Brunette or Blonde - What Hair Color Should I Have?

by Rachel
(Santa Ana)

Blonde look

Blonde look

Blonde look This is my skin tone Me brunette Me brunette again.

I was wondering if I should stay this color blonde or go brunette? I really like the idea of being a brunette, besides I was born blonde but my roots are starting to turn to a light brown, my dad's hair did the same thing. I know this photo of me is silly but its the best one I have now showing my skin tone/eye color.

I have been brunette before but I don't think I wore it as nicely as I could have, all I ever did was flat iron the crap out of it, now I try to go for a softer more "Kate Beckinsale" look. or a spunkier "Natalie Bruglia" style. I have a hard time deciding because my boyfriend will not choose what color he likes better on me and my family tells me to stay blonde and my friends just don't care!

Okay so here's some pics of me blonde and brunette, help me decide which color looks best on me! thank you! :))

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Blonde i would say.
by: Anonymous

blonde girlfriend blonde.

like both but...
by: Anonymous

Brunette looks awesome on you.

by: A Girl,LOL

Brunette totally, i have the color it rocks

by: Anonymous

I think you should stay brunette because it shows your completion more. I am opposite. I want to go blonde because I was born with brunette hair and I am bored with the colour now and I want a change.

by: Lilly

Definitely brunette. You look amazing with those waves and darker hair color. Don't choose anything else. I think you will look great with any dark color lol.

by: N.F.

I agree with Felecia. Definitely brunette. I know you born blond and blond works great as well, but the type of blond look you have on that photo is getting old in terms of "Hair Fashion". And that type of ash blond not really bring out your fine features. Go for brunette with a volume or wavy look.

Brunette or blonde
by: felicia

I viewed your pictures you are beautiful. You can pull off either color but I do think the brunette, brings out your rosy complexion better.
It definitely makes your gorgeous eyes stand out and makes you look very sultry.

The blonde looks good in the other picture where it is a little darker and not so ash toned. Like I said either color but the brunette really does make a big difference and a great one. Take into consideration also what color clothing and makeup looks best with your skin-tone. That way also can make whatever, new hair color you choose make a big difference as well.
Good Luck! keep us posted.

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