Hair Suddenly Turned Frizzy and Crinkled

I recently moved to London from southern California. A few days after arriving, I noticed that a small patch of hair near the side of my face (temple area) was extremely frizzy and tangled. All of the hair in this one area is completely bent out of shape. It looks like it has been electrocuted!

The rest of my hair is long and straight, just slightly wavy. I have never had a problem with frizzy hair.

The problem only occurs in one spot, always the same area.

It doesn't matter whether I blow dry my hair or not, the hair still gets like that. I usually do NOT blow dry hair.

Has anyone experienced this before? I am totally baffled by what is going on. It has been doing this every day for nearly 4 weeks! So strange...

I have used various products, but nothing helps because the strands of each hair are totally BENT out of shape, into crazy, crinkled strands. So, using products does not help.

Thank you!!!

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May 07, 2023
Heavy metals
by: Anonymous

I have curly hair and hard water can be a huge factor especially if you have recently moved and this just started for you. You have to get a water softener that will greatly help. But -I too have hair patches that is growing out that feels like tangled fishing line….it’s growing out behind my ears on both sides and then rouge ones sporadically. I do have health problems-hereditary hemochromatosis(my body cannot regulate my iron) polycythemia (my blood gets thick from too much iron) and a liver problem-where my liver cannot breakdown toxins properly.
I believe Devin is correct-they are poisoning us with heavy metals in chem trails and gmo food-look at the ingredients on food now says =bio engineered ingredients which I believe are different and worse than gmos. Morgellons is real and so are nano bots that he’s spitting out. We are in the Biblical end times-All end times Bible prophecy is in play right now-that’s why they are doing this to us. All who call on Jesus of Nazareth shall be saved. God Bless

Apr 16, 2023
Anyone find cure/fix?
by: Anonymous

I have also been dealing with this for about a year or so now and am devastated by it. It has effected my entire life. Anyone find any fix/cures? Know what it is or causes it? I read through years of posts here but don't see any answers. I hope someone has found something out.
Thank you!!!!!

Apr 02, 2023
Hair loss...regrowth...covid
by: Anon

I lost handfuls of hair due to the point I was wig shopping. I started taking biotin and prenatal vitamins and began to see hair regrowth. However, now the new hair is a different texture. It is extremely frizzy and "crimped like." It's impossible to use my straightener with great results. I wake up looking like I've been I truly don't know what to do. I wind up wetting my hair and wearing it in a messy bun because I can't do anything else....even trying to wear it curly is a disaster 🙄

Oct 07, 2022
Borreliosis here
by: Beyond

I've had this link bookmarked for over a year now and I'm checking it regularly hoping to find something that can solve this problem but still nothing so far... My hair is destroyed by this misterious condition. It started by feeling burning and numbness on my scalp (deep not on the surface), but those symptoms aren't unusual for someone with Lyme (we have that through out the whole body). So after these sensations on my scalp the hair turns into straws from the root to the ends. Yes it's hard to believe maybe but it is like this. Now I can have soft hair and in the next moment it turns into rigid straws. Morgellon's seems plausible since people with Lyme are more susceptible to it (and other coinfections in general) but I don't have anything on my skin or scalp. Might be another bacteria. Or even thyroid problems if is possible to have this instant change of hair structure due to hormones. Anyway I hope we get an answer someday.

Sep 29, 2022
by: Anonymous

For those of you worried about morgellons or fungal diseases damaging your hair, research the Borax protocol and get a good water filter for your drinking water and shower water if possible.

Many people will tell you it’s poison but that couldn’t be further from the truth in my experience.

I did the protocol for women about a year ago and felt like it worked for my overall health including my hair.

I’m going to do it again shortly as we’ve had the smart dust rains (aka chemtrails) a lot recently here in Oz.

Best of health and hair to y’all.

Sep 18, 2022
My sister and I both have these hairs
by: Anonymous

My sister discovered these on her head a while back and then she noticed them on my head. I started to have the problem a few months after. My sister is 23 and I am 20. My hair was never like this and neither was hers. It’s very weird and I absolutely hate them. I wish there was someone out there researching this problem. I have went through Reddit threads of people back in 2011 having this problem. I seriously don’t know why more medical people know about this.

Jun 28, 2022
natural body changes
by: Anonymous

We should not dismiss natural changes that body goes through as we age. I remember I had soft hair but now at age of 55 my hair is much more textured and rough.

Jun 23, 2022
Some autoimmune illnesses can cause changes in hair texture
by: Anonymous

Pili torti is a term for hairs that have become crinkled, twisty, and brittle. It can be caused by some types of scarring alopecia because the shape of the hair follicle gets distorted, causing the hair shaft to twist and turn.

Jun 16, 2022
We must be specific!
by: Anonymous

We need to share more medical info in order to figure out the cause! E.g. any ailments, abnormal blood test results, lifestyle habits, diet, medication...

Not just "my hair turned kinky, please help!" 🙄

Apr 25, 2022
Patch of frizzy hair
by: Anonymous

Why do I have frizzy hair in one area

Feb 15, 2022
Same problem…crazy hair strands
by: Lissa

My hair is naturally wave and frizzy. Have been getting keratin treatments, but stopped 6 months ago because started getting odd patches of wiry, crinkly, hair going in weird directions/loopy/zig zagging. Sometimes I blow dry and straighten and it seems ok, but within a few hours it’s back. Cutting doesn’t seem to help I’m 60, I’m good health and feel good Please let me know any suggestions

Feb 01, 2022
I’ve found something that worked for me
by: Anonymous

I commented on this thread about a year ago and I have since managed to make my hair situation better. I am convinced now that mine was all down to stress. I got skin cancer, we had a house fire and a death all within a month and that was just before (like a month) I started noticing them. Anyway, I’m the last year I have been trying every treatment available and speaking to hairdressers. The treatments make the rest of my hair shiny but never sorted out these crimped straw-like hairs. My hairdresser agrees with the stress theory too.
Anyways, I bought Chlorella for my daughters skin and thought I might as well try it too and the crimped hairs are going!! I’ve been taking it 2 months and I’ve sorted about 50% out, they’ve gone, and the rest seem less crimped too. I made sure I bought a really good quality Chlorella because I read that some are less potent because of poor quality extraction process? The brand I got was ‘organic burst’.
Hope this helps someone.

Feb 01, 2022
You’re not alone in this!
by: Jess

Hi everyone💜
I’m sad to read that there are so many of us dealing with this issue. However, I must admit that after reading all of these comments, I feel a little bit relieved because now I know I’m not going through this completely alone!

All of my life, I’ve had lots of ppl give me compliments about how silky &shiny my long dark hair was. I’ve always loved my pretty hair- but now it’s so different!

I first noticed that my hair at the base of my head felt course& rough,& those hair strands seemed thicker &looked darker than the rest. Soon after, I started to notice that as I ran my fingers through my towel dried hair after showering, I would find these super thick &course hairs hidden amidst my normal hairs.(They’re very similar to if pubic hair felt extra kinky& it sometimes looked like it was crimped by a teeny tiny hair crimper!)

They are almost always found mixed in the hair on the sides of my head, but behind my ears….&I also find them sporadically throughout different places on my scalp. Some of these strands are so thick, like as if you had 10normal strands of hair all coming out of only one root!

Sometimes, I find very short ones, sometimes they are almost clear looking, &sometimes they are falling apart &they can come out extremely easily when I pull them out.(I know that I probably shouldn’t yank them out, but I sometimes stand in front of my mirror &search for these mutant hairs for an hour at a time!)

I also have some of these hairs growing on top of my head where I part my hair, &it makes my hair seem less shiny ¬ as healthy. I wish that I knew a way to get rid of these, or at least make them less crinkly &ugly! (Without having to pull out each one that I find!)

BTW- I found that leaving coconut oil mixed w/peppermint or lavender essential oils all over in my hair &scalp for at least an hour, SERIOUSLY makes my hair look &feel 100% healthier &shinier! I’ve also used Castor oil w/the same results! Anyways, good luck everyone! I hope that we all get some REAL answers soon!

