Does Brazilian Blowout Cause Hairloss?

I was looking into doing the Brazilian Blowout - supposedly hyde free and can be washed right away. Was everyone who experienced hair-loss using the four day version?

On another note, I used "Wen" hair products several months ago (sulfate free) and my hair came out like it did after giving birth....all over the place. It stopped after I went back to Redken. Could the hair fallout be caused by the sulfate free shampoos they make you use?

I went on the Internet to see if anyone else using Wen was having hair loss and I did see a couple of people posting that they were. The company of course, wrote that there was nothing in their product that could cause this. This has of course, made me apprehensive of trying Brazilian Blowout.

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Jan 13, 2017
Potential cure!!
by: Anonymous

I always had such beautiful thick hair, I was young and had no idea how to control/style it. I'm half English/Welsh and half Jamaican with hair more on the Jamaican side. An olive oil product, or just pure coconut oil would give me beautiful ringlets, but so nice trust. Anyways, I got a Brazilian blow dry (they calling it in London) I loved it, my hair felt like silk and was so easy to control. I was using very bad hair straighteners with no hair protection and was very rough with my hair as it often annoyed me. But still, like a year later I was wondering why a treatment advertised to last only 2-3 months was lasting so long... But my hair was still very nice, I started to get a few split ends and the back of my hair was returning to afro. So I went to get another treatment, the stylist was saying that I'm losing a lot of hair while he was doing it, he took off a few inches. But my hair looked nice after, it was only shoulder length after the cut but oh well. I soon gave up on the quest for straight hair. But hair was still nice, like a year- a year and a half later I noticed that my hair was considerably thinner than my two brothers who also had long hair. I thought yeah, those £20 straightners and no heat protection definitely killed my hair, but no more! It will grow back. It was fine and thickening out then I went on holiday this summer, like 3 years since my last Brazilian treatment and I was using this one 'twist and lock' gel, terrible stuff, all the chemicals you can imagine. But in Europe you can't find anything to control afro hair. Anyways, I come back and notice how bald I've become, impossible to hide the bald spots, 2 at the front sides one right at the top, making like some triangle bald lines. I started panicking. I wasn't gna wait around to go more bald and stress myself, as at this point it was only getting worse, no better. So recently, about a week ago I shaved my head No.1 to rid the chemicals from my head.

Anyways that's all irrelevant, just my story, the other factors didn't help, but the Brazilian blowdry was definitely the biggest factor to my hair loss. I just didn't notice coz my hair was so thick. But yeah, look into colloidal silver, gold, platinum and let your search take you to the answer. I am a student of biological sciences and chemistry. My opinion, some chemical can't permanently change the genes of your hair growth, if alopecia runs in your family yeah the treatment will cause that to trigger. All these treatments and constant shampooing and other things is stressful to your hair and your bombarding it just causing yourself more stress, leading to more hair loss. Oils and that yeah, but anything a "ologist" prescribes you don't trust. Just another foreign chemical. They just want you to pay their fees and the prescription for their commission. The wonders of colloidal silver, gold, platinum are universal and can benefit you In so many more ways. Curing cancer for one, if you know anyone with cancer. Can use it on the skin for anti-aging properties. Check out a site called, I'd recommend the "DNA colloidal boost" containing all aforementioned plus rhodium, chromium and one or two others. You may think "wooww heavy metals are toxic" yeah obviously, anything you can die from eating too much of is called toxic. You'll also find iron in your blood cells, zinc in your muscles and magnesium in your brain. All "toxic" but essential for life. Gold and silver, way better. You can use topically anywhere or/and take orally for all round health results!! But also look into monoatomic gold. Its all a bit sciencey, but basically it can reverse damage of the genetic code and forms kind of an elecromagntic field around the cell, creating ideal conditions for cells.

But yeah the only people I can find writing about regrowing hair, even people with matured alopecia, the only ones, they're saying they're using these colloidal elements. I happened to have that 'colloidal DNA boost' anyway so started using that after I shaved my head. Bit unconsistently though.

