Short Hair - Platinum Blonde

by Jenny
(Mpls Minn)

I think this color is sexy and works well with short hair. Less stress on less hair! Beside that you can have real fun with makeup and bold colors.

The only downside is maintenance. It gets dull and matte very fast. But as long as you care for it with blonde enhancing conditioners and shampoos then you should be ok.

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Cute & Sxy
by: Jane

WOW.. Love the look. I will go for this cut and style after new year.

Fantastic Model
by: Gwenne

Swell model. Is there any way one could contact her or find out other stuff she has done?

Cute Model
by: Indra James

Lovely hair cut, I like short hair like that
Lovely model...:-)

by: Anonymous

Looks very nice!

Short Blonde Hair
by: blanca morell briggs

Yes, Short blonde hair with dark eyebrows are in trend these days, and long tinders with layers in all different lengths around the face are also a good alternative and more feminine for those who choose to keep the length. GO FOR IT!

Flo Briggs, Colorist
Yellow Strawberry Salons, Florida

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