Curly hair went straight when moved to Nevada

by Judy
(Carson city, Nevada)

I recently moved to Nevada desert, 5mths.. My natural curly hair went straight.. what can I do to regain it. I'm 66, no prior hair problems and my short hair is now straight..It use to get curlier w/humidity and fog.

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Jun 07, 2017
color change
by: Anonymous

I moved from a northern climate to a southern climate. My strawberry blonde hair (never colored or highlighted) lost all its red pigment and turned medium brown. My voice also dropped. I would love to have my red hair return.

Dec 06, 2012
Hair from straight to curly
by: Anonymous

Straight hair can turn curly. Scientists have found certain hair growth receptors on hair follicle and they discovered that certain cancer drugs medications that inhibit these receptors may cause a patient to develop curly hair as a side effect.

Jan 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

Judy, you live in the Desert. There is little to no humidity. If you notice, your drink glasses and beer bottles do not leave any wet rings on the furniture. If you come from a humid climate and curly hair into a dry climate, you'll find your hair will straighten.

Las Vegas water has chlorine in it. It comes from lake Meade. You just have to know what's under that water to know you don't want to drink it. All the hotels reclaim their water through their own systems so one day what you flush ends up being what you shower in.

I lived there 12 years, moved back to Ontario and my perfectly straight hair is now curly due to hormones.

Nov 04, 2011
I have the opposite problem ...
by: Anonymous

At 57, and my basically straight hair has gone curly - but only on one small section on the top of my heard - where the curl is so tight you could almost call it a kink.

I take the lowest dose of estrogen by patch (estrodot .125 mcg). Was hoping when I started it, that it would help this problem - but it was a no-go.

And I DO take thyroid replacement (dessicated pigs thyroid) and have done since my early 40s' - but it's only in the past year that I have this crazy tight wave on the top of my head.

I'd give anything to find out what is causing this - so I can get RID of it!

My hair was never stick-straight, it always had some "bend" and body to it - but this is ridiculous.

I'm thinking of getting it all cut off into something really short - even though short hairstyles don't suit me.

My basic-bob that I've worn for years and years looks horrible now with this weird wave in the top.

Oct 13, 2011
Trying to figure it out.
by: Mo

I have had curly hair my entire life (57 years). About 5 years ago my curly hair started going straight. I had such great curly hair that people would ask if I had a perm.

At first I thought it was because I was using a flat iron to wear the straighter styles. It wasn't.

It started on the top of my head and has gradually gone to the crown and now to the back. I have a small area on the back near the bottom of my head that still has some wave to it. But no curls.

The only thing that I can attribute it to is to menopause (hormones). I quit smoking 7 years ago (cold turkey) - so no meds there. I do not take anything for menopause symptoms - so no meds there.

I would really like my curls back but I don't think that it is going to happen. So sad.

May 11, 2011
My hair fell out when I moved to Nevada
by: Anonymous

I lived in Las Vegas for almost two years now. And My hair has been slowly falling out. I didn't notice at first but all my friends did, and I would just say "no it just looks short cuz I curling it". Then I flat iron my hair one day and it was to my shoulders. It use to almost touch my bra strap.

I looked online and learn that Nevada water has bleach in it to clean their water. And Lot of people hair changed when they moved here. Mine just start falling out. I don't know how to get it to grow back. I wash my hair less now.

Dec 13, 2010
Curly To straight after Coloring
by: Anonymous

No. Hair coloring can't cause hair going straight unless your hairdresser used straightening balm to style your hair afterwards!?. Semi-perm colors coat your hair with color pigments and make hair slightly thicker but not thick enough to change the overall texture of your hair. Look for other possible cause.

Dec 12, 2010
Curly hair gone straight
by: Shelley

My curly hair had gone straight could it be the dark hair colours I have put on at the hairdressers. I have gone short recently and now have a full colour every time I go whereas I used to have just my roots done. Also it is much darker than I used to have . Please advise if you can. Thank you

Nov 29, 2010
Hair was straight as a baby and went curly and the straight again
by: Anonymous

Its weird how my hair was straight when i was a baby then as a toddler it became very curly. Then my mum use to cut my hair short when i was 4-5 years old. After that my hair changed when i was 8 and became wavy until i turned 13 years old. I started cutting my hair, stop straightening it and I could see my hair changing slowly. It then became straight on the top and a wavy curl at the bottom.