Hope this helps and wasn't too long... My bald patches have hair on, it's there. Everyday I wake up saying look! It's thickened out a bit more! But I may just be lying to myself Haha. You need to go research it yourself tho, coz you'll just think I'm chatting nonsense if I go into more detail. Also "African pride Magical gro" has an extensive list of nutrients from so many oils like jojoba, castor etc and fruits. Has a few parabens in it but I think they have one without.

✌ Spencer

Jan 07, 2017
Brazilian blowout ruined my life
by: Erika

I have come to this site plenty of times looking for answers but I never posted anything so there it goes.. My nightmare started December 4 2015, about a year ago now to be exact. I went to the salon to get a touch up on the "blonde". I am a Brunnet and always have been but about a year ago I got this stupid idea of wanting to go blonde, so on November 2015 I got what is called a balayage I was not happy on how it turned out so she said oh come in 3 weeks and I'll retouch it to see if we can get it lighter well I went back on Dec 4 let me remind you this is the first time I bleach my hair so I was not used to the dry frizzy texture so when I get there she did the touch up bleached it again and said oh hey you should really get this treatment called a Brazilian blowout it would really help your hair now that you had bleached it she then started talking about the wonders of the treatment . I asked if there was any side effects and she said none just that sometimes clients experience burning in their eyes but that was normal. At that moment I wish I would've said no but I said well if it'll help my hair then why not so she proceeded to do the treatment right after she bleached my hair I didn't love it but I was like okay it'll go back to normal after 4 months but that never happened. I always had thick hair so that's probably why I am not bald I have lost 50 percent of my hair and I am only 25 yrs old. There is days I don't sleep i hate myself for doing this and wish I could go back in time at first I thought maybe the hair shedding was due to a disease so they did blood tests and everything came back normal I know now this was due to the Brazilian blowout my scalp is super dry and my scalp feels sore just like many others I have tried everything like oils, aloe Vera and different shampoos to help the shedding go away but nothing has worked. There's not a day I don't cry I hate looking at myself in the mirror this is affecting my life and I have lost hope I am seeking help from a counselor because it has come to the point that I don't want to live anymore. If you need someone to talk to about your experience or you have found a solution please let me know My email is

Sep 23, 2016
My nightmare comes true :(
by: Sam

I would like to start off by apologizing if any of my grammar is misspelled it is very late, I no longer sleep as my hair loss counties non stop, I will say that I am a victim of a Brazilian blow out hair loss, that was caused by the stylists errors and part to blame is the product for false labeling, it or nor does it say warning mixing of chemicals can cause series side effects one including hair loss and along with other health side effects. From one of its popular ingredient formaldehyde which I now call the enemy, I tell my self the lady who did my hair told me it was all safe ingredients and this is the best thing on the market and assured me that she does them all the time which I have seen her work , and my self trusting her not once did she tell me as a stylist I have to warn you of all possible side effects, that's one topic at there training is not allowed but only if errors occurs to blame the client and tell them there sick and need blood work, that is what I was told when I went back to her for my concerns I mean my hair was falling out by the root I was so scared no one could help Me then you start to Google your concerns and find many others out there like what you are going through as well, so sad to have thick hair one day and two weeks it all falls out, we're all different and it takes certain chemicals to start acting and telling our bodies OK something's not right kind of like medicine it takes a while to kick in, but once it's in, the damage is done and no reversing it no special shampoo oils is going to work you have to let it run its natural course, I learn to cry and yell to get my frustration out I don't look back but try to move ahead every day is a struggle will I wake up bald how much hair will I lose today the same questions over and over, right now I cut all my hair off let me say that does not help, OK now my front hair line is gone real thin all over and now my crown area is getting wider, there you have it $400.00 to make me bald, will I ever recover I don't no but I will say time that's all I have and pray I wake up with some hair I think this treatment Brazilian blowout to be a joke, and I just want some one to here me scream at the makers of this stuff it's all poison it does nothing for you but takes your natural beauty away. It kills our hair my hair died on May 26, 2016 may you rest in peace hair and I'm so sorry that I did a Brazilian blow to you, my poor handsome long hair gone. So sorry for this long message but it helps me to let what I'm going though out and my prayers to all of you who are suffering. When I was younger I had dreams that my hair would fall out and I would wake up bald, that's why I titled this my nightmare, has become my reality. I don't no if any one out there is.experiencing the same hair loss symptoms which I also forgot to mention I have scalp pains dry scalp very and I mean very itchy scalp with tons of dandruff, if you do I no what your going through and I don't want to hear that the Brazilian blowout does not cause hair loss, it certainly does play a role in it, oh one more thing, One Doc that I'm seeing and he's helped so much he with out properly testing just theory that me and him have because there is no evidence or research that what's happening is as this chemicals enters our body though the scalp that it has a reaction to our hormones that tells it hey, our job here is done so they die off and permanently ages our genetics and cause our hair to age by many years and if there any male or female pattern baldness or just any kind of alopecia well there you have it triggers it and sends it at a alarming rate. I no maybe you herd of some thing like that again that's mine and his theory and just wanted to share, because there's really no studies on any of the chemicals and what they can do to a human being . Thanks to any one who reads this and just no I am very grateful to have learned a valuable lesson do not take our vanity for granted one day you have it and the well you no the rest, it's gone. Be kind and have faith with my dearest love and compassion, Sam from Houston Texas god bless.