Dec 21, 2021
Hair becomes suddenly crinkly and rough
by: Hussain

My wife take shower and cover her head with towel as she usually does when she uncover and try to comb her hair right side of her head hair totally rough and crinkly she is no more able to comb. all hairs are fixed with each other it looks like a knot or small ball she tried many times to make them straight and washed them many times with shampoo and conditioner but she is not succeed to open that knot, at least she cut them but now from 3 days half head hair are soft and silky straight but half side rough crinkly and curly. Anyone knows or had a same problem please.

Oct 11, 2021
Strange Happenings
by: TLID

I am Korean and my hair has always been straight as an arrow. Lately, I find half of my hair develops kinks that sometimes result in the hair looking like a check mark or even a giant hook. I also find small, colorless, wavy hairs whenever I comb or run my hand through my hair. Sometimes they are on their own and sometimes they are crumpled together in a sticky millimetre size ball. Often times they are mixed with black hairs, reddish, blueish, and copper colored hairs.

I have a very wavy/crinkly patch near my crown and the hairs get twisted around each other and sometimes pull enough to cause areas of tightness and pain on my scalp.

And recently, I started plucking a hair randomly and sometimes there are a bunch of tiny hairs wrapped around the shaft near the root. I also get a popping sensation at times where it feels like a pore has just expelled sebum, hair, and other debris. Sometimes I find little sebum plugs or skin plugs on my shirt.

I also have tons of ingrowing hairs lately. Not infected ingrowns, but hair that seems to be growing under my skin. They sometimes cause long surface cuts on my arms and fingers.

Do any of you have similar symptoms? Is this fungal or simply just dry hair and changing hormones?

Aug 20, 2021
So what’s the answer?
by: Alex

I have exactly the same and it started a few days after a hairdressers appointment. At first I thought she must’ve cut my hair with blunt scissors because it was mostly noticeable at the ends - they’d gone like hooks.
Then I wondered if it was an old fringe/bangs growing out but some of the hair wasn’t the old fringe.
Lastly, over time I started to notice my new hairs in the same area were starting to grow like this - crinkled and not smooth.
Reading the comments I’m now wondering if the hairdresser used a dirty comb and spread a fungal infection to me. OR, I also have had autoimmune issues before (like 15/20 years ago) so maybe this was something to do with that.
My plan of action is to try high-grade essential oils tea-tree and oregano in case it’s fungal. And I’m considering using Olaplex to rebuild the shaft. Has anyone else tried any of these things? I’ve had mine for 8 months now and it’s not going away.
I know all my vit & mineral stores are good and I’m fit and healthy with excellent digestive health however I have to be vigilant with my gut health because of past issues and there’s a chance that the time when it started I may not have been in the best place with my gut, but I honestly can’t remember.
As of yet I didn’t see anyone on here that had any solutions so I will keep you posted if I see any results from my experiments 🤣

Aug 18, 2021
my story matches yours 100%
by: Devins new friend

Devin... I require more information, my dear. The comment/post you've left here... Could have been written by me. I have many questions. How can we further discuss this in another way? I have been looking for answers since 2015. Please find this comment and let me know if you are willing to talk about it with me. Thank you

Jun 27, 2021
hello devin
by: Cyrielle

Hello Devin,

Im french, women, and have a same thing.
Here is what I think, it is due to deficiencies, vitamin D and iron. I read on a forum about a man taking vitamin D pills (he had that coarse hair that we have) and in a few months his hair was back to normal.
My hair problems started in the winter, and I found them better during the summer. After reading the guy's message, I took a blood test, and I had a vitamin D deficiency !! My iron level was 27 (it would have to be 70 to be on top!). I am taking pills, it is too early to see the change but I have high hopes.
Yours truly

Jun 06, 2021
Continued post..
by: Georgie Porgie

Anyways, back to my theories.. my first theory is that this could be so called morgellons, in which I believe morgellons or these lesions or nodules, are just a reaction that shows up on my people that have their immune system lowered due to either an underlying disease or even substance abuse or malnutrition. Like we are seeing or dealing with these sores because of our immune deficiency, and maybe everyone in this country or even this world has this parasite or GMO in their body attacking them slowly & taking over them, people with healthy immune systems having no symptoms at all but still having it in them.. it is said that morgellons patients have what looks like a fiber or steel fiber that comes out of their skin, sometimes in bunches that look exactly like my thin patches of hairs I get now... I never had the colored fibers but I never dug deep enough to get into the sore like that or get the black fiber or "worm" out that I always saw. I believe in society these days we all live in this "grid" that America has built over time, now with even more wavelengths consuming and pressuring in the air around us.. that's what 5g is. I believe chemtrails are very real, & I believe that they spray into the air a mix of thin, precious metals that are basically genetically modified into an aerosol or a dry ice like aerosol that they spray into the high atmosphere a few times a week.. as it dissipates it starts to look like a cirrus cloud.. eventually separating & disappearing into the air altogether. Sometimes, in more recent years, you will see what looks like long, thin but thick strands of what looks like spider webs just hanging all over things randomly out of nowhere some days. Almost the same consistency as the spider web looking stuff I cough up every now and then that is stringy and never ends it seems like or never separates. I believe the chemtrails are used for weather manipulation, in which they use a huge magnet that isocated in Alaska.. called HAARP, along with these thin metals (things like selenium) , to control weather patterns & even what I believe to continue a literally silent weather war that we continue to have back a forth with China. ( I believe just last year or the year before is when we had hurricane after hurricane, some of them suddenly moving away from the coast swiftly as it got to Florida.. one of them hovering over Puerto Rico for something like 6 hours straight, literally it hovered.. stood still just spinning over dry land Puerto Rico almost like it was being pushed from one direction where China was and being pushed away from our coast, eventually immediately driving back out to sea as it got right to Florida and the US. China even had a weather manipulation team in the 08 winter Olympics where they manipulated it with dry ice to form freezing rain droplets so that the certain sports could compete that year. All this is facts.. and something you can look up) Anyways, I believe maybe over time our body being introduced to these metals & chemicals could form these lesions with these literal fibers coming from them.. almost like something our body over time just made itself due to being around these metals. And if they are controlling things with added magnitude or pressure.. this could explain the pressure I've felt in these sores or even in my head as the sores moved to my head or around my temples) sometimes I almost feel like my hairs aren't even hairs anymore.. like they're almost like suffocating the oxygen out of my skin or like an organism or parasite that is just growing constantly right below our skin. Tightening more and more slowly. I get muscle pains, alot of nervous system pressure or pains, alot of random blood circulation problems gradually getting worse in my hands and feet slowly over time. Also if we somehow have these fibers that are supposedly made out of a fiber that just hasn't been shown to the public but is just simply modified matters fused together slowly over time creating their own different fiber or mass, in a GMO lab... which is done all the time with all kinds of things... it could be used to simply track humans or people in the U.S. There are so many spectral wavelengths that the satellites & even drones have these days that just have to react with whatever metal or mineral they are using... all of these things really happen in the US. Please do not think I'm crazy or that I'm high on something. If they were using magnet or messing with the magnetic field of the earth using metals that we could have picked up somehow. It could cause this electrical or magnetized problem that we ate having with our hairs out of nowhere.. I've even passed this along to ex girlfriends I believe somehow.. but my recent ex started having the same problems, she had the thickest, longest hair ever when we got together and over time it looked like charged with electricity & very thin & whispy.. she would also like I become very stressed & irritable but on a different level and have like long periods where she would space out also like me... pulling these hairs..

My other theories include a parasitic infection, which could be more plausible even. As like I said before I never got colored fibers with my sores. One thing I've constantly looked into is Lime disease, which is the exact same disease as its twin STD version called Syphillis. Both are the same disease. I've been tested for both & came back negative results for either one. But some of the symptoms I've had and how it has went in stages are almost identical to the way these diseases affect your body through these stages slowly over time..

