Can Apolecia Areta Hair Loss caused by Allergy

by Agustina

Hello. I am 16 years and for 3 years I have Alopecia areata. The truth is that I do not know what to believe by all treatments. And many doctors made me lose hope. I just want to know whether the allergy has something to do with alopecia hair loss.

Many told me that it was nerves and it might be stress. But I’m only 16 and how can be stress. I have no stress besides having this problem. In fact I suffered a lot in these three years. And the truth is that the only thing I want is to find a solution.

If anyone can answer..
Is allergy has something to do with Alopecia areata? OR does it influence on something?

Many thanks..
Greetings ,

It is possible
by: SHS

Yes it is quite possible. There have been cases where a particular type of Alopecia areata has been treated by removing toxic substances from the body, caused by allergies to foods.

According to Dr. Alvin Stein, toxic heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, solvents, chemicals, or the food we eat that we are allergic, may be responsible for this disease.

The solution in this case is to identify the allergic reaction caused by the toxic and eliminate through special remedies.

Here is the link to the article by Dr.. Alvin Stein

Name of the article: "Alopecia Areata treated successfully With food allergy elimination and neural therapy."

Wish you all the best. Don't give up hope.

You need help
by: Calvin,

Hi, Sorry to know that you are suffering from Alopecia Areata. AA is not caused by stress but rather by an autoimmune condition where your hair follicles are directly attacked by your own body. So in other words, it could be trigger by an allergy as your body's immune system will respond to it.

There are no cure for AA but in 50% of the cases, it will stop but the hair that you have lost in that particular area will not grow back. There is no medication that can cure it but Minoxidil 5% have been shown to be able to recover some hair.

I suggest the best way to handle it is to live with AA and accept the condition. Join, (The National Alopecia Areata Organizationg) for support and help on your condition!

Don't lose hope! as new advances like Hair Cloning might be your solution to this problem in the future!


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May 10, 2019
Peanut Allergy
by: Criddle

My daughter was diagnosed with Alopecia when she was 7. It took me 3 years and her nearly going completely bald to figure out that it was caused by a severe peanut allergy.

We had started looking into wigs and and I just couldn't believe this was happening to my beautiful daughter who was only 10 at the time. So after much research and a grasping at straws I decided to get her tested for allergies.

Turns out she had been living with a severe peanut allergy. It was her body's way of reacting to the peanut butter she was eating. The Allergist was shocked that she hadn't had a physical reaction before. But after taking peanuts out of her diet her hair grew back 100% and she was able to donate it to wigs for kids. She stays away from peanuts because soon after taking them out of her diet her body would go into shock and we now carry epi-pens and benadryl nearly everywhere we go.

But it is a small price to pay for her to have a full head of hair. I know not every one with alopecia will have the same story but it it helps just 1 person, then it is worth sharing.

Feb 10, 2019
Seasonal local hair loss factors
by: I Am Noel Harvey-Webb

I had AA for five years as a teen,
I have not had it since. Areas appeared in Spring or beginning of Summer,
Since then I have not lived in the same area or had alopecia.
I now believe it was probably caused by a local seasonal factor, (pollen plus) and would not choose to live in that area again.

Jan 04, 2018
RE: FourtySeven
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing FourtySeven. I did myself experience totally bald spots on my beard/ face long ago which disappeared after a month by itself. Never discovered the reason. Now when I read your comments, I'm starting to wonder!

Jan 03, 2018
Allergy, Stress and Diet - Alopecia Areata
by: FourtySeven

Hi Everyone,

Came to just share my story. I have been experiencing alopecia areata on my beard and my scalp which was going on and off. I have had patchy beard since 2009, thanks to alopecia areata.
I recently noticed 2 bald spots on my head and got into changing diet and finding out allergies.
I have tests that shows am allergic to almonds, pomengranate, blueberries etc and also deficient in vitamins A,D,E and Magnesium.

I have changed my diet and removed Gluten, dairy and sugar since 5th of december and guess what, I have regrowth and also my beard patches started filling.

Stay positive and do the necessary diagnose to ensure you eliminate the culprit.

