Medium to short layered with red and blonde

by Vinessa
(Magnolia, Tx)

My short layered  hair with red and blonde

My short layered hair with red and blonde

I did this myself with thinning shears and a pair of scissors with a point cut at the ends and choppy but even cuts all the way through the hair. Sally's hair color by Clairol professional 3RR and highlights with quick blue in foil. Be careful not to rinse the red with the blonde!

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Red To Blonde
by: Queenstostyle

LOVE IT ! It is very difficult to go from red to blonde, one needs to be careful when having lights as they can get stained easily. And if they do make sure to use the right tones to get rid of the stains. Read more on :

red and blonde
by: Anonymous

love the look and the cut thanks for show and tell helped me lots.
/Cecilia Styles

To prevent red from bleeding
by: Anonymous

Yes I know how much a pain in the butt it can be to really prevent that from happening, but the whole reason why i did the blonde at the top was to keep it from bleeding through my blonde. If you keep the blonde hair as a golden base it wont be as noticeable. Also as you wash your hair as annoying as it may be separate the hair with a pony tail on top of the head and wash only the bottom layer (red) first for the first three washes because as you notice your hair may still be dry from the bleach on top anyways and may need those essential oils your head already creates for you to prevent dryness. maybe even cowash just the top meaning mix water and conditioner to use as a rinse.

by: Anonymous

This cut and color is amazing. I absolutely love it. I think I might have to try it or take this picture to a salon. THANK YOU!!

sweet jesus
by: Anonymous

thank you! i have been looking for a color just like this! it is literally exactly what i have been wanting for a year now and didn't want to have to pay a fortune at the salon only for them to not understand what i wanted. Now i can finally color my hair at home!

by: Anonymous

I love this hairstyle...I was thinking about my friend cutting it for me

by: quinavere

I have to thank you, see ive been searching the Internet for a picture of the haircut i wanted, to give to my hairdresser. yours is exactly what im going to get though mine shall be black instead of blond and a brighter red. i shall be using your picture as a reference. Thanks again!

by: destiny

for about two years i have been going through this stage were i want to dye my hair different colors all the time.i have had my hair all the colors:pink, green(my whole head, yea i know right), purple, blue, orange, black, brown, blonde, and on..... to cut this long story short, i wanted something different and i came across your pic and loved it!! i think that it was to great colors put together to complement each other. I think if i were to do it i would do a more dark red color but it looks great how it is.

I also love the cut, i kinda had hair like that but it was shorter and more layers. I think that this is going to be my next hair cut and i just wanted to say that you did a great job! I also dye my own hair so to think of the work you went through, you did great!

Nicely done
by: Ivan Zoot

Very nicely done.
Even more texture would punch it up a bit... be careful... it is addictive.

Question about your color not going into blonde
by: Anonymous

how do you keep from getting the red or red brown color from rinsing off into the blonde? I heard rinse with cold water. But everytime I try red foil highlights and wash out, it fades into my white blonde so I end up having to re-bleach my white blonde. Deb

by: Anonymous

I absolutely love what you did... I am going to try and re-create it now. Wish me luck! You're an inspiration!

Great colors
by: Anonymous

I love it ! I can't believe you were able to do that yourself!

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