Lost natural curl after having kids

by Ty

Is there anything that can bring back my natural curl? Most of it is gone and I'd give anything to have it back. Although I do not wish to perm.

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Forever gone curls
by: sadcurl

I had very healthy shinning curly hair until I gave birth at 34. My daughter will be turning 9 year old in a few weeks and all those years my curls never came back after giving birth. I now have dry and spiky hair that everyday I can not wake up and go. My hair sticks up in all directions and I have to straighten it every morning. I miss my curls and I know the frustration and disappointment of loosing curls. The interesting thing about this is my daughter does not have one curl.

Hormonal Imbalance is Temporary
by: N.F.

You are not the only one experiencing such change in hair texture. Most women will experience hair type and texture changes like thinning hair, curly hair that falls flat, oily hair, etc... during and after pregnancy.

This is due to hormonal changes and completely understandable. However, these changes are temporary and will revert back to its initial condition around 6-8 months after delivery. If you recently given birth, then give it time and you will get your hair back (once your body balances itself) .

There are so many chemical or hormonal changes in body that take place during the course of pregnancy. Its also possible that your body now metabolize vitamins, minerals and other nutrients differently than before pregnancy. In this case you need to change your diet to compensate for excess or loss of any minerals or nutrients.

For example: Copper is an important mineral during pregnancy and is essential for forming red blood cells. The same mineral have a very important role in hair follicle and forming disulfide bonds in hair Keratin. Curly hair are formed because of disulfide bonds that bond the keratin fibers in hair. These bonds can be changed by minerals in your diet.

My advice is that you talk with a professional nutritionist and try to find a new diet that can help you with this problem.

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