Another thought I had was maybe something like a small fly or knat that was somehow reproducing through my body, hence the worm looking things I had in my nose at one time or even worm like things I saw in my sores or spit at one time.. I've found lab research where 10 morgellons victim's lesions were tested & something like 9 of them had traces of some kind of knat or bot fly.. literally in their skin. Something to take into mind. Usually I just shave these patches down with hair clippers and keep most of my hair everywhere on my body shorter such as my beard and my scalp hair.. the shorter I keep my hairs the less problem I have with any of this anymore.. if anyone has any remedies to ease the itching or the whispu in the wind feeling then please share them with us. One thing that always helped my skin feel refreshed and so much better was tea tree oil. My grandma found 100% tea tree oil one time that smelt like gasoline lol.. of course I diluted it in with some good lotion just so it wasn't so potent but it always, always soothes my skin.. again sorry for such a long post. Hopefully someone will read it. I just would like to get this cured or find something that will help all of us, as the years I've had this have been the most stressful and almost so uncomfortable the way my skin feels alot of times, itchy and so dry, and like bugs are crawling on me. Have a good day.. thanks..


Jun 06, 2021
Just my own thoughts..
by: Georgie Porgie

So all that I ask is anyone that reads this, please keep an open mind & also keep in mind the kind of technology or "Grid" that we live with literally in the air around us.. everyday.

I have 2 basically main theories that I believe are very plausible & could be very real. These are just my theories, and neither have been found as true or factual at all.. yet.

So my first theory or belief has to do with the disease Morgellons, in which thin "fibers" have been found to be growing out of the skin, accompanied with lesions, most the time that flatten out or become smooth against the skin when all of the "fibers" or hairs in or around the sore have been plucked out. The way my hairs thin and end up bunching up, sometimes curling altogether almost into knots. Some of them always longer than others.. I'll usually always just pull at them all and untangle them once I notice how long & whispy feeling or "itchy" feeling I guess you could say. Sometimes literally out of nowhere I will just feel like this clump of whispy, thin hairs is being blown in the wind and can feel them literally at nerve level under my skin. I get very thick patches of the thinnest, blondish hair I've ever seen most of the times on my upper arms (such thick patches that when you try to use hair clippers on them it literally takes 3 or 4 passes & almost leaves your skin like burnt with a rash. I get the same patches only back .. sometimes feeling like they are all standing straight out and air is hitting them or something is crawling through the patch of hair. I get these same thin hairs all over my ears and upper cheeks also. Inside my ears I get patches of these hairs that almost glow shiney or transparent even. I get patches of what looks like grey hairs on my head, more on both sides of the head that grow longer and faster than any of my other hairs, most of them having such a sensation on my nerves when pulled. Always looking almost like fried or electrocuted.. just turning all different kinds of ways. This is all the stahe of things that I am in with a long term problem I've had with my hairs or hair follicles going back to the beginning of 2013. I used to have dark, thick, nice looking hair that grew evenly and was easy line up on my face and my line was easy to cut, hair was always even growing back before all of this started. The first thing that happened to me was a break out of red itchy spots in patches on my upper arms.. which eventually would move around my body to different places. Shortly after I started getting these bumps, they would be less of a patch of them and more of like one or 2 bigger nodules which once scratched would come open, especially you scratched from different angles, like it was almost spiral layered through my skin. These would easily turn into deep open, pussy sores very easily just scratching a bit. I'd go to sleep and wake up with thick crusts of puss over these sores at this time that had moved to the lower arms like around my wrist and fire arm. & they would hurt literally like a feeling of deep pressure pain almost feeling like from my bone just with a simple touch. I started getting more and more. These sores would take forever to heal, have a black "spot" always at one edge of the sore once it dried up. & when still having puss or almost like a tree sap that was coming out of my sores. When still wet, this black spot was actually something that looked like a thin, black worm or almost like a dark hair, but it literally would swim along the edge of these sores or at least I thought it looked like it did. I got a hold of it a few times as it would always retreat deeper back into your skin the more you tried to get to it, sometimes grabbing it with tweezers but it somehow always would retreat into the skin, I could never just pull it out like a hair. I'm not crazy, & I don't just hallucinate things. Yes, I will admit I was using heavy drugs around this time, but had been using them for over a year and not constantly before I ever got this problem out of nowhere. I also wasn't using much but believe that because of my drug use my immune system was more weak, which could have been the reason I was seeing these now, or how I actually could have gotten what might have been a parasite infestation at the time. These sores moved around my body from my arms, to my legs, to my face where they usually would end up in my jaw line or fatty tissue or skin keratin that located in the skin along my jaw.. once my face got these sores is when my hairs started changing.. becoming very thin, very weak, very patchy, getting stuck under my skin in patches sometimes, eventually over time becoming the shiney or translucent hairs that I have randomly all over my face today. I would often get these sores with one on one side of my body.. like eventually my temples after a while, & there would be an identical sore on the exact same spot of the other side of my body.. left & right.. always exact same spot. Once they moved to my temple I was having deep pains, almost like a digging feeling into my temple, with the feeling of so much pressure, that would not go away until you opened the sore or pulled out the hairs that were in the sore, which it would flatten out & become so smooth. I was also getting a few of these sores.on the crown of my head.. sometimes feeling like soft tissues of scalp had like "valleys" in them out of nowhere. I also noticed a thin white hair randomly here and there in my scalp hair around this time.. about a year after the sores started, now only getting them on my head. If I would try to pull this white hair out for some reason almost 3 or 4 times instead of pulling the white hair out I'd pull out hairs that were located around it.. not sure how this was happening.. but once they came out they had thick sebaceous, or transparent almost worm looking thing on the end of them. Sometimes with a red tip .. that is the first time that I started getting these on the roots of any of my hairs. Most of the my facial hairs all started having these when pulled out, but I could always look and find the one that was going to have this in my beard, always being a frizzled, shiny hair surrounded with what looked like a Bush or these thin wispy, bunches of weird growing hairs around it.. I was very sickly looking as I went through all of this.. very pale, lost slot of weight, lots a sinus problems and feeling lethargic all through my lungs and everything. You can call me crazy but eventually I after the sores on my skin started to subside I started seeing this same black, swimming parasite in my spit, smaller in size than the one in my sores before but the same appearance, but in much more quantities. Literally swimming in my spit. I've looked upon them through different light ambiances, and always see them there. After a while they subside and I wasn't coughing as much or sitting this thick, stringy shit up all the time that had the almost appearance of a spider web of mucus. I also had these same sensations of crawling in my nose at one period of time for a while.. at which time I would have things in my nose that would come out looking like a wet flat worm almost. When I first had all of this happen to me in 2012 I was living in a place that had Multiple cats or animals, and wasn't the cleanest. One of the dogs at the house had what clearly was a demodex infestation which I never really got around this dog at all, but still could have gotten maybe human form some way just being there. I also thought maybe I could have caught some form of staph or MRSA from what I've read as cats being spread it from dirty litter boxes. But in the end, these days I have just these wispy patches of thin hair in blotches here & there and always feel like a bug crawling in them.

I apologize for such a long post. But this is the first time in 9 years that I have said or posted anything about this,.and if I can get all details from the beginning on here for anyone that I could help to get their problem cured or help get us all cured so we don't have to deal with this anymore, then I'll post as much as needed.

May 12, 2021
Hoping this helps
by: I Am Groot

Hi All,
I’ve been dealing with this for nearly 4 years .. it first started when I woke up one day & my right side of my face was pulled upwards & a large patch (approx the size of 2 50c coins) of hair at my hairline near my temple disappeared & was left with 1cm of length in this patch .. since then my hair gets tangled and matted at the crown which appears to be cause from rogue hairs growing in the wrong direction, the texture of these hairs are coarse & generally crimped.

For the better part of the whole ordeal I believed it this was down to a fungal infection or parasites however I have had my scalp swab tested & nothing came up .. whatever this is affects my skin & when my hair is at its worst my skin flares up .. when it first started it felt like something attacking or crawling all over my skin which has since died down somewhat. From what I can tell the flare ups are a reaction to a foreign body material in the skin - the foreign body for me is my own hair getting stuck underneath the skin, not like an ingrown hair but like it’s growing underneath the skin in a flat line.