Sep 08, 2016
Sorry to tell everyone
by: Anonymous

Hey everyone,

In reading the comments and descriptions from everyone regarding the Brazilian Blowout I have some bad news for you.

Unfortunately the treatment did not break your hair or call it to thin or fall out. Several other possibilities did.

A. Your stylist used a heat on the flat iron too hot for you. The treatment seals in from 380-450 degrees.
380-400: fine, limp, thin, overprocessed, damaged or African American hair
410-440: color treated hair with average density
450: extremely thick, virgin (no color or precious chemical services), or Asian or Persian hair

Did your hair break off months after the service? Still could've been too high of heat earlier and the Brazilian was holding the breakage together. Once it finally was shampooed out nothing was holding on.

You could also have a medication or thyroid issue.

B. You had a treatment that was in fact not a Brazilian Blowout but another treatment. In doubt what treatment it is? Ask to see a Certificatiin from the company provided to the stylist. If your stylist doesn't have one they can certify online for free. Most of these were done improperly.

Lists of certified salons are on BUT this doesn't mean your particular stylist in salon is certified.

If the certificate is older than 2013. They are no longer up to date on treatment instructions.

C. Contrary to popular belief, protein is not so great for hair.

Sure after a workout it's amazing for your muscles. However, a Brazilian Blowout improves the health of your hair with AMINO ACIDS not keratin proteins. Therefore, applying a protein shampoo or styling product to already healthy hair is TOO much. The hair can't take it and becomes stiff, then breaks.

D. Your hair changes every few years. Is your skin the same as it was when you were 20? Does your knee click when you bend it. Or do you have CTS from typing too much on the blogs? Your body changes. So does your hair! What worked for you before may not work for you now. I've been getting a Brazilian Blowout from a certified educator for the company for 6 years and the health of my hair has improved. It's stronger, resistant to Frizz, and has allowed my curl to return in a healthier fashion.

