Chocolate Brown or Blonde for Green Eyes?

by Charlotte

me posing

me posing

me posing Megan Fox - Dark Brown - Green Eyes Adriana Lima - Dark Chocolate - Green Eyes Jessica Lowndes - Brown hair color - Green Eyes

Im naturally dark but have been blonde for about 6 years and now i want to go chocolate brown all over. I have green eyes and a lil tanned skin what do you think?

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by: Frank

Go brunette much hotter then Blonds especially with green eyes

chocolate brown
by: kate

Hi! I am blond as well and am going to be dark soon i just bought Loreal Excell chocolate brown. i think brown will look good on you! Go for it!! I got green eyes as well, brown color will bring them out lol! Good luck!!:-)

hair color
by: Anonymous

What color is your hair now? it's gorgeous

by: Anonymous

I have very green eyes and olive/tan skin and when i dye it dark it really brings out my eyes more i think!

Chocolate brown
by: Anonymous

Your beautiful but change is good soo go for it.

Dark brown and chocolate color

I see why not. With the right tan (not getting red) and right eyebrow color, it will look great. I suggest you start with lighter shade of brown so you have a better choice to find the perfect shade as you color it toward darker shades in time. Its easier to make it darker in case you didn't like the color.

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