I have been to dermatologists, been tested for thyroid, celiac, autoimmune disorders, have been to so many doctors, have tried hundreds of remedies & nothing has helped .. I would however urge anyone on here to get their hormones tested as my last blood test showed my hormone levels were very low & estrogen levels very high .. next step is to find out what is causing the imbalance however I’m hoping this is finally a step in the right direction as after researching these imbalances it’s clear I have literally every one of these symptoms & one of the main symptoms is problems with hair, skin, hair texture & growth ... hopefully this information might do someone else some good because it’s a lonely nightmare dealing with this & after so many years it’s just gotten worse & alienated me from everything I used to love in life & I wish I could have come across any solid advice in the early stages of this.

Apr 16, 2021
by: csomm

I have the same problem with my hair; they have become frizzy, black, curly.
They don't take water, I see them a lot when I get out of the shower.
They show up a lot in my straight hair (from birth and dark blonde).
I am 27 years old, I am French, and a few years ago I found a stray cat which had no more hair due to a fungal infection; the people who talk about fungal infection can you tell me more ??? no doctor takes me seriously it's hopeless!
I have this problem for 2 years old!!!!!

Mar 28, 2021

It is a parasite.

Jan 30, 2021
The same thing happened to me
by: Anonymous

I first noticed a patch in the back of my head. My hair is curly and never frizzy, outside humidity. This hair got tangled, knotted and bunched up. I just assumed it was because my hair has never been longer.

I had very stressful New Years and woke up with broken hair on my front right side. Like it had been shocked and now one month later. It’s all fried, my hair doesn’t feel like mine, it tangles very easily and no amount of Moroccan oil can fix it. It feels as if it’s repelling itself, not cohesive at all.

Jan 17, 2021
Fungal Infection
by: Jas

I also noticed a lot of frizzy, zigzag hairs growing on my head, it started on the back of my head and very quickly made its way to the front. I didn't do anything for a whole year because I thought it was just a texture change. until i finally did my own research.

Found out it was a fungal infection so i had to do a 6 week oral treatment. Its hard to tell if its still growing that way but i feel like it started growing that way around my hair line. Natropathic doctors recommend apple cider vinager as an anti fungal treatment which I'm starting today!

Ladies double check with your doctors about your hair changes! ask for a bacterial/fungal scalp culture!!

Jan 16, 2021
Did any of you discover your texture changes/ itching was FUNGAL
by: Brandy

So many of your comments sounded exactly like my issues. It began as a tickling in my hair along with odd debris. Naturally I was horrified and assumed it was head lice even though I never actually saw anything moving. It ended up being a fungal infection of my scalp

Dec 29, 2020
Older female
by: I Am Groot

At 78 , this patch of kinky frizzy hair has appeared on the back of my hair. Still no answers here or from my beautician . My hair is naturally straight ,& has a light wave to it after getting a short haircut a few years ago . I just started letting it grow when this happened. Big ole ??

Dec 05, 2020
Possible remedy - black seed oil
by: Dove

I bet black seed oil would take care of this problem topically on the scalp and internally half teaspoon every night. I think it is the answer.

Oct 13, 2020
Candidia, oily roots, kinky hair, hair falling out
by: White girl in japan

After moving japan (1.5 years ago), my hair started falling out more, but 3 months ago, my hair started FALLING OUT. Also, I have chronic candida (yeast infections) in my lady area. Like, once every month or 2.

My scalp (basically the entire top middle section) started being in PAIN. Like it felt like by touching my hair, I was tearing it out of my scalp.

My scalp was really warm, but no dandruff or anything. Plus I use head and shoulders.

Soon enough, my hair started falling out. I got bald spots.

My eyelashes and eyebrows started falling out too. (This could be because of the depo shot)

Switched to bottled water rather than Japanese water — it helped for a time, but it still sort of hurt and now the problem is resurfacing.

Now I’m getting crinkled, dry hair where my bangs are and on the top back area of my head.

I’m working with a dermatologist. I saw one other person who had frequent candida, so maybe what we’re dealing with is a yeast infection on our heads.

I’ll keep you all updated

Sep 30, 2020
by: Anonymous

Totally the same. Just one spot that's horribly frizzy, dry, and fine.

Jul 07, 2020
Another autoimmune patient here
by: Also affected

I'm caucasian, used to have straight hair, and I've first noticed kinked hair on me 17 years ago at age 25. No dying of hair or doing any chemical treatments, not even heat styling. Organic hair care for decades. I've spent a considerable amount of time through the years trying to find out possible causes. Doctors, even dermatologists and endocrinologists, were of no help. Various hormones were tested repeatedly and all are "normal". 10 months ago I tested positive for celiac disease, and my antibody levels were still way above normal in March. My mom has the same hairs but tested negative for celiac. However, she has rheumatoid arthritis, also autoimmune. I was deficient in at least those nutrients tested for (zinc, iron, vitamin D). I've posted in the celiac dot com forum, maybe some people will reply with further info that could help us narrow down the potential causes.

Jun 30, 2020

by: Anonymous

It make sense that hair follicles, growth and texture to be affected by damaged or misguided immune system. Alopecia areata which cause hair loss is a autoimmune disorder, so I believe you guess is correct. It is possible! But don't dismiss the main cause which could be psychological stress caused by disorder

Jun 09, 2020
Frazzled patch
by: El

I’ve been scrolling through this page hoping to find an answer.
I’m 23, female and live in London.
About 6 months ago I randomly noticed a patch at the back of my head on the left side. It feels wiry and frazzled, literally like I’ve been electrocuted.
Nothing makes any difference.

I have healthy, thickish hair that I get trimmed every couple of months. I never use any heat on my hair, not even a hair dryer. I do have my hair professionally bleached, which I originally thought was the cause, but my hair dresser has said she has never seen this before and it doesn’t have anything to do with my hair condition.

The only thing I haven’t seen mentioned on this page is auto immune diseases. I am currently having investigations as drs believe I have an autoimmune disease but are in the process of trying to work out what. I'm wondering if this weird hair issue is perhaps a symptom? Can anyone else relate to this? Does anyone suffer from any diagnosed health conditions?

May 12, 2020
I’m in the same boat...
by: Same!

I’m 24, blonde with fine and naturally straight hair, and haven’t colored my hair or don’t any chemical treatments in over a year. Within the past 6 months or so, I’ve noticed DARK and crinkly new hairs grow on the top of my head. The best way to describe the texture is damaged like from a tiny crimper.
I’m also a cosmetologist, and this has stumped my fellow colleagues and myself. I’m celiac, have had a ton of stress this past year, and have had some hormonal imbalances...I don’t know if those are factors to this strange hair growth, but maybe it’ll help. I’m desperate for answers, too.

May 07, 2020
Odd frizzle going on!
by: Kay

Started having same frizzy change that others describe about 6 months ago. In one small section in back, from the root. Never before. It appears that it has nothing to do with age, as all ages mention these changes. Last time I went for haircut, the hairstylist noticed it. She had no explanation for it. Nothing about coloring, or washing with products, curling, or hair styling has anything to do with this, except our internal health or body chemistry change. It will take a scientific look at it.

May 02, 2020
RE: Ignorant Comments
by: Anonymous

I'm sure no disrespect was intended. Explaining hair textures are not always easy and there are no universal guideline. What do you call such hair texture? Kinky, Nappy.

Apr 26, 2020
Ignorant Comments
by: Anonymous

@Unknown What is "like African American hair"? Ignorant mf!

Apr 21, 2020
Read on
by: Miss.

Hi, I noticed this within my hair and my 8 year old sons hair ( he had long hair down his back ) we have natural Caucasian hair, no heat tools what so ever, we sleep on silk pillow cases and I use silk bobbles, we don’t towel dry our hair and use all correct hairdressing combs and such alike. We use Sulphates and silicones. I noticed both of our hair having some strands behaving in the same way, I was convinced it had some how got damaged, I took the decision to go really short and start over, we buzz cut our hair and decided to grow it out from scratch, my son keeps his hair in a shorter style and Iv continued to grow mine out, and low and behold they are definitely growing from the scalp naturally!! My son hasn’t been able to go to his hair barbers due to lock down to keep on top of his hair ( he goes every four weeks ) and he also naturally has them, there isn’t anything you can do unless you know the root cause and if it can be reversed or preventable, my advice would be to try get to the root cause, accept them if they can’t be rectified or prevented and most certainly do not pull them out or try to use heat to manipulate them.