E. Send your stylist to a free Brazilian Blowout class. They are available all over the country and, again, are FREE!!!

Jun 02, 2016
Live, Learn & Trust Your Instincts
by: Anonymous

I could all but "see" the writing on the wall. After 5+ years of growing my natural hair out I became restless in wearing a wig. The temples of my hair were thinned out to the max but a nice healthy length had formed from years of no chemicals. I went to one of the best African-American hairstylists money can by here in NYC and after months of saving list the length of my hair after a month and half or so. The Brazilian Blowout was THE ultimate alternative to a relaxer I was told. My results were dull thinned hair the first time but I still had my length. I couldn't even afford the in between treatments due to the high cost and ended up doing my own hair which seemed to work at first. A month in he shedding began. My length was in tact but I had less and less hair. I got my second Brazilian Blowout about a week ago and my hair is broken on the top of my head and he back is thinner and shorter. My amazing stylist blamed it on my hair gel but my "gel" is alcohol free contains hydrolyzed wheat protein -which has always grown my hair- and was never applied to any area other than my edges and the front to keep my hair slick, never on top or in back where the breakage actually is. I truly sympathize with Desperate May 26th post. I do not have the luxury of hiding out in my apt as my job is primarily based on my looks I'm pretty bummed. However, this is just a live and learn lesson. You have to have really strong hair for a Brazilian Blowout AND this process is not for everyone. If you know you have weak hair or have ever had a problem in the past with breakage or chemicals or heat breakage then this definitely is not for you. Do t let a professional talk you into it or convince you like I did. Also if you are lucky to find someone to do it for 100-200 dollars you are better off. I paid almost 400 initially and that was with a discount.

May 26, 2016
by: Desperate

I got my Brazilian about 5 months ago and was very disappointed. It burned my ends and now I'm losing my hair. I feel very depressed. I have been trying to reverse the effects since day 1 to no avail. I find myself not wanting to leave the house now. I want to know from others that received the treatment years ago if their hair improved. Please, anyone who got their treatment 4 or 5 years ago, did it get any better?

Apr 22, 2016
by: mew

After getting the Brazilian blowout 3 times in the span of suggested months i lost almost 2-4 inches and went from long hair that went down my back to hair that barely touched my shoulders and it was very broken, DONT DO IT!!!

Jan 17, 2016
Brazilian blowout saved my hair.
by: Anonymous

So after reading these stories I'm like what did you people get done and where? Getting the Brazilian blowout for me was a great experience. I did all the research before hand and watched you tube videos on how it's done. I made sure to read the differences in the keratin treatment, Japanese straighter and Brazilian blowout. I know that with the blowout you get your hair washed first they wash all the residue and dirt out then they put the treatment on your hair, they have you sit with it for 15 to 20 minutes then they straighten it ( blow dry first) then with the flat iron to seal the treatment in your hair.

Once that's done they was your hair again then they condition it with a mask and rinse. Once they do that they straighten it out again if u want then you are done. You don't have to wait 3-4 days to wash. Once they wash your hair the second time in the salon your done. You can style and wash right after. I have been getting this done for a year now and my hair is the best it's ever been.

I'm Hispanic and have really thick curly long hair so I think the results are based off the hair type. My hair prior to this was very damaged and was falling out. I use to have hair ever where but I think having the blowout done saved my hair. So after reading your stories I think some are health issues and others got something other than the blowout done.

I heard so many terrible stories about the Japanese straighter especially on curly hair, as well as the keratin treatment that's just a little to much work for me. So for those thinking about getting it done make sure you go to a professional who knows the differences because I went to one and she had the nerve to say they were all the same I was shocked and left.

I Have Found A Stylist Who I Trust She Only Charges 100. And I won't go anywhere else. The Brazilian blowout out saved my hair and my time.

Dec 23, 2015
just wanted to clarified
by: yen

i just wanted to clarified that my kids and husband were there before the actual treatment started ,it took about 30 minutes for the "preparation" ,and after that they were gone for lunch.I have to say this because i don't need any hate mail.if you have hateful things to say plz dont email me.thank you.

Dec 23, 2015
the nightmare continues after 3 years
by: yen

hello,I'm new here so this is my very first comment.I had a brazillian blowout in june 2012.One of the worst decisions i have ever made in my life,one that thought me not to take things for granted.I wish we were able to post pics here,because i know your jaw would drop if you looked at my before and after pics.Anyways ,i used to have fine(not too fine)curly,frizzy ,3a,3b,4a hair.

