Layered Hair Styles

Layered hair styles and cutting hair into different length will create contrasting looks and provide internal texture. Layering can be used to increase body and volume or it can be used to decrease weight.

Tiffani Amber Thiessen with layered hair style

Layered styles are a great way to add interest to a short or medium-length hair. To create modern finish look it's best to use a flat iron to straight the ends and prevent them from flicking out.

layered hair cut above shoulder Dido and her cute layered hair style

Sweeping side or heavy and fragile looking fringes (bangs) make a big difference and are ideal for fashionable and "timeless" hair styles like dido's hair.

Dido and her cute layered hair style

There are different types of layering – you can have subtle or extreme layers – The above hair cuts are more toward the extreme side of this technique.

Adding Interest

Colors surely adds interest to a layered hairstyle. There are several techniques that could be used by stylist. One way is to place a block of colors halfway down the hair length and let it enhance the shape of existing layering and turn it into something new and fabulous! If you like transitional color works like natural looking ombre then you would love this!

More Layered Styles For You

Layers can be incorporated into all sort of styles and different cutting angles produce different result – Which one is suitable for you!? That would depend on your taste of style, hair length and type. All following styles have some sort of layering. Some intense and some slightly layered. Just let your fingers do the job and look into those that mostly appeal to you.

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layered with full bangs with fine hair
Style By Frances Du Bose - London Hair Inc.
Farah with soft layers and blonde hair Farah with soft layers, side bangs and golden highlight

List of styles by Descriptions

Medium to short layered with red and blonde 
I did this myself with thinning shears and a pair of scissors with a point cut at the ends and choppy but even cuts all the way through the hair. Sally's …

Medium length layered with wavy ends 
Medium length layered hair, dark brown, straight and flat on top, framing the face with a panel of lighter shade of brown and bronze. The style been balanced …

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