Apr 20, 2020
I have a similar issue!
by: TFA

My hair is fine in texture and wavy
but, since 2-3 months ago,
I have noticed many new hairs are growing burnt like from the top of my head! like if they're burnt from a high heat!
I didn't dye my hair and very rarely blow dry my hair. (if I do I use a warm setting just to dry it a little)

I don't know what's wrong with me.
Any idea??

Thank you

Apr 12, 2020
uneven hair texture
by: Ray

Hello guys,
My hair type is a asian thick long hair. I have started noticing uneven texture,frizzy hair in crown portion of scalp.Hair texture is smooth even thick hair in the rest of the part of scalp. But, In crown area scalp becomes itchy and sore if i don't wash them more then 2 days. I have to wash my hair every alternate day.
Can anyone help me with diagnosis.

Apr 06, 2020
Hair around face and temple has become like pubic hair
by: McShmasal

After menopause in 2008 I had some hair changes but learned to deal with them. Then in 2016, my bang or fringe area and my temple hair has become like pubic hair! I have shaved my head several times to try to remedy it but it always grows back the same. I keep my hair very, very short because of this and the hair around my face just doesn't look or act like hair. Products don't work because my hair is very fine and products just make it look greasy and dirty. What is up!

Apr 01, 2020
by: Unknown

Always had naturally wavy hair but it was totally styleable and pretty. In my early fifties I noticed I had a patch of hair in the back left side of my head that was going bald. Kept pinning my hair back to hide it. Then found out I had a thyroid problem after feeling so angry for a year all the time. Hypothyroid. Got on meds for my thyroid but my hair kept getting worse and worse. Lost hair around my front hairline and it has never come back. My head is sore everywhere I am losing hair, like it’s bruised, Then over years my whole head of hair became so kinky it’s like African American hair. Cannot control it no matter what I do. Had to go through finding wigs which was the most difficult journey I have ever been on. Only wash my hair 2 times a week and use very mild products and oils in my hair, but nothing changes. Most life changing event in my life. No one can help me.

Mar 09, 2020
To Ruby
by: Nana

Dear can u tell me what shampoo and conditioner you v are using ?

And how many time a week do you wash your hair ?

Mar 07, 2020
Same Problem
by: Olivia

I have the same problem except its at the back of my head. The wiry patch does not respond to any product or device. I air dry my hair 99.9% of the time. This happened almost literally over night! Would love an answer/remedy.

Feb 28, 2020
medical condition
by: jj

it is possible those suffering with public like hair on their heads have hypothyroidism. it is a common symptom of this condition

Jan 21, 2020
This worked for me-takes a lot of patience
by: Ruby

I had this happen after too many Drybar blowouts. Sometimes you get a great person but that is not guaranteed. They ruined my nice hair and I used too much product trying to remedy it, which did not let it recover. They did not use enough heat protectant and would start yanking and blasting my hair immediately after washing it without a gentle dry first. I will never go back there! Most of my hair grew back normally except for a completely fried patch at my left temple.

I cut the patch off and it still grew back looking fried. I used products to hide the frizz but it still grew out frizzy and crinkly, like the hair just bent in places. I don’t know if it was a fungus or damage to the follicles.

So I stopped torturing my hair. Now, finally, after a year of no blow drying, no heat styling at all, no pulling, no dye, no smoothing products or leave in conditioners. I did try apple cider vinegar and coconut oil and aloe vera and other things and it still grew out frizzy. However now, with just shampoo (no silicones, proteins, or any other smoothing product—just want to keep it spotlessly clean), I finally have about an inch of normal smooth hair growth there. I use rinse out conditioner but not at my scalp. Hopefully it continues to grow normally! I discovered hair wrapping and silk scarves which make your hair straight and silky without heat or pulling. My scalp had also hurt and that has gone away too. I had tried cold rollers but they pulled my hair.

In addition to rescuing my hair, I’m saving a ton of money. It does take a lot of patience though.

Jan 13, 2020
Matted, crunchy and knotted hair that comes out at the roots
by: I Am Grooth

My hair was grown out after years of coloring and shaving it off to start over every few years..
Was pretty thick and glossy. Then it wasn't. All of it just changed over night. It's an unbrushable mess. I'm a mom to a teen, and I'm 41 with pcos and lupus. Had thyroid checked for years and it's not an issue. I'm completely miserable in my life the past few years and things are often unstable due to spouse. I think the hair just had enough after stress. Also, perimenopausal. I know most women's hair changes and things during or after menopause. The kinky dryness is hair shrinkage. The keratin in the cortex dries out more.
What to do? I'm going to take soy or a topical estroven as I've noticed a lack of elasticity in my skin prematurely as well.
Good luck all!

Sep 25, 2019
by: Luciana

70% of my hair has gone crinkled, wiry, hard, rough to the touch, like pubic hair..only worse! Haha. Absolutely horrible and depressing. I believe it's due to Accutane. APKH - acquired progressive kinking of the hair. My scalp in the crown area hurts a lot! It has become very sensitive. I've had major hair loss in the crown and the hairs that grew back and even more horrible. And doctors? What a bad joke! Arrogant dumb crétins!

Sep 20, 2019
SAME, help!
by: I Am Groot

I am 23 and having the same issue. I have thick, healthy, straight (sometimes frizzy) but otherwise smooth hair. I got a balayage treatment about 4 months ago (this was the only chemical treatment I have ever put in my hair). It looked great, hair remained healthy-- until about 4 weeks ago a small patch on my left temple is completely frizzed up, crinkled and rough. I wear my hair up quiet often so I wonder if that has anything to do with it. How do I fix this!!!?? I don't want to cut it because the hair is short already because it frames my face. if I cut it, it will look even worse.

Aug 25, 2019
A possible reason??
by: DaniH

It seems a lot of those commenting are experiencing the problem in similar areas....somewhere around the temple or hair line. This sounds like a problem perhaps related to wearing hair up or back in perhaps too-tight buns or ponytails. It may affect just one side instead of both or the entire hairline because our entire head of hair and our scalps are different. Hair grows at different rates, can be thinner or thicker in one area or another and our scalps aren’t like perfect circles. When we pull to secure a hair elastic, some parts of the scalp will be pulled tighter than others. Hair also changes over time and certainly changes when you move and are introduced to water that may be harder than the water your were used to. For those who do wear their hair up, even occasionally, don’t. Do nothing to your hair that causes pulling.

Also, I know myself that medication will change hair right from the root and that it doesn’t change all your hair equally. Medication can certainly cause issues, and medication + ponytails and buns ca definitely cause more problems than not.

Lastly, though the problems caused by tight hairstyles are often seen near the hairline, it can happen anywhere on the scalp. I have about a 2-centimetre diameter circle on my scalp that tingles and feels like there are worms crawling on it. It’s from nerve damage from a condition I have. My hair there is different, thinner. I don’t wear my hair in ponytails or buns anymore because of headaches that started after my children were born but I’m sure that area would be one that would prove to be weak if I wore tight hairstyles now. It’s different now and that’s a fairly recent thing.

While not wearing your hair up, try to be extra kind to it and not do anything to weaken it further. I don’t believe certain products can really do much to help it but staying away from highlights there, dyes, excessive heat, etc should help as the area rebounds. Gentle massaging with jojoba (to provide slip) would encourage circulation and hair growth.

Blow outs pull the hair too. You may not have gotten them regularly, but one or two really forceful blowouts could have pulled on our hair so much it caused damage to one or more areas of your scalp. Both tight hairstyles or a particularly forceful blowout could cause damage to the hair follicles or have stretched the hair, causing crinkles. If you keep growing this texture of hair from the root, you probably have damage to the hair follicle or perhaps even a nerve. You do still have hair growing there though so that’s good.

