Can Lemon Juice on Roots Cause Hair Loss?

I tried to extend my time between frosts by putting straight lemon juice on my roots to lighten them. I did this 2 or 3 times and about one month later, noticed my hair was coming out in my comb much more than usual. I have hair breakage around my temples and my hair parted is much wider and my scalp is now visible. Is this likely from the lemon juice, aging, hormones, stress, or something else?

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Mar 04, 2015
It is highly unlikely
by: Anonymous

I would not rule out irritation or allergic reactions to scalp (for people with sensitive skin) since lemon juice naturally contains citric acid but it is highly unlikely to cause such damage after 2 or 3 application. As you also suspected, this is most likely caused by something else. I suggest you get a blood work to check any unusual changes and also consult your MD for thyroid function test. Try to look back and note down any other changes in your life for past few months. Include diet, stress level and medication. Any additional beauty treatments you tried? Straightening? Perm? Bleach?

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