Can I perm hair that has been dyed with henna?

by Jane

I have medium hair and allergic to hair dye and I use henna as alternative to hair color. I am desperately searching for a way to color my gray and also have a perm. Can I perm hair that has been dyed with henna? I can use Loving Care color rinse, but it turns my gray hair purple! I have very dark brown hair naturally.

Problem to consider

by: David
Henna is widely used in different part of the world and different henna manufactures add different ingredients to intensify the color result.

If you don't know what ingredients added to the Henna, you might get into trouble! Some add natural fruit juice or crushed coffee beans and some add iron deposit to reduce or increase the reddish effect. If for example Iron deposited henna come in contact with hydrogen peroxide (a important chemical for both perming and coloring), a serious chemical reaction will take place and not only you won't get the perm but also your hair will experience a damage beyond repair. So yes you can perm as long as you use the right henna with the right lotion.

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Henna, then perm = no perm for me!
by: Henna lover!

I hadn’t gotten a perm for many (over 20!) years, have used Henna almost exclusively for about 5 years, got a perm last week with their biggest rollers, and the perm didn’t take - it looks like a bad 80’s spiral perm attempt, or crimped hair! I had no idea henna could even be an issue to a perm process, and mentioned using it 4 months prior as she was starting the rolling. She did some double-checking and came back to tell me it might be a problem, as henna coats the hair so throughly, but also can react negatively to the chemicals in perm solutions! We worried more about severe damage to my hair than about the perm not ‘taking’. She said she would check it 10 minutes in. It looked undamaged, so we finished it - but not with good results! She felt so bad that she only charged me the price of the product she used! So my experience is "don’t mix henna with a perm!"

Henna'd fine hair - perm poor take
by: SuZen

I love henna. I 've been using pure henna (mail order only source I could find) monthly to keep the greys away without drying out my ridiculously fine hair. I decided to have a perm, which I do for a change every five years or so.

Normally my hair perms very well, but the henna must have changed my hair and it resisted the perm.

I did have some wave, but it certainly wasn't the curl I would have expected after 30 minutes of perm solution! In fact, the stylist considered the perm to have failed, and looked quite nervous as she unrolled the curlers and applied "Be Curly (Dammit)" product to my tresses.

Just to add to the information we have here....

Henna + Perm = Gorgeous
by: Widow

I have been getting my hair permed for 27 years. I started doing Henna about 10 months ago about every 2 months because it's all natural, inexpensive, it doesn't fade and it adds tons of body to my hair. So after much debate and stylists refusing to perm it, I found one that would in November 2013. She made me sign a waiver stating that I would not hold her responsible for the outcome and that I had been counselled on the possible negative outcome. My hair had not been henna'd in some time and had grown out a considerable amount. The henna'd sections took better than the natural hair. The natural hair was straighter and more dry than the henna'd hair. There were also quite a few spots that were completely straight due to lack of perm solution. I henna'd again a couple days after and the hair was better. The curly part retained it's curl. I just got my hair permed again a couple days ago and the perm is beautiful. The henna'd hair looks awesome. We used a Matrix perm for color treated hair. You can definitely perm henna'd hair.

Perms and Henna
by: Susan

I have used natural henna for many years and gotten perms a week later. They have always taken effectively and no damage. I went to a different salon this week for a perm and the operator refused because of the henna regardless of telling her there has never been a negative reaction.

You have been lied to!
by: Toni

It is a total and absolute MYTH that you cannot henna and perm your hair both. Afro-American women do it ALL the time! The key is to use PURE henna, and nothing with metallic salts added. Websites that sell such are henna hut dot com. They sell natural pure henna, and have any color except blonde. I have successfully permed my hair then two weeks later henna'd it...and I henna it once a month. MY PERMS TAKE BEAUTIFULLY! I get the copper top color. I even use something they sell called senna, it makes your scalp and hair super healthy, (helps psoriasis, gets rid of dandruff) and softens the ends to keep them from breaking, and adds a sheen. Before perming, a couple days before, use MINERAL oil all over clean dry hair, and leave it on an strips the henna and protects your hair from damaging effects of the perm! Wash out the oil with clarifying shampoo, and the perm eats off the rest of the oil.


A very curly red-headed white Irish girl...

You can perm. but not successful.
by: Anonymous

I used Indian henna treatment(3hours), two months before my hair perm. It left a dark brownish tint. But when I went for the perming the stylist noticed it, and said that the color pigments have already gone into the claw like things in the hair shaft to make the hair slightly tinted, so that the perming lotion can't go in to change it's shape.
But I insisted him on it, and he did the perm, but to my utter disappointment the perm was there only until I have a bath. The hair stands became like "no shape" at all. I am waiting forward now for atleast 8 months to get a fresh perm done. Otherwise the hair will be severely damaged, the stylist said.

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