaque, without movement and not straight... It has been the worst experience ever y cry every day and don't know what to do to get my hair to its normal appearance. I do not recommend this product It has been a nightmare.

Jul 22, 2018
by: Anonymous

It’s been two years since I had my Keratin nightmare at Venus Salon. My hair has grown back even longer. I am still traumatized about putting any product in my hair. I been going natural ever since. Because Spring Hill is so small you don’t have many Salons. I know she is putting this product on other people hair I am sad to say.

May 29, 2018
Keratin - NEVER AGAIN!
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem. I received my keratin treatment month ago, which completely destroyed my hair. Same, the temperature was too high, the keratin itself has stayed too much on my hair......... That's wasn't my first time, first time I really liked the result. All depends from the stylist, only go to the trusted salons and google what they are using before the treatment. After my personal experience, NEVER AGAIN!

May 22, 2018
Don’t waste your money!!
by: Kay

I strongly believe the treatment ingredients have changed. I have received BB’s since 2011. October 2017 I went to a new salon and

It was the same process as it’s always been, everything was normal. For about a month my hair was great and looked healthy. Out of know where I started noticing hair falling out in the shower. At first I thought it was the hair products I was using.. deva curl but I switched to redken and still noticed MORE hair loss and now breakage. My hair got extremely dry and the strands felt like wire. They look all bent and weird when you examine them.

My hair constantly will not stop tangling and I have tried so many deep conditioning treatments. It’s almost now June and my hair is growing back but a different color! Yes a different color!! My damaged hair turned an orange red tint, especially in the sun.

I am a dark brunette almost black.. who has NEVER died there hair! Don’t waste your money on this product. Unfortunately my best advice is to love and appreciate the hair you have. If I could turn back I would. Some days I debate shaving it all off because the hairs that stick up and are all broken are embarrassing!

Apr 18, 2018
Keratin :(
by: Anonymous

I would say the same, I had it done last year twice and it was fine, however it kind of faded out and in November I went for the 3rd time and after that, I noticed that when I washed the texture had changed, now when I go for a touch-up coloring, I can hardly wash my hair it is so unmanageable.

I was told, well your hair is difficult and so and so, no it was the treatment, we should be told what the side effects could be and should sign a waiver. But they need to tell us everything. I hope my hair is growing back to become and try to blow-dry just way less then I have to, however, my hair is real thin and very frizzy, looks real ugly, who wants that when you work and I am almost 60. My advise, don't ever do any straightening, and use less flat Iron. If I would have known that I would have never done that, on the other hand we all are guilty as we look for a quick fix. Its all because I live in the most humid city in the US. I hate it.

Apr 17, 2018
Ion Solutions Keratin Treatment Ruined My Hair
by: Anonymous

I have kinky hair that is really poofy in humidity and I thought a keratin treatment would help me manage my hair. I had long hair that was down to my waist and I had spent about six months repairing my hair from a relaxer that dried my hair out a bit. I finally had my hair feeling soft and I thought a keratin treatment would be the last part of my hair transformation.

My hair looked so good at first and almost everyone I knew was telling me how beautiful my hair looked. I was so happy for about 3 days and then my hair started breaking. It has been about 2 months since I did the treatment and my hair is still breaking. I cry almost every day when I take a shower. So much hair is breaking. I can't even put it up anymore because my hair is so short on the top. The hair on the top of my head is only about an inch long now. It's going to take years to grow my hair back, if it grows back at all. I would sue the company if I had the means to.

I think I'll have to shave my hair off and get a wig to fix this. Please don't ever do a keratin treatment. It's really not worth risking this happening for a few days of straighter hair. Besides, it didn't make my hair any straighter than what I could already do with Tresemme keratin smooth serum and my Conair straightening tool.

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