Casual Hair Styles for Going Sporty or Bedhead

A great casual crop for sporty and natural look. This hair cut with shorter bangs will makes you feel younger. Lighter shades on front and side outline the shape well and hair appear fuller.

model with casual hairstyle and red copper hair color
front view
casual straight short haircasual short hair style front view casual short hairstyle from side
Style By: Yellow Strawberry Global Hair Salons Team, Florida

Styling: - You can either blow-dry the hair starting from the top of the hair with a round medium-size brush or using your finger and shake it into shape. Use a small amount of mousse beforehand to give it fullness.

Finish the style by using a small amount of gel to pull the hair ends into strands and create a casual short hair style with modern look.

Here some more Inspirations

Short shaggy hair style

Casual shaggy hair style with longer hair on back

Photo - Courtesy of Jesse Briggs
medium length casual bob

A simple medium-length casual look packed with volume

Photo - Courtesy of Jesse Briggs and Frances London DuBose
short hair with two tone color - dark on beneath

Cool street style with two tone coloration

Photo - Courtesy of Frances London DuBose
straight medium-length bob with full bangs

Simply straight with layers and full bangs

Photo - Courtesy of Frances London DuBose
Casual wave with lighter browne

Casual wavy in two-tone browne color

Photo -

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Casual Bedhead Style 
I just love this simple bedhead look. To get volume on top start with using mousse to damp hair and then blow-dry the hair with diffuser. Use only your …

Dark brown short hair with sporty haircut 
Dark brown short hair, longer on back and short on front with bangs. I do a lot of sport and I feel very comfortable with this style. Its almost care-free. …

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