I would get myself a small straightener and on the lowest temperature possible, using heat protectant, straighten that area. Otherwise I would get my hair cut so this part is hidden and perhaps over time it can recover and you can go back to your preferred hairstyle later. I would also go to a doctor that specializes in hair loss. Although this isn’t hair loss, they could probably diagnose it as they see hair in all sorts of circumstances. They may even have a solution. I hope so. :)

I hope this helps,

Jun 01, 2019
by: Anonymous

How old are you? I have this kinky hair: top head, hairline, temple!!!! They are black

May 31, 2019
Hope someone can answer
by: Freaked Hair

I also have had the same wired kinky hair that's very dark in color. It seems to not retain water when rinsing down and feels oddly almost like plastic, it's just not normal to happen over night??? This has also caused my scalp to hurt and it tangles with my normal hair extremely! Those tangles cause me pain too.
At times it hurts severely! Doctors look at me as if I am Delusional!!! This is so past wrong to treat a completely normal minded person like this. How do we get help if Doctors do not listen? I am about angry at this! I am not making up and even shown photos of before...SMH
I think it is fungal by what I have read. Pull up hair/scalp fungus infections. I see many have started having issues after a Stylist. Fungal and Infections are highly contagious and could be passed from client to client. Some of these infections/ fungus can attack hair at the root too. Not just ringworm either!!!
I am in the process going to different Dermatologist until I find one to actually listen!
For Doctors out there;. Stop your ego and Listen to your patients!!! We are not delusional because we are having a uncommon to rare issue you have not heard about or seen before. Remember we are being exposed to so many from other countries too, that are not the cleanest areas...
People need help!

Mar 16, 2019
Crinkled hair/ candida?
by: Melody

I have the same crinkled wiry patch, I’ve also just discovered I believe candida/ yeast has gone rampid in my body.. it has affected my scalp I’m wondering if they are related

Mar 13, 2019
Could it be a fungal infection?
by: Bent hairs

I read tinea capitis, or scalp ringworm, is a fungal infection that can affect the hair shaft. Markers for the infection are kinked, bent, zig-zag, and broken hairs, most often in a patch. Sometimes there is redness, scaling, itchiness, hair loss, and sometimes not.

It is most common in children but is becoming seen more in adults now that doctors realize adults get it too but sometimes the symptoms are less noticeable in adults. It can even be more diffuse on the scalp.

Have your doctor take a sample of the hair and do a KOH mount microscopy of the sample, and possibly a culture. It is treatable with oral medication.

Jan 13, 2019
by: Tran

i recently went to the hairdressers to get my LONG HAIR cut to my shoulders. first, they washed my hair, then cut it and blow-dried it. after that, they straightened my hair, though its already straight and now i have and weird patch of frizz on the left side near my temple. i have wet it twice, bit it still went to its frizzy state. its only frizzy near the roots and the ends are silky smooth. I REALLY NEED TO FIX THIS.

Dec 28, 2018
me too
by: I Am Groot

I keep spending money on products to get rid of the crinkles but nothing works. I too take thyroid medication. Seems a common thread. Anyone find a cure?

Oct 31, 2018
RE: What happened?!
by: Anonymous

Manda, side effects from medications could appear months after and disappear long after - our bodies reacts or even adapt differently to environment or changes within. It may take months or even years to become normal again - Continue with healthy "hair" diet and you will see improvement.

Oct 28, 2018
What happened?!
by: Manda

Hi, My hair had been straight & full and I had always been given compliments on my shiny, sleek ‘bob’. I’m in my fifties and had experienced hair loss over a couple of years, but it still looked good. Then suddenly within a 3 month period my hair became curly, brittle and seemed to develop ‘crowns, that sent it growing in all different directions. I thought it might have been down to a cocktail of medications while I went through a major operation. But I’m fully recovered - but my hair remains like a haystack! Why?

Oct 06, 2018
Same Boat!
by: Little Cow

Hello Ladies,
I have had the same issues with the top left crown part of my head. I noticed it in high school (now i’m 21), and it has not gone away. I thought it was over processed hair but I drastically lessened the amount of heat damange on my hair and it is still there.

I have naturally thick, long Latino hair but it is so much different. It’s usually a thicker strand of hair with a wavy pattern and VERY crinkly. It drives me nuts to feel it because the rest of my hair is smooth and straight. It bothers me so much that I usually just pluck out those random strands. That particular patch of hair is all the same texture and i have no idea why it’s only that area.
My hair also grows EXTREMELY fast so it’s very puzzling to see that it’s all still there.
Any solution would be appreciated. Thank you.

Aug 25, 2018
I'm at my wits end
by: Anonymous

I had a Brazilian Blowout over two years ago and from that day on my hair texture changed and lost over 50% of my hair. I'm on Finesteride and Rogaine. I thought time would make it all better but it looks worse. I have the bent hairs all over and I'm embarrassed to go out. It's extremely dry and just plain frizzy.

Short bent frizzy hair is all over. Scalp is reddish, flaky and itchy. I had such beautiful thick hair and it is very hard to cope with this day by day. I hope someone finds a solution to this problem so I can be happy once again. I cry almost everyday.

Jul 31, 2018
by: Anonymous

Omg I have the SAME thing. I am 42 and am Caucasian. About a month ago I developed a kinky curly, zig zag patch on my left temple. I have had shingles and it affected that side by my eye. But I have never had this. My hair has always been extremely thick and I can always dye it and it feels great. However now, the spot just stays. I thought maybe I dried it out with shampoo or burnt it with the hair dryer or flat iron. I don’t think so. It’s still there. I’ve even cut some of it off and comes back the same. I do get thick ringlets by my ears and underneath the back of my hair. Otherwise my hair is relatively straight with very very limited waves. This is crazy!

Jun 25, 2018
by: Mallory

I had beautiful brown hair growing up. Silky, long, fine, and lots of it. I loved it. Several years ago I noticed a frizzy and out of control section of hair behind one of my ears. Tried cutting that section off and the frizz still came back. Tried getting more haircuts....didn’t work. Tried changing thyroid medicine....didn’t work. Tried no blow drying and no flat iron....didn’t work. Tried different (and high quality) hair products....didn’t work. Got bangs for a change...they turned CRAZY FRIZZY. I am Caucasian and don’t have any African American heritage. These sections of hair are INSANE....even when I straighten them they feel crispy and unlike my regular hair. I have several patches of this texture of hair now. It’s been a rough several years of dealing with this. I first noticed it in 2013 or 2014.

What can I do to fix this?! My sister is a cosmetologist and I’ve asked other hair stylists as well and they don’t have any idea why it does this. It’s so hard looking in the mirror and seeing a ball of uncontrollable fuzz. Please help!

Jun 03, 2018
Me too!
by: Anonymous

The right side temple area. I've read the comments of others and have similarities with medications and stress. I'm American with a strong Italian heritage. I have the hair to prove it. Not happy about it (my hair, not my heritage).

Anyway, it's ridiculously thick and unmanageable frizzy curls. Then I discovered a hair straightener. I've never been happy with my hair! Then this dry patch happen. I've tried many hair products too, still trying. During this time I found a line of hair products that have made my hair healthier than it's ever been in my life, except that patch. I only notice a slight improvement in that area on days that are less humid. And I've changed the way I have my hair cut.

I now have short choppy layers. I wash my hair before bed, letting it dry some naturally. Then pull my hair back in a scrunchy. In the morning, I have a natural wavy look to my hair, weather depending, the patch closely complies. Still you can definitely see the difference that my left side has healthy wavy hair and my right side , not so much. It looks like I styled my hair differently for each side. Ugh!

May 25, 2018
Me too!!!
by: Anonymous

I have the same issue with a few of the other ladies. I have straight hair. 8 months ago a small area of hair became frizzy/ kinky. It’s located near my left temple. I’ve been using the same hair dye for 10 years, live in the same city my entire life, same job, no recent vacations abroad. I wash my hair maybe once a week and typically let it air dry. I am menopausal (about 2 years). The only "new" medication I started on was prozac, about 1 year ago. My weight, diet and lifestyle is the same. No other new meds or major life changes. I am 5’5", Caucasian, 108 lbs.

