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Braids and cornrows are quite popular among those fascinating fancy hairstyles. Weaving of three strands of hair together in intricate designs is nothing less than an artwork. Braids offer endless styles and patterns, which look wonderful on children. They last long and there is no need of using chemicals.

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By Marquetta Breslin

It is necessary to wash the braids regularly. A biweekly shampooing is necessary to save the scalp or the hair from damage. You can choose a particular braiding style depending on your preference and hair type. For example, it is advisable to stay away from mini-micro braids if you have brittle hair. It is necessary to be careful while twisting and turning the braids into different styles, especially if you have a delicate scalp. Remember that braiding tightly can cause damage to the scalp and hair.

Use a good quality synthetic fiber for braiding. Make sure that you do not leave braids in for more than 2 ½ months. Otherwise, it may cause severe breakage by locking up. Avoid heavy and thick shampoos, conditioners and pomades while washing. Use light hair oil for your scalp.

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Braiding the hair

You need to be careful in using a conditioner after you wash your braided styles. Better to avoid leave-in conditioners. They soften the hair and loosen braids. Creamy conditioners are also harmful, as they are hard to wash out. You can use cotton, silk or satin scarf to cover braids. A cotton scarf would be the best choice if you have oily hair. Cotton absorbs the excess oil in the hair and allows the hair to breathe.

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Cornrows or track braids lay against the scalp without any tension. It is one of the healthiest of all braiding styles. You can make cornrows by a process of braiding and picking up hair along a row. You can use your own hair or artificial hair extensions to design it. The hair to make cornrows should be approximately 5 cm in for springy African hair and 7 to 8 cm for straight hair. However, you can manage with shorter hair if you use extensions.

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With proper maintenance, cornrows can last from four to six weeks. The hair may lock or matt if you leave them for too long. Keep your hair moisturized and protect it from harmful elements. Cover your hair with a silk or satin scarf while sleeping at night. It is better if you can sleep on an African headrest. Unbraid the cornrows immediately if you find them tight and uncomfortable.

About the Author: Marquetta Breslin is a professional hair braider with over 15 years of experiance. She own where she sell intructional hair braiding and weave DVDs teaching the world how to braid and weave.

Braiding and Cornrow Videos

Braiding Resources

Here is a list of hair braiding resources for kids and young adults. Including books, eBooks and DVD that you can purchase online or buy at your local bookstore.

Braid Crazy: Simple Steps for Daring DOS

66 pages - Ages 9-11 - By Chronicle Books

A braiding book with basic introduction to kid braiding techniques, such as twists, cornrows and braided coils. There are Full-page color photos and more than 20 styles and techniques, followed by illustrated directions. Suitable for kids in ages 9-12 years. Its full of cool and fun styles but not practical for everydays lifestyle.

ISBN :0811836029

A Book of Braiding and Styles

71 pages - Young Adult - Disney Press

A book of hairstyles and braids intended for older children and young teens with medium length and long hair. Hair styles ranging from formal elegance to casual flair. There are more than 30 hair styles including cornrows, french-braid, twists with illustrations and step-by-step instructions. Suitable for special occations and everyday styles. Many people has found this book useful.

ISBN :1570540187

Braids and Bows

80 pages - Ages 9-12 - Klutz

Braids and Bows is a book of hair braiding and hair styles for girls up to thirteen years old. Includes complete directions for making your own barrettes and hair ornaments with the goodies provided. This book is full of instructions showing different kinds of basic styles and braids for kids.

ISBN :187825717X

Braid Your Own Hair

60 Min. Region 1 - Young Adult - Braided Image

Instructional DVD on how to braid hair. Specializing in working with Caucasian hair. Methods of braiding your own hair are explained and illustrated. Included are the French technique, Dutch technique, and 5 strand technique with endless style options. Demonstrated and narrated by braiding expert Karen Ribble.

ASIN :B0007KL958

Beginning Hair Braiding

90 Min. All Regions - Young Adult - Braided Image

Specializing in braiding Caucasian hair. Basic concepts of hair braiding explained and illustrated by braiding expert Karen Ribble. Over 30 styles featured with complete demonstrations of twelve. Included are French, Dutch, two-stranded herringbone, and 5 strand techniques.


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