Hope it helps :)

Jun 05, 2017
AIP diet a possible solution
by: Divya

I developed AA after getting xolair shots for atopic dermatitis back in sept '15. I was on the Autoimmune Protocol Diet for 4 months and it all came back at the same time as I was weaning off oral steroids for AA. I stopped my diet and included everything back at once instead of slowly reintroducing one food item at a time. Huge mistake as I had such a bad flare up of AA that it has almost become Totalis. The problem is that I'm not sure whether they started falling out again because of the weaning off of steroids or because of stopping the diet. I do definitely feel that diet plays an important role in autoimmune diseases. I'm back on the AIP diet since the past month and perhaps it's too soon to notice any changes in terms of hair but my eczema has more or less gone away and am again hoping to see positive results with regards to my hair. The other day I accidentally ate peanuts and was sneezing with itchy eyes the next day,also my eczema flared. Like I said food plays an imp part in autoimmune diseases. I'm positive that my hair will all come back for good if I stick to my diet and reintroduce food items systematically. Hope this helps.

Mar 21, 2017
androgenic alopecia
by: auporajita

I'm 27 now, from Bangladesh... I've androgenic alopecia for 5 to 6 years... hairs have become thinner... every year hair fall happens for no reason...and i think if this continuous i will lose all my hairs very soon, no remedies working at all, don't know what to do....

Jul 21, 2016
Allergy Shots and Alopecia_Remission after 27 years Alopecia Areata
by: Anonymous

Looking for the person who posted this topic in 2013 and had allergy shots and now has a full head of har. Hoping you can share more of your story and types of things you were allergic to environmentally. I know this is a long shot since the post is old, but thought I'd try :)
Sep 09, 2013
Remission after 27 years of Alopecia Areta
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have had Alopecia Areta which progressed into totalis, then maintained Areta for 20 years. I saw an ENT for UNRELATED ear problems and was tested for environmental (not food) allergies.

Jan 08, 2016
Augustine for you
by: Anonymous

I was you 7 years ago.
I have been suffering from AA for the last seven years and never have I been able to keep my hair open.
There was a month when I was strictly only vegetarian with timely food ie breakfast ,lunch and dinner with snacks in between. So much hair had grown then. However I feel that this AA has been triggered by pork which I had tasted coincidentally 7 years ago. I think that food allergies have a direct link with AA.
Don't lose hope.Hair growth is very much possible.

Sep 23, 2015
by: Mercy

I am using mixture of olive oil and castor oil for hair but it not reduces my problem. It increases my hair loss. I was searching for help and I came across someone sharing testimony on how a man call DR OPINGO help her to gain back her hair, and I order for DR OPINGO spell cream wish i used for only two weeks, and my hair begging to grow very fast and also thick since then i have not come across hair problem again you can also reach him for help via his direct email

Sep 18, 2015
Peanut allergy and Alopecia
by: Sandy

Hi Agustina,

I'm sorry to hear about your struggles with alopecia. I strongly believe there can be a connection with allergies. I will tell you my own story in the hopes that it may help you.

I first suffered from alopecia areata when I was six years old. I developed bald spots and my mother had to style my hair in a way to hide them. A neighbor who was a nurse told my mother that some children have peanut allergies, so my mother tried an experiment. I stopped eating my usual peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and avoided all nuts for months. My hair grew back. Then my mother started to give me peanuts/peanut butter again, and the alopecia came back.

At that point, I avoided all nuts for decades and never had a recurrence. I gradually started eating other nuts, such as almonds, with no apparent problems. Then, in my forties, I suddenly had a bald spot again. I could not figure out what I might have eaten because I was so careful to avoid peanuts. I thought maybe I should avoid some other types of nuts that I had begun to eat, such as walnuts. The hair grew back after about 9 months.

About a year later, I found what may have been the culprit. I went into the Chinese restaurant to pick up an order (a job my husband normally did), and saw a sign saying that they use peanut butter in their egg rolls. I had eaten egg rolls from that restaurant in the past, though I usually got the spring rolls instead. The restaurant confirmed that the spring rolls were peanut free, but the egg rolls were not.

So, this is not an absolute definitive answer, but it strongly suggests that peanut allergy causes alopecia areata in my case. You may want to try avoiding peanuts, and even all nuts for a while. You might even avoid chickpeas, which are legumes like peanuts. Honestly, I would give it a year because it took 9 months for my latest occurrence to grow back. Maybe this could help you, and if not the only cost is giving up a tasty food for a while.

