Black Color Underneath Hair - dying question

by Noreen

Last year I got blonde highlights every other month then decided i wanted to go back to my natural brown hair. When I did that i then decided to add black underneath my hair like 2 months ago. Now I wanna go lighter again.

Im thinking a caramel color either all over or just highlights. Will the black interfere with the color? What should i do?

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You do not have to bleach!!
by: Ashley(:

I'm not a professional but i once had all black hair. you do not have to have it bleached out.. there is a product professionals use i don't recall the name. they let it sit in your hair until the color comes out then dye your hair again. just an fyi(: good luck!

dying question
by: felicia

Once you color your hair a darker shade especially black you can not try to lighten it. It will not work without bleaching it out;which will damage hair . Your best bet is to let the black fade out close enough to your natural color then decide on lightening it. You should go to a professional they can much better determine what to do in your specific circumstance. Good Luck.

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