Hair Suddenly Turned Frizzy and Crinkled

I recently moved to London from southern California. A few days after arriving, I noticed that a small patch of hair near the side of my face (temple area) was extremely frizzy and tangled. All of the hair in this one area is completely bent out of shape. It looks like it has been electrocuted!

The rest of my hair is long and straight, just slightly wavy. I have never had a problem with frizzy hair.

The problem only occurs in one spot, always the same area.

It doesn't matter whether I blow dry my hair or not, the hair still gets like that. I usually do NOT blow dry hair.

Has anyone experienced this before? I am totally baffled by what is going on. It has been doing this every day for nearly 4 weeks! So strange...

I have used various products, but nothing helps because the strands of each hair are totally BENT out of shape, into crazy, crinkled strands. So, using products does not help.

Thank you!!!

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Jan 15, 2017
Aged grey straight white hair!
by: Anonymous

I am in my late sixties and in the past few years have a large frizzy spot of hair in the back of my head, it looks fried!

I have tried conditioners of all kinds, my stylist says maybe medication, any suggestions?

Nov 24, 2016
kinking hair!!!
by: Anonymous

Hello, I discovered these awful black hair at the crown of my head and also in the back but just above! I have them for a year now.
They appeared suddenly and never ceased to grow!
I use the co wash method and use a lot of fixing product, I felt my hair drier and I ironed the traditional shampoo and it was at this precise moment that I discovered this weird strange twisted hair.
I also have a lot of stress !!!

Nov 11, 2016
Me too!!
by: Alison

I came across your question because this JUST happened to me and I'm looking for answers. Weirdly, I, too, moved from America to England, but that was over a year and a half ago. The patch is also right by my temple.

I think mine may have to do with straightening. I recently started straightening my hair with a Wet2Dry InStyler, and this occurred after my fifth time using it. I also bleached my hair and have been using temporary coloured hair dye, any of which could be a contributing factor to this (ok, probably mostly the bleaching....) It's disheartening to hear that this seems to be permanent.

Oct 11, 2016
Wacky hair
by: Anonymous

I have short curly hair. The curls have always been very well-behaved until about a month ago. Just like everyone else here one section on the crown of my head has become all crinkly and uncontrollable. I'm seeing in the thread that lots of people have the same problem but I'm not seeing anyone come up with any Causes or solutions. Has anyone found anything that

Sep 12, 2016
by: Stscy

I have a patch of hair near temple that suddenly looks crinkled. At first, I thought maybe I burned it with a new straightener I just purchased. So I cut the patch and never straightened that area again and it's STILL growing out the same way.
I have poker straight hair. How can this happen? Everyone asks if I burnt my hair. I have tried all products too and nothing works.

Aug 24, 2016
Same here
by: Anonymous

Hello, Jennifer, I read your description and it looks to me we have the exact issue in the exact spot of the head. A chunk of my hair at the top of my head down my part is really really crispy, course and freezy. This chunk of short hair completely goes out from the rest of my hair and it's simply so unmanageble I gave up with it. I've been having this issue since months now and I really did think I was the only one. I tried ALL and nothing changed.
But I'm glad I'm not the only one and I wish all having same issue to find a solution and share it!

Jul 28, 2016
Same problem
by: Jennifer

HI, I've had this happen to me too, and it happened at the top of my head down my part which is really annoying and hard to hide.

I noticed it happened when I moved from Sydney (warm and sunny) to Melbourne (colder and windier). It's been 6 years and my hair has improved but it's never gone away. I love in California now and I think my hair is better cos the weather is similar to Sydney.

My hair has improved because I try to moisturize it a lot, and balance it with protein conditioner. So play around with moisture and protein. A blow dry at the hairdressers will ruin the texture and make it crinkly all over again so I do suspect it is a moisture and dryness issue.

Sep 29, 2015
smooth, silky hair turns frizzy suddenly
by: Anonymous

I don't know what has happened to my beautiful hair. It has always been somewhat straight, shiny, with a little wave around my face.All of a sudden my entire head of hair has become frizzy and doesn't even look like my hair. I can't stand looking in the mirror my hair looks so awful and not me. I thought it might be the humidity but I've lived in the same place all of my life and never had this problem. I've tried to think of anything that has changed in my life, but have come up with nothing.
HELP I can't stand this and just want my hair back!

Aug 10, 2015
Quick Update
by: KraAsian

It's been 5 months, and my hair is still frizzy in places (not as bad, but definitely still frizzy). I'm beginning to wonder if it's related to a thyroid problem, and maybe the frizziness coincided with my trip abroad. Guess I should consult a physician, but based on somebody else's post here, it doesn't seem like treating a thyroid issue will help alleviate the frizziness, so that sucks. Ugh!

Aug 07, 2015
Frizz patches
by: NJC

I have the same issue and I discovered it about the same time I discovered I had a thyroid condition. I know dry frizzy hair is a symptom of thyroid condition so I'm wondering if my inconsistent patches are related to the under-active thyroid. However since I now take thyroid medicine I would think that the patches would disappear, which they have not.

Jul 29, 2015
omg, me too
by: Mary

The same thing has happened to me. It happened a few weeks ago and it doesn't change no matter what. It's so crinkled I wonder if I got electrocuted to. I hope someone can figure it out soon :(

Apr 11, 2015
It will turn normal
by: Anonymous

I wouldn't worry. It will turn normal. Its not only humid, but also heat, sun and other elements local to UAE. Lack of moisture normally cause that! Use deep cleansing shampoo to cleanse the scalp and keep conditioning the hair for your hair type to restore moisture back to hair and it will be ok.

Apr 11, 2015
It's happening to me too!
by: KraAsian

I visited the UAE a couple weeks ago, and midway through the trip my hair suddenly became frizzy in 3 places -- right in the middle of my forehead, my left temple, and at the nape (more on the left side). It was really humid there, so I thought things would return to normal when I got back to the States, but it's still the exact same. Has anybody figured out why this is happening and how to fix it? My hair is otherwise very straight.

Mar 08, 2015
Same Thing
by: Anonymous

I had that same problem before. my hair (near the temple area) is damaged. It looks like a bunch of crinkled hairs going crazy! I am also looking for a cure, I tried putting coconut oil, but it didn't work. So you're not the only one having problems like this!

Sep 14, 2013
wavy to bizarr kink now going straight
by: Anonymous

Have always had curly wavy hair, got physically sick yr ago... recently health issues and STRESS.. and at a point my hair went wired, like each strand doing its own thing not like the old ringlets now just wack curves in any direction any size curv... and for the last 6 months most of the hair is now straight.. so I have hair that is all bent on the ends about 6 inches out from the scalp.. Just looks awful, ( my hair is mostly going grey and lots falling out , age, did I say STRESS.

Feb 11, 2012
Part of hair turn frizzy
by: Anonymous

Similar stories shared on this blog. All have something to do with change of hair texture when moving from one location to another. I hope you find the real reason.

Feb 10, 2012
Suddenly frizzy
by: felicia

Sounds strange, since you are coming from California which is warm and dry, to London which is usually cooler and damper it could simply be the weather change, or a product you purchased.

Watch it closely if you start to notice hairloss from the area or itching ect see a dermatologist.
I, am not sure on this because I, would think it would affect all of your hair not just a section.
good luck.

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