Good luck!

Apr 24, 2015
Keep faith
by: Anonymous

Hello - Really sorry to hear about your hair loss. I know exactly what you mean by Doctors not being helpful. Unfortunately, as much as we see doctors in a different light, they have no solution to this problem.

Having said that, your condition is caused by either food allergies, environmental allergies, stress to name a few. I am not a doctor, however, since I know a very close relative of mine who is going through this issue, please consider some supplements such as Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium to take and see if it improves your condition. ALso, stop eating outside food, especially those with Gluten and Diary. USA believes on keeping food on store shelves unless it is proven harmful. Europe on the other hand does not put anything on a stores shelf unless it is proven safe. Buy organic where possible. Please keep others posted with your progress. Wish you the very best!

Mar 11, 2015
Hair loss for allergy
by: Rozen

I have been suffering from allergy in my scalp for last 7years. Any doctor of Bangladesh can't find out this disease. My scalp always remains red and it itches. I have tried many anti-histamin and medicines of allergy. Last time when i done blood test, then the amount of allergy in my blood was 394. I cant find any solution to get rid of this. Please if you have any solution or suggestion then please suggest me. My email address :

Mar 02, 2015
Dog allergy
by: Anonymous

My son has alopecia universalis and we found out in 2013 he was allergic to dog. I'm just now thinking there is a correlation, as his AU started about a year after we got the dog. Thank you all for posting!! It will be hard but I'm now thinking of finding him a new home. My son also has eczema.

Sep 09, 2013
Remission after 27 years of Alopecia Areta
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have had Alopecia Areta which progressed into totalis, then maintained Areta for 20 years. I saw an ENT for UNRELATED ear problems and was tested for environmental (not food) allergies. Since being on weekly allergy shots I have grown a full head of THICK hair!!!!! Get tested for allergies! Turns out my allergy reaction was internal. My hair started growing back after about a month. It continues to grow back thicker and stronger. I still have a lot of hair fall when I run my hand through or wash my hair, but NO BALD SPOTS. I have been free of wigs and hair extensions ever since!

Jul 03, 2012
Cat allergy causing hair loss
by: marie

Years ago, my daughter had sudden hair loss in large patches, and we tried everything...allergy meds, topical meds, etc. to no avail. Doctor's office trips and prescriptions didn't help either. One day, we went to hairdresser, and she immediately said, "This is a cat allergy!" We sent the cat to another loving home, and her hair grew back immediately. I kept warning my daughter about spending the night with friends that have cats indoors, and she brushed me off, as she assumed it was a one-time thing, and she was probably too young to recall the extent of what happened before. Sure enough, recently, she and her friend had been sleeping with the cat, and it wasn't long until she came home with patch of hair loss again. Again, got away from the cat, and all is normal.

Nov 27, 2011
Alopecia again 20 years later....
by: Crystal

I had Alopecia 20 years ago... lost all my hair...even my eyelashes! Then started walking every night, it all came back. Now all of a sudden I have 3 huge bald spots again!! Devastated is what I am.

All I can think of is I just moved out of an apartment from where a cat used to be-- I am severely allergic to cats.. (even threw up blood from the allergy) then the maintenance guy came in and sprayed chemicals in the apartment to help the smell..... didn't work-- so I had to leave.
I am hoping now that I had to break my lease and move out, my hair will grow back..???!!!
I just pray they figure this disease out- really soon.

Oct 16, 2011
by: Palo

I have alopecia for 18 years and after quite all medical exams I think It has something to do with Candidas. From beginning I had mild level in GI tract, they survive hard medical treatment / ketoconazol, etc../ And there was precise time correlation between quality of digestion, and hair fallout...Now I have big digestion problems - something Is wrong and - meteorism with cardio compromising / EKG like ischemia, but precise scans show no problem / . So my conclusion is that alopecia is in my case probably due allergic reaction to Candidas which I m trying to identify why they are making problems. Be sure I made all imaginable med test and I red practically all about this illness. There is a theory, that Candida is mimicking imuno privilege tissue like stealth and making imuno-signals disorder...