I had just gave birth a couple of months before that fateful day,I was very overwhelm and depressed,i have an autistic teen,my 5 year old and the new baby and i was looking for something that reduced my hair time.I had been going to a Japaneses hair salon off and on with an interestingly ironic name "magician" ( it should of been a red flag for me).they were offering the treatment for $100.00 ,i thought it was a great deal ,and economically with a new born ,my hubby and i were not doing hubby has very bad anxiety issues,and his patience runs low. he had come with me to several places ,one of them was an Aveda hair salon were my regular stylist worked. She told me that they were no longer providing the keratin treatment ,which was what i really wanted to get.

I went to some other places ,but the price was too high for my budget. So when my hubby's patience was at its wits ends i decided to go to the magician hair salon.this I will never forget ,when i was waiting for the stylist,I had a gut felling ,not a good one though. I felt like i wanted to run and i didn't know why ,i said to my hubby " I'm not sure i want to do this ,let's go . He said to me " get it done ,get it over with!.and his whole body language was of one that was frustrated.I had told him to go home ,but my hubby is the type that he wants to take me everywhere,and be there so he doesn't have to be home with 3 kids waiting for me to come home.I had talk to the hair stylist and told him I wanted a keratin treatment ,he told me that that stuff had formaldehyde and that he has something that does not have any of it and that it's actually very good for my type of hair because of the keratin properties .That it will get rid off the frizz in my hair.He proceeded to explain the procedure with very little details due to the language mind was in a cloud for some reason,maybe being away(30 feet) from my kids and husband, sitting in that chair ready to get pampered for the first time in like forever put me in such a relax mode that i ignored all the red flags coming and going.I felt that gut feeling again,i though for one minute to get up and leave.I just told my self " you need to relax,your being paranoid"!.I dismissed my gut instinct .

During the hair washing i notice that they used regular shampoo ,i didn't say anything ..the whole process was 3 hours,i smelled something awful during the flat iron process,there was very little ventilation and no masks any where.He washed my hair twice and repeated the process twice. my hair was pin straight .I asked him when can i wash my hair ,he said 3 days but it dint really matter " you can wash it when it feels dirty" he said.I wash my hair about 4 days after the treatment,and let me tell you that when that water hit my hair ,it looked like 50% of all my hair fell out! from the root,i saw the white little head attached to it.there was hair everywhere ,,like everywhere.the floor the pillow you name it there was hair there.I scream so loud in the tub that my hubby came running and when he saw all that hair he was shocked,did not know what to hair became something i did not recognized ,straw like ,super dry and rought, so light like a feather.after that i went to 5 different dermatologist ,an endocrinologist and 4 different physicians.I had a biopsy and it revealed alopecia and the stress hormone.All of the doctors i saw said that they did not believed the treatment had done this! i felt like there was some type of conspiracy amongst was ask if i was under stress,i'm like if you just lost 70% of all your hair wouldn't you? seriously!! i was told by one of them that what the treatment possibly did was to accelerate the alopecia ,it made it come sooner .and the stress is making my hair come out my hair finally stopped falling around the beginning of 2015 this year.

I have new growth but it's so thin that it's almost transparent.My hair died in 2012,I'm afraid i will never get my hair back,i look at pics and start to cry ,i miss my huge curly,frizzy hair.

The products i used that i believe help me where :jamaican black castol oil,coconut oil,i did a home treatment with ground cloves(boil about 1oz of water with about 10 cloves,once the water is dark turn off the stove and wait till is warm,put it in your scalp for about 30minutes. i did this every week before i washed my hair.A Dominican lady gave me this recipe and i'm very grateful ,i just wish i knew sooner about it.I went on a hair diet ,there is no protein in none of my hair products.I learn that my hair grew to be protein sensitive .so no protein and only organic hair products(sulfate-free and so) ,if i can't understand what the ingredients are in the ingredients label in the product i don't use it .moisture and moisture! I'm using the bee mine products ,they have the best protein-free deep- conditioner i have ever used,this stuff it's trully amazing. i forgot to say the the rogaine the doctors gave me 2% and 5% did not worked it made my scalp itch and made my hair very dry that it was breaking even more.the shampoos and creams was awful,specially the shampoo ,i felt that it was not for my hair type ,cause it dried it up so bad that i had to cut the knots cause there was no way around it.I cut my hair to my ears ,not the best cut for me at all.but i had to get it done to help heal my hair. so now all i have to deal with is extremely thin hair,moisture and more moisture,and pray a lot that the falling doesn't come back again. sorry for the long story and hope you all find what works for you ,and that your hair's health comes back me at: for any questions.