Apr 21, 2018
RE: crinkly hair
by: Anonymous

Thanks for sharing. I can certainly relate to anxiety. I was in some period and it did change the texture of my hair on sides... more rough and frizzy. But now its changed back to almost what it was.

Apr 18, 2018
crinkly hair
by: Anonymous

So I came here 2 years ago, looking for a solution because I had the exact same problem. I have thick, long hair which had been healthy until a patch of it turned freakishly crinkly. Well today, I noticed that my hair was soft and smooth like it had been before. Now I'm not sure if it's related, but I can't think of anything since nothing else has changed.

I started taking SAM-e a month ago due to my severe anxiety and my "brain fog". Amazingly, it cleared up those two things AND the chronic pain/fatigue I had been having. I read up on SAM-e and realized that it is also good for Fibromyalgia. For some reason, I never stopped to consider that my symptoms were abnormal because I blamed them on my years of working a night shift. Now, I'm amazed how much more functional I feel.
I actually would not be surprised if my hair problems were related because I now can see how ill my body/mind was.

Now before you start taking something based on some comment on the internet, don't be like me and ask your doctor since there are potential side effects. I can't stress that enough.

Anyways, my guess is that it's related to some kind of deficiency that goes beyond taking a multivitamin. Again, be careful. I put out some extra info since anxiety seems to be a common issue, just in case someone else can relate.

Apr 10, 2018
crinkly patch
by: Anonymous

Ive had it for 10 years, I had twins and I also had a ton of stress and I had that Brazilian blowout, after ALL that I have one spot top left back of my head where ALL the hair grows crinkly , dry, breaks off easily...I hate it...I drink a TON of water to combat it....the rest of my hair feels better but my patch is always bad.

Apr 07, 2018
frizzy patches
by: Anonymous

I have the same as all these other poor change in anything...doesn't matter if long or short...its been kinky/frizzy for about 9 months...I wonder if it is hormonal changes? Anyone?

Mar 10, 2018
You are not alone
by: Anonymous

it seems there's no answer to this problem.
I feel this frizzy dried random sections of hair may be caused by dehydration so I am trying to drink a lot of water but then why only few sections of my hair rather than whole? It's cutting itself whenever I brush it during shower because it's so dried and weak. when dried it looks fried and appears zig-zag like. Driving me nuts. please somebody give me answer to this problem ugh

Feb 25, 2018
same issue years ago
by: Mel

I have wavy/curly hair and I had this issue when I was 10-11. I know people say it’s because of stress but I don’t think I was stressed at that age. Also back at that time I wasn’t even using straighteners/blow driers. That small part of my scalp was pink and my hair was like burnt. After 3-4 years, it became normal but still I don’t know what caused my hair to be like that. It’s so strange.

Jan 18, 2018
Patches of stress
by: Anonymous

There is no doubt that stress play an important role in how your hair behave. During stress, depending on individuals or body strength and genetics, hairloss, frizzy patches and even bold spots can appear. You can keep feeding your body with all sorts of protein, biotin and Vitamin B - But stress is not without impact. Exercise, do meditation and calm yourself down and you will create balance.

Dealing with Sudden Hair Loss Through Stress Busting

Jan 16, 2018
Hair fuzz
by: LeeseeLoo

I have had the same fuzzy course patch of hair to the side of my crown. I have tried a million natural things to try and help it without any success. I've searched what it could be caused from and haven't found any answers yet.

I feel the common theme here is stress. I am 38 with too much stress, hashimotos, PCOS and suffer with anxiety. I'd love to know if there is more things in common with those who have this annoying patch of hair.

Jan 09, 2018
I have the same problem
by: Anonymous

I have fine, thin, wavy hair and tangles have never been a big problem. But a couple of years ago I started noticing that a patch of hair in the back right part of my scalp was growing very matted and frizzy. The scalp area from which it grows covers about 3 in. diameter. I get a big ball of matted hair that I have to pry apart, which leaves pure frizz. In my case, the hair grows normally for a couple of inches, but at the ends it goes wacko. When I examine one of these hairs, it looks smooth around the root but then it starts kinking and bending and curling with no pattern.

I have no idea why or when this started before I discovered it. Several years ago I did use an over-the-counter straightener that really messed up my hair (which has since been pulled by the company because a lot of people complained). I've wondered if this caused damage at the follicle. Or if something else has caused the shape of the follicle to be altered or damaged (but then why are the first couple of inches of hair okay)?

Glad to see that I'm not the only one with this odd problem. Hope that someone comes up with a solution for us, or even a medical explanation would be nice.

Oct 20, 2017
Patch of mess
by: Anonymous

I know these comments are old, but I too am having this issue. I have always had very nice hair, and about a year ago, shortly after a traumatic event, I went to have my hair highlighted. Immediately after a patch of my hair right behind one of my ears was what appeared to be fried. Most of it broke off leaving a huge chunk of shorter hair. I assumed it would grow in normal, but it appears to be growing in very kinky like a zig zag and it feels so dry and fried. The only things different were the extreme stress from the traumatic event and I started taking xanax usually once a day. I am wondering if it's the stress or possibly the medication. I use lots of hydrating products and have been taking hair vitamins, but it doesn't appear to be helping. I really hope this isn't permanent. I hate the way it looks and feels.

Oct 11, 2017
by: jm

My hair is naturally very curly, but its more like ringlets than kinky curls. I have been straightening my hair almost daily for 9 years, but my hair is NOT damaged at all. I've gone through phases where my curls are so damaged that they are no longer curly, but my hair always comes back to life, even after bleaching it from my naturally black hair to pure white.

Recently, I've been dying my hair funky colors (for the past 4ish months or so), but I've been having this frizzing issue longer than that, it just seems more frequent now. I use vegan, conditioning dyes so as not to damage my hair, I use mostly organic shampoo and conditioner which I switch up every few weeks or so, always use heat protectant, and generally try to take care of my hair as much as possible.

Anyways, to get to the point. Random bits of hair right in the corner by my ears, at the base of my neck, or right next to my scalp in my bangs get RIDICULOUSLY rough, frizzy and unmanageable out of the blue. I'll leave for work in the morning, perfectly fine, but when I'm driving to work, I can feel the pieces of hair that have become frizzy. Usually I can just dampen it and it goes back to normal for a while, but it frizzes right back up.

I've tried conditioning treatments, hot oil treatments, sitting with plain ol' conditioner in my hair overnight, nothing helps.

Anyone found a cause for this? I wonder if its something genetic or if its a symptom of something? Do I need to be going to a doctor or a hair stylist to try to find answers?

Sep 08, 2017
Suddenly the worst hair ever
by: Anonymous

I am in my 50s and have had health problems and have taken medication the last few years. My whole life, I have had thick straight smooth beautiful hair. But it has changed little by little to a crazy, tightly curled, kinky, dry, unmanageable mess. I can't even get a comb through it. I have absolutely no idea how to care for this crazy hair.

I have tried many new shampoos and conditioners with absolutely no luck. My stylist is baffled. Hair is shoulder-length and I just put it up every day now. I am afraid to cut it for fear of looking like a clown. What the heck!!!

Jul 31, 2017
by: Anonymous

It has started happening to me out of the blue a month ago. I have an area at the top of my head near the root and then a couple of areas at the back and towards the bottom of the strands of hair. I have a very straight thin hair usually and have to wash it every day because its so thin and gets greasy so easily and this is just wild! It's driving me so mad, to the point I have been putting in up in the tiniest of ponytail most days of the week and only washed it twice a week. Ive washed it less, used products but nothing is working.

Jul 28, 2017
by: Nana

I wonder if we are all taking a similar medication. I'm on heart meds. and thyroid. I have finally had to start straightening the blob as I call it. And use a tiny bit of oil on my hair. Wash it 1 or 2 a week. Stopped coloring it. Have never found a stylist who had a clue.

Jul 28, 2017
The frizzy
by: Nana

I am 64 live in Calif. short straight hair with a Blob of curly friz. In the back right side of my head. Drives me crazy and looks terrible. I have thought about shaving it all of or a wig.