Feb 02, 2011
Allergy to PPD in dark hair dyes
by: Anonymous

I am severely allergic to PPD in hair dyes. It is a black rubber mix and it caused damage to my follicles - telogen effluvium. My hair has just stopped falling out which started in April 2010. Nightmare. I still experience itching and burning. I can wash my hair with baby shampoo no other products can be used, conditioner, gels, etc...I blow dry my hair on cool. I have had steroid shots as well but don't recommend them as they do cause hair loss. I couldn't figure it out because the hair dye didn't burn or itch while it was on my head and I had used it for years, but I developed a sensitivity to it. PPD is a black rubber mix they use in all hair dyes. It is more damaging and harsh than ammonia or peroxide. It makes me sad I couldn't figure this out before it progressed so. I would have had them foil my hair so it would never touch my scalp. But the sensitive is too much now.

Dec 06, 2010
Alopecia caused by allergy
by: Cheryl

Hi, My dermatologist told me that the cause of alopecia is unknown, but I have discovered that my alopecia in the hairline and eyebrows are related to my milk allergy (among others). As soon as consume milk products or other products I'm allergic to, circular bald spots appear in my eyebrows, which can be really embarrassing to have. So I stay away from allergens like that to save my hair.

Oct 30, 2010
28 with AA
by: Jessica

Hey everyone! I first noticed something was wrong when I had my hair flipped over, while blow drying it one morning. My boyfriend came in and actually noticed it. I had two very large bald spots. I have been to 4 different doctors that specialize in environmental effects on our bodies. I did the whole steroid treatment/shot thing, but to be honest, I feel as if it made the hair I did have come out more and became thinner. This was odd for me because I have thick, wild and curly hair. The emotional stress is a problem to deal with. I have talked to a therapist, but I don't think anyone really fully understands the effects this disease has on you. I am at the end of my rope as well beacuse I fear that I will not be able to hide the spots much longer. I saw a different doctor on Monday, and he has had me cut out dairy, casein and whey products. It sucks because I love all that stuff, but I am at the end of my rope and am willing to try anything at this point.

I will keep you all posted on my progress. No matter what doctors say, don't give up hope. There WILL be a cure for this one day. And remember everybody, your hair/looks are not what makes you who you are (no matter how hard it is to keep that attitude)! Stay positive, and decide to not be defeated, but to be the defeator. I imagine myself with boxing gloves on, in a ring with the heavyweight champion, "alopecia". I just try to keep kicking some ass and last through all rounds!

Aug 29, 2010
AA and 24 years old
by: Anonymous

I am 24 and have had AA since last November...I noticed a spot after I had showered one morning. Once I started getting injections the spot went away. I have recently though developed a new spot which isn't getting better with injections. I noticed that my hair itches (not just in the hair loss area) and I have peeling skin (that is just in the hair loss area). I recently had another baby so I didnt know if it was from stress or maybe an allergy. My eyes itch, and one has a tick, and I have had nasal problems as well.

Does anyone have any information that could help me and also different ideas for treatment. I have thought about Rogaine....any thoughts on that???

Thanks so much!

Jun 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

Hey, I also have Alopecia Areta in the back of my head. Doctors have told me its stress and they are treating it with Cortisol injections every 4 weeks. It has been very successful however due to stress more has fallen out. I also have a theory that my AA might be caused by a peanut reaction.

Apr 01, 2010
Candida free diet
by: Anonymous

I noticed my hair was starting to thin out I am 37. I have had bald spots size of a loony in the past but they all grew back said it was stress related. anxiety sleep disorers all my past health problems related to allergy and Candida.

I just had a baby 2 years ago who has had diarrhea for 2 years. The naturopath suspected a Candida overgrowth. Cause I was on birth control since i was 14 and you can pass this to your kids though childbirth. Candida free diet and figuring out the allergens. she is doing much better no more diarrhea.
Now that i realized it was allergies, i started writing what we were eating down and started litening to my body. Today i ate a pear my stomach got real loud and i found out this was a cross reaction to my latex allergy. The doctors and nurses knew about this for 18 years and no one told me that i could have a cross reaction.