Dec 17, 2015
Brazilian Blowout Nightmare
by: Anonymous

I had my first Brazilian blowout in June 2015 and was very pleased. Three months later I had the second and loved it again. It is now December 2015. I have lost most of my hair volume. My hair is very thin, so I have purchased a human hair wig that looked like my hair did when I first got the blowout. I have only told a few people about this wig--family members/closest friends. Reading all the above comments, I am in fear that my hair will never be the same again. I have nothing else to blame this on. It is a nightmare. Don't do it.

Nov 08, 2015
Brazilian blowout
by: Anonymous

On Friday 6 Nov'15 I did my first Blowout. At First I was blowout of the results but from this morning I have a swelling itchy scalp with a lot of sore on it. I don't now what to do as the product don't was out. Did any of you experience the same effect.

Sep 15, 2015
by: Mel

I thought I had found the solution to having straight hair! Please DO NOT use stylist allowed me to put it into my hair every four months.....I had approximately 5-6 Brazilians...I started to notice that my hair had become increasingly thinner and then..the horror- my hairline began receding....I have been diagnosed with scarring alopecea...what this means is that because of chemicals in the Brazilian, the hair follicles have scarred over and can never be re-activated! I am devastated and now face the possibility of going increasingly more bald. If nothing else, let me be the 'cautionary tale' for other women!

Sep 15, 2015
it will leave you with no hair
by: Anonymous

I had it done a month ago...and I was over the moon with the results.... out of the shower without using my blow dryer... but now its like everytime i touch or comb my hair i'm left with a whole bunch of hair in my hands... my pillow looks like a fuzzy pillow... to think that I paid $500 to ruin my hair.

Jan 31, 2015
damage hair
by: Anonymous

I never should have done it i swear im losing a lot of hair and i have a flaky scalp and it bothers me a lot. My hair is so short now and looks like a baby hair.. Im planning to cut my hair that short but im worried if it will grow back the way it was before.. I've been searching for a cure or treatment for this but i cant find one .. Ive been rebonding my hair for the past 4 years and it looks great until i have this so called Brazilian blowout waaaahhh it really freaks me out.. Losing my self esteem. It really damaged my hair.

Nov 02, 2014
Don't Do It!!!
by: Deeliriously Anonymous

Today is 11/02/14, and I got my Brazilian Blowout last year 1/2013. I've only done it once. In the beginning, I loved the result it did to my hair!: soft, silky, smooth, straight, and rarely get into tangles!

3 months later, I've been noticing that my hair was thinning out, more so when I shower. My hair wasn't tangled but I applied shampoo first, rinsed off, then applied conditioner. Just by running my fingers through my hair without much effort, a lot of my hair would still come off!

Seriously, for the love of your hair, DON'T DO IT! I'm still suffering from hair thinning to this day!

I was advised to do scalp treatment but I'm too scared that it will only make matters worse. What to do??

Aug 29, 2014
Miracle turned into nightmare
by: Anonymous

I am South African and am mixed raced, so I've been relaxing my hair since I can remember and you occasionally had some breakage but nothing too serious. I thought the Brazilian Blowout was the more natural answer to my unruly hair. I have always taken pride in my hair and first did the Brazilian Blowout when my hair was over my shoulder, the results was amazing so I did it twice after that again, then I started noticing hair loss and thought maybe I should go for another Brazilian Blowout as it protects your hair. It's been a year already and I still wake up with a pillow covered in hair. I've been to a special hair clinic, I'm on tabs, laser scalp treatment, shampoos etc. My roots are in terrible condition and I can't relax or use any products as I fear it might cause even more hair loss. I don't know what to do anymore wish I never tried it. I try to comb my hair to hide the short pieces.

