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We heard about the popularity of human hair extensions and strand by strand technique but for less permanent and speedy solutions, you can use professional clip-in extensions. And I emphasize on "professional" because all clip-in-extensions are not the same!

hair model with hair extension
Hair By: Stephan Goldsworthy

One fun and easy to use clip-in extension is hairMake-up from Balmain. This handy system enables you to create different hairstyles at any given time. More length, more volume and more color in a matter of minutes. The complete range of hairMake-up consists of four models that allow you to add bangs, highlight and length to your existing hairstyle:

clip-in hair extensions with bangs hairstyle clip-in hair extension long hairstyle clip-in hair extension with long wavy hair
Photo: Produced By Andy Uffels - Balmain Hair Extensions

clip-in hair extension wavy long hair clip-in hair extension wavy long hair
Model with long wavy extension - Photo: Produced By Stephan Goldsworthy
Balmain Hair Extensions

If so desired, you can ask the hairdresser to style or cut the extensions for an even more natural result (recommended for first time users). HairMake-up or Memory-Hair is a solution for trendy people who dare to give their own interpretation to the latest fashion or like to change their look in short time for a special occasion like wedding or prom.

What make this system interesting is the soft blend edges and the way it can be style to shape. Unlike other clip-in extensions that are placed on top of each other, this extension has a patented Soft Blend Edge technique.

The two strips of hair are placed next to each other makes the system about 70% thinner than other systems. Besides, the curves hold 20% more hair per square centimeter and give a perfect integration and make it simple to use. This type of extension can be put in by users themselves or by a licensed cosmetologist for a more professional application.

How About Styling?

The hairMake-up extension comes with a unique ability called "Memory®Hair". According to Balmain, hairMake-up is able to "remember" a treatment (for example shaping with curling irons) and keeps the hair that way - even after a rain shower or shampooing - And that is a convenient property!

hair extension wavy long hair in updo view 1 hair extension wavy long hair in updo view 2
Model with wavy extension in an updo - Photo: Produced By Stephan Goldsworthy
Balmain Hair Extensions

The texture can only be changed with heating tools. Maintenance is easy and entails little time: Just rinse with lukewarm water and apply conditioning spray. That's all!

This product is only available through authorized salons that carry the line of Balmain Paris Hair Extensions. More information:

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