If you eat food you are allergic to for a long time you can get hair loss apparently.

Since I changed my diet my dry brittle hair is soft without adding any oils or treatment just changed my diet. No more anxiety. I wake up refreshed in the morning no more tossin and turning unless i screw up on my diet.

I hope this works for you,
kind regards,

Jan 13, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have had a missing patches of hair fall out periodically. So far they've been growing back. I recently found out that I have allergies to cats and dogs. Additionally, my hair loss began at the same time that my fiancé and I began dating and I began spending more time with him at his apartment, where he had a cat. I've been dating him for 6 years now and we are married.

I agree with many of you that some hair loss is a result of some type of allergic reaction. I will see what happens, I am giving the cat away this weekend. I wish all of you the best with this journey and will be praying for you all. Thanks for reading.

Jul 23, 2009
same problem
by: tricha

Hi I am Tricha I am 28years old one day i found there is a coin size plane area in middle of my head. I have beautiful, long and thick hair but now I am so scared.please anyone tell me is this permanent problem? Would I get my hair back? Which treatment should i prefer?

Jul 16, 2009
I am 28 I have same problem
by: tulsi

One day my mother noticed a coin size smooth circle totally bald in the middle of my head. It was a perfect circle without hair I was so scared but now i am relaxed when i saw others comments, but i want to know that can it be spread in other area of head and other part like eyebrow, eyelash? And after got hair back, can it be happen again? please suggest me some treatment.

Jun 18, 2009
A cure
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm 17 years old, for the last 8 months I have been having problems with my hair falling out. I went to extreme with doctors and dermatologists (don't waste your money there). He told me i got Alopecia and eczema which is true but they don't help at all. All you need is someone to get down to the point of the problem and they also just said it was stress and it would clear.i have been to a natropath (naturopath) for last 3 months and my hair is all grown back it is an autoimmune disease but you can over come it as i have but i still have to take the herbal medicine. Don't give up! Theres hope. Go see a natropath and they will get you off dairy and gluten trust me it does work. Doctors don't work with the body as natropaths do. After going to a natropath i have never gone to a doctor again and ive never been so healthy.

Apr 18, 2009
by: lou

thanks sia

I also have the same case. I was so stress today and almost can't sleep. now im relieved. Now I bought some special toner for hair growth and bought some medicine. I hope it will help me grown my hair back.


Mar 26, 2009
Thanx Sia
by: Jessee

OMG now i feel so much better...
I really was petty upset last night i was even crying. I didnt want to lose my hair... but now that u told me your case i feel better!
thatnk yuu so much!

Mar 26, 2009
My experience with similar issue
by: Sia

Jessee, your condition remind me of myself back when I was 21. I am much older now! I woke up one day and noticed a coin size smooth circle totally bald in the middle of my head. It was very strange to see a perfect circle without hair and scarry at the same time. I thought to myself... Thats it, you got to wear wig for the rest of your life!!

I talk to my MD and he told me I have Alopecia patch and in my age without previous medical history there is nothing to worry about and in 95% of cases it grow back. He said he will provide treatment, if condition was not improved after 4-6 months.

I was so stressed that I stop eating and sleeping as normal and that started to effect my life and my health. The good news was that I got my hair back in less than two months. No explanation on how and why it came and how it disappear again.

My point... Don't stress yourself. It can happen to anyone and you should share your stress and concern with your parents and good friends that care about you. It helps alot. Im sure you get your hair back and its only temporary. Don't stop investigating and talking to your MD for examination, but stop stressing yourself. I wish you luck.

Mar 26, 2009
Im 10 i have alopecia
by: Jessee

Today i went to the beauty salon and while i was getting my hair cut, the professional found out i had hair missing like a circle and he told me i got Alopecia areata. Ive being very stressed for a long time and im pretty scared.
Can anyone tell me if it is permanent or do i have a hope to get my hair back.

Thanx for reading

Jan 21, 2009
Hair does grow back
by: Anonymous

My son has had AA for 7 years his hair grows back every year but then falls out again. He has a full head of hair in the winter and by spring its all gone again this has been going on for 7 long years. I know how you must feel but allergies play a big role on the hair loss. Get tested and see what might be causing this!

Good luck i hope it all works out for you!

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