Jul 11, 2017
Random sections all over head!
by: Boogie

I know this is old, but I've also had this happen off and on. I kept getting Random, small sections of hair that seemed like it literally just became African American hair overnight. I'm 100% white, with long, very thin hair, with slight waves. It was never kinky from scalp to the end, it was normally just right at the scalp, and the rest was straight and normal. It literally looked and felt like it was zig zagged, like sharply. It wouldn't straighten, nothing, it was like this weird little puff. It was mostly near the back of my head. It hasn't come back for a while now, but I've always wondered what the hell it was!

Jun 08, 2017
Cause and Cure
by: Just Another Stylist

You may never find a common cause or a common cure for everyone - Weather elements such as humidity, temperature in combination with hair condition such as "hair porosity" will makes this experience unique to individual - Yet, a simple cure could be as simple as changing product type! Try to keep-up with your hair as it goes through time and space. Change conditioner, shampoo and other products you use.

In general:
If hair is under-moisturized then hair seems dry, damaged, brittle and unmanageable.

If hair over-moisturized then hair seems flat, limp, dull and lacking in natural vibrancy.

Our challenge is Moisturization Balance. Finding the right type of moisturizer under ever-changing environmental & personal condition is not easy.

Natural botanical and weightless moisturizers are the best starting point for a cure.

Jun 07, 2017
No answers?
by: Carole

Over and over I read the same problem, yet no cause or cure. ha I too have one spot that is unbelievably dry! I am talkin' it is sooooooooo dry that I (and my hairdresser) can feel the dryness even while washing it. Since I am 78 , I thought that was the problem, but guess not. Odd too, many have moved to England. I have been right here in the states, have live in Arizona over 20 years. My hair dresser is stunned too.My normal hair is straight with a wing kinda thing on each side. Never curly, thats for sure.

Jun 02, 2017
by: Anonymous

Hello, are these hair thicker black and very kinky too?

Jun 01, 2017
Pot-luck hair
by: Anonymous

I too have this problem at my temples and sometimes my hair will suddenly become frizzy all over or oily and super straight. However, the frizzy hair at my temples will break and come out. I would like some solution or the cause for this. Can anyone help?

May 28, 2017
Damaged hair
by: Anonymous

Seems as though everyone is having the same problem but no one knows the solution yet. The same has happened to me, it is just one section of hair on the left side of my head. I bluntly snipped it off hoping the new hair would grow back normal but it didn't!!

Apr 07, 2017
Same here!
by: Anonymous

The hair by my temple is also very frizzy all the way down the strands. I live in America (I have my whole life) and I have wavy (but not frizzy) hair.

I have dealt with the weird patch for years, and not even half a year ago, the other side of my temple grew frizzy! It doesn't matter what products I use or even if I don't brush it. I have to constantly pin these pieces back behind my head because they are very annoying.
If any one has any advice, please share!

Mar 30, 2017
Also back from America and have sudden electro frizz/new curls
by: julia

Well I'm here because I've had this a few times now. However the funny thing is it's my whole head (right) now.

I got my hair done a couple of weeks ago and suspiciously I've just returned from California (to London!).

I think that stress makes it worse.

If anyone has any idea what this is or any comments then please let me know!!!

Jan 15, 2017
Aged grey straight white hair!
by: Anonymous

I am in my late sixties and in the past few years have a large frizzy spot of hair in the back of my head, it looks fried!

I have tried conditioners of all kinds, my stylist says maybe medication, any suggestions?

Nov 24, 2016
kinking hair!!!
by: Anonymous

Hello, I discovered these awful black hair at the crown of my head and also in the back but just above! I have them for a year now.
They appeared suddenly and never ceased to grow!
I use the co wash method and use a lot of fixing product, I felt my hair drier and I ironed the traditional shampoo and it was at this precise moment that I discovered this weird strange twisted hair.
I also have a lot of stress !!!

Nov 11, 2016
Me too!!
by: Alison

I came across your question because this JUST happened to me and I'm looking for answers. Weirdly, I, too, moved from America to England, but that was over a year and a half ago. The patch is also right by my temple.

I think mine may have to do with straightening. I recently started straightening my hair with a Wet2Dry InStyler, and this occurred after my fifth time using it. I also bleached my hair and have been using temporary coloured hair dye, any of which could be a contributing factor to this (ok, probably mostly the bleaching....) It's disheartening to hear that this seems to be permanent.

Oct 11, 2016
Wacky hair
by: Anonymous

I have short curly hair. The curls have always been very well-behaved until about a month ago. Just like everyone else here one section on the crown of my head has become all crinkly and uncontrollable. I'm seeing in the thread that lots of people have the same problem but I'm not seeing anyone come up with any Causes or solutions. Has anyone found anything that

Sep 12, 2016
by: Stscy

I have a patch of hair near temple that suddenly looks crinkled. At first, I thought maybe I burned it with a new straightener I just purchased. So I cut the patch and never straightened that area again and it's STILL growing out the same way.
I have poker straight hair. How can this happen? Everyone asks if I burnt my hair. I have tried all products too and nothing works.

Aug 24, 2016
Same here
by: Anonymous

Hello, Jennifer, I read your description and it looks to me we have the exact issue in the exact spot of the head. A chunk of my hair at the top of my head down my part is really really crispy, course and freezy. This chunk of short hair completely goes out from the rest of my hair and it's simply so unmanageble I gave up with it. I've been having this issue since months now and I really did think I was the only one. I tried ALL and nothing changed.
But I'm glad I'm not the only one and I wish all having same issue to find a solution and share it!

Jul 28, 2016
Same problem
by: Jennifer

HI, I've had this happen to me too, and it happened at the top of my head down my part which is really annoying and hard to hide.

I noticed it happened when I moved from Sydney (warm and sunny) to Melbourne (colder and windier). It's been 6 years and my hair has improved but it's never gone away. I love in California now and I think my hair is better cos the weather is similar to Sydney.

My hair has improved because I try to moisturize it a lot, and balance it with protein conditioner. So play around with moisture and protein. A blow dry at the hairdressers will ruin the texture and make it crinkly all over again so I do suspect it is a moisture and dryness issue.

Sep 29, 2015
smooth, silky hair turns frizzy suddenly
by: Anonymous

I don't know what has happened to my beautiful hair. It has always been somewhat straight, shiny, with a little wave around my face.All of a sudden my entire head of hair has become frizzy and doesn't even look like my hair. I can't stand looking in the mirror my hair looks so awful and not me. I thought it might be the humidity but I've lived in the same place all of my life and never had this problem. I've tried to think of anything that has changed in my life, but have come up with nothing.
HELP I can't stand this and just want my hair back!

Aug 10, 2015
Quick Update
by: KraAsian

It's been 5 months, and my hair is still frizzy in places (not as bad, but definitely still frizzy). I'm beginning to wonder if it's related to a thyroid problem, and maybe the frizziness coincided with my trip abroad. Guess I should consult a physician, but based on somebody else's post here, it doesn't seem like treating a thyroid issue will help alleviate the frizziness, so that sucks. Ugh!

Aug 07, 2015
Frizz patches
by: NJC

I have the same issue and I discovered it about the same time I discovered I had a thyroid condition. I know dry frizzy hair is a symptom of thyroid condition so I'm wondering if my inconsistent patches are related to the under-active thyroid. However since I now take thyroid medicine I would think that the patches would disappear, which they have not.

Jul 29, 2015
omg, me too
by: Mary

The same thing has happened to me. It happened a few weeks ago and it doesn't change no matter what. It's so crinkled I wonder if I got electrocuted to. I hope someone can figure it out soon :(

Apr 11, 2015
It's happening to me too!
by: KraAsian

I visited the UAE a couple weeks ago, and midway through the trip my hair suddenly became frizzy in 3 places -- right in the middle of my forehead, my left temple, and at the nape (more on the left side). It was really humid there, so I thought things would return to normal when I got back to the States, but it's still the exact same. Has anybody figured out why this is happening and how to fix it? My hair is otherwise very straight.

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