Now my hair started to became straighter. I still cant believe it!! I think if i cut my hair again, my hair will become straighter. I kinda miss my curls but I'm happy with my new hair. I don't need to worry about straightening or going swimming :)

Nov 03, 2010
Curls lost their curl
by: Anonymous

I also had very curly hair up till 3 months ago, I too am taking 70 mg of cymbaltia a day. There has to be a chemical messing up my curls

May 03, 2010
The exact opposite happened to me!
by: Christine

I moved from Eastern Ontario to Alberta in 2002, and had a lot of trouble with my hair and skin, due to the arid conditions. At the end of the year, we moved back to Ontario, but my hair was badly damaged from the water, sun and dry conditions of the prairies. I had to grow out and cut off all the damaged bits. When new hair grew in, it was curly! (And yes, this coincided with my beginning to have menopausal symptoms.)

Apr 16, 2010
curly hair suddenly went straight
by: Sandra

I finished menopause 2 years ago...I have never taken hormone supplements. I can't explain why my very curly hair has suddenly changed and become straight. I had carpel tunnel surgery which included a nerve block a month ago. That should not have had an effect from what I've been told.

When I had both of my children about 25 years ago my hair went straight for about a year but also fell out, a bunch, 4 months after giving birth...both times..My twin sister had the same thing happen to her after childbirth.

I'm not complaining really... as I have always hated my curly frizzy locks..but just wonder if it will eventually go back to being curly and just what the heck caused it to go straight. Hmmmmm one thing for sure...fog is no longer my enemy lol

Apr 10, 2010
Its happening to me too!
by: Anonymous

My curly hair is going straight as I type and im devastated! I have no idea why this is happening, it used to be very glossy and curly and now it is lank and dry it has completely changed. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis and I don't know if this is having some hormonal effect on my hair but I want my old hair back.

Feb 10, 2010
My extremely curly hair went straight too!
by: Anonymous

my hair was wavy until I was about 13. Then it was extremely curly until 6 months ago.....47 years later. I quit smoking in May 09, and used Chantix, I also started taking Cymbalta for bi-polar disorder. It is shocking to me and these are the only variables I know of. I don't know anyone that has had this experience.........I want my curly hair is as straight as a board now, and really boring. I can't imagine what changed it.

Nov 20, 2009
curly hair gone straight
by: Anonymous

I want to thank you for your information on my curly hair,now straight.. I use well water now, so, I think that rules out any tap water toxicity, Although, maybe my hair misses all the chlorine, chemicals, and fluoride from the tap..

I was on a breast cancer research test drug, which I had to stop 4 wks ago.. but, the hair problem has been going on after the first month I arrived in Nevada. My skin is has also been very dry. Having some medical tests run, and will let you know what they find..

Nov 16, 2009
Curly hair gone straight
by: Anonymous

True that hair get frizzy and curly with humidity and it sound strange that hair texture suddenly changes from curly to straight. But you are not alone. Many people one way or another experience a change of hair texture during their life. You can read or listen to this hair mystery: Curly Hair Gone Straight

Look into your last few months. What was changed? Did you by any chance start taking medications or did you went through any physical or physiological stress? Hormonal changes in body might trigger such changes. We seen it during or after pregnancy. The evidence are so strong that some scientists believe they can alter the shape of hair bulb ( which is hook-shaped for curly hair and straight for straight hair ) using hormones, meaning a pill could turn curly hair straight and vice versa.

I also suggest you change your shampoo to rule out the possibility caused by environmental changes.

Try to use a sulfate free clarifying shampoo that gently remove everyday buildup and help protect from environmental damage, limit free radical reactions and reduce chemical pollutants such as chlorine and heavy metals in tap water. Since you moved to a hot location, try to find one with UVA and UVB filters.

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