Jun 03, 2014
by: Anonymous

I i did the brazilian blowout and was initially very pleased and couldn't wait to tell everyone.Now few months later, my whole hair is falling out. Long strands just pulling out. I am afraid to even comb my hair because of how much hair loss i am experiencing. I don't know what to do. this is the worse thing that has ever happened to my hair. please anyone, stay away. all that glitters is not gold. This is a nightmare!!!

Apr 27, 2014
by: Anonymous

About 2 months ago i had this done in SYD Australia and originally everything was ok and i loved it... NOW my hair is falling out and worse in the shower, i can basically at any one time pull strands of hair out of my head by running my fingers through my hair...

HELP!!! how do i stop it from falling out and how do i remove the Brazilian Blow Out from my hair to stop this happening :( im so sad... like most people i thought this was be my dream come true :(

Jan 30, 2014
Don't do It!!!!!
by: Anonymous

I had Brazilian blow out done 2 years ago. I have naturally frizzy curly hair. I thought this is a miracle since I don't really have time to take care of my hair with having two kids under the age of 6. I went in thinking my hair dilemma will finally be over and boy was I wrong. After 2 weeks of getting the Brazilian Keratin treatment done, I noticed my hair falling out and I thought maybe this was normal since loosing 100 strands of hair per day is OK but as weeks went by I realized there was nothing normal about this.
My life became a nightmare. I lost 75% of my hair within few months. I went to 3 different dermatologists and I was told I had an allergic reaction to the chemical used. I used to cry everyday, I couldn't look at myself in the mirror. I stopped going out or leaving the house at all. It effected my job, my life in every way.
I started using Rogaine for women for 6 months and grew hair all over my chin since that's a side effect of Rogaine. It's been 2 years. My hair started growing back but it hasn't been the same. It is so thin compared to the coarse curly hair I used to have. I have constant breakage since my hair never came back healthy like it used to be. The front of my hair never really filled in after all the hair loss. I have few strands that I try to hide behind my ears. Please don't take a chance and don't do it. I would like to add that the person that I went to was a well renowned hair stylist in her city. They even wrote articles about her in the magazines. So she was a professional and she knew what to do, it's just that I was one of the unfortunate people that ended up with unhappy results.

Jun 01, 2012
Yes it does cause hair loss
by: Anonymous

I had 2 treatments this past year. The last one was 3 months ago. My frizzy, course hair became soft, shiny and was so easy to style.

Now 3 months later, my hair is coming out like crazy. I'm afraid to blow dry my hair because the more I brush it, the faster it falls out!

I'm so upset!! I do not leave the house without a baseball cap! I wish I never got talked into the treatments by my hairdresser!

Do no try it!! I would take my frizzy hair over this any day!

Feb 12, 2012
seborrheic dermatitis
by: Anonymous

After my first Brazilian Blowout I noticed slight flaking and itchy skin. It wasn't bad and ruled it off as dandruff.

A three months later I went back to have it done again. Within a day later I noticed I was getting much more dander and the Itchiness was still there. It was about a month after that second treatment that my hair started to shed hardcore. I could comb my fingers through my hair and have anywhere form 5 to 15 strands of hairs. I could continue this all day and get the same results. The effects were much worse in the shower during a wash. I collected as much hair as I could and made an appointment to a dermatologist.

Turns out my hair was going through telogen effluvium, and my scalp had seborrheic dermatitis.None of which had happened until after these first couple Blowout treatments.

In the end I was prescribed Fluocinonide to treat my scalp. I also used a clarifying shampoo to strip out everything possible. From there it was Selsun Blue. It took 3 months to get my scalp back to normal and my hair to stop shedding!

If you have a sensitive scalp the blowout will ruin you!

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