Blond Hair Blue Eyes - Should I Go Darker?

by Heylie
(Auckland New Zealand)

I have been blonde all my life and is getting so tired of the same old me staring back from the mirror. Would a darker color suit me and how should I go about it?

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blonde hair blue eyes should I, go darker?
by: felicia

You are very pretty and could get away with just about any color you choose. If you are afraid to go darker, you could try one step at a time - a medium golden blonde or even a dark golden blonde would be great on you.

If you want to get away from blonde altogether you, could try a light golden brown. If your hair tends to pull red though any golden shade may give off a slight reddish tone but that red fades very quickly or try a neutral shade take a look at L'Oreal hair color products. They are very good, reliable and the hair color swatches are accurate. I use L'Oreal excellence cream myself in color 6G light golden brown. I have blue eyes and was blonde many years myself.

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