Drastic Changes to Platinum Blonde Hair Colour !

by Sara
(Dublin, Ireland)

Hi, I've been dyeing my hair since I was fourteen years old, starting out with very experimental colours. From the likes of blue to purple to inky black. It's now a deep red and has been like that for some time. I'm getting really bored with the same old hair colour and would love to dye it white blonde/platinum.

I'm worried that this might not suit my complexion.. I have very pale skin with rosy cheeks and dark green eyes.

Any advice on if this hair colour would suit me and if not any suggestions as to what might?


Haircolor Pale Skin

Flo Briggs
Hello , WITH PALE SKIN BEING A BLONDE IS COOL , if your makeup gives your face color with the correct tones , you will look like a movie star. Go for it , but get a real pro to do this in hair and makeup! Flo Briggs

Platinum Blonde

From your description your complexion is cool and you can certainly go for a platinum white blonde and your eye colour is perfect for it. Just take a closer look at your undertone. Do you have any blue cast? You mention you have a rosy cheeks! is it a bluish pink/rose or is it more like beige/peach?
Because the real trick is to choose the blonde for your undertone to make a perfect match!

If you have a bluish pink/rose cheeks, then go for a cool ash platinum blonde (pearl ash blonde). But if you have a light beige undertone, then go for a gold pearl blonde. Both colours are very light blonde but the difference is that the right choice will enhance your skin tone and make your face glow.

Sometimes its hard to tell the difference, specially for untrained eyes. If you not sure what undertone you have then choose a colour that can suit both undertones like light gold pearl blonde in level 10.

One more tip: Do not try to look at your complexion under artificial light sources like halogen, fluorescent lamps, etc... They give a wrong impression. Look in natural day light and not in direct sun light.

Also try to compare your complexion with other hair models. Sometimes it helps. Here one example of platinum ash and pearl blonde. And here is another example of ash white or bleached blonde (left photo). And here is an intense pearl ash blonde in level 12.

I hope these helps

Sounds lovely...

By: -
I have pale skin and green eyes and i have platinum blonde hair thats very short....its nice and you will love it because it doesn't take much effort, you can just stick a bit of paste in it and mess it up and it will still look deadly but the only thing ill say is, it drys your hair out sooooooo much like iv been thinking bout going deep brown to get a nice shine to my hair......anyhow i think you should go for it.


By: hexie
I've went the same way as you with all the darks first. Absolutely loved them but i ended up going like black and had to get my hair stripped to its natural colour. Im a natural red head so i have a next to white skin but i really wanted to go blonde.
you should try dyeing the bottom of your hair first to see if you really want to do it. but you should be absolutely sure that you wanna go blonde cause it'll take a lot out of your hair. hope it goes well for you!

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