Colouring hair after a keratin treatment?

by Farah

Is it safe to bleach the hair after having a keratin treatment? How long should I wait before bleaching my hair? or even colouring (highlighting my hair)?

Two-Three weeks

by: Sara
You need to wait two-three weeks before you do any other chemical treatments including coloring. For best results always do the coloring before Keratin treatment. After treatment the Keratin coat your hair like a thin layer of film and colorants might not penetrate the hair they way it should. Either wait three weeks or do it before. With bleaching, the effect is the same. You might get patchy results!

Two weeks before and two weeks after

by: Stylist
No coloring for two weeks before and two weeks after on any type of keratin, relaxing or any other chemical treatment.

Keratin and color

by: Joy
It is always wise to color your hair prior to your keratin service. Color has to penetrate the cuticle and in doing so creates porosity in the hair.
Keratin is a treatment to correct porosity in the hair. Color will penetrate keratin but you will destroy the keratin in the process.

Keratin is a great service after bleaching or coloring and I do it after the color service all the time.
If I am going to keratin after a color I go 1 to a half level darker than my desired results, also a little cooler color than desired results as many keratin's will slightly lighten the hair and cause it to become a bit brassy. To offset this I use 1 to a half level darker and use a slightly cooler color than the desired results!
Works perfect every time!

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Should You Color before or after keratin process!
by: Anonymous

Color your hair first then do the keratin the day or right after.

This will give you the best result, cause new color pigments will be sealed into hair shaft while keratin itself coat the hair.

Just two factors to consider and remember.

1) Make sure your hair is healthy enough to take it! We are talking abut two chemical process in short time.

2) Strong keratin process could fade your color rather than make it vibrant and shiny. So ask your stylist or read the manual carefully. Some processes or keratin types are not made for this!!

by: Priya

I had a colour and a keratin treatment last week and it really lightened the color of my hair. It's so much lighter and brassy it's embarrassing . How long do I have to wait to color? Its really important please suggest me asap

RE: Colour hair
by: Anonymous

There are some stylists that do the colour and keratin treatment on same day with success.
It all depends on the type of colouring ( Going blond, going dark, bleach, etc..), health of your hair and what sort of keratin product they use. If you want to be on safe side then give it 3 days!

Colour hair
by: Anonymous

Hi, is it good to do karetin and colour in the same day?

and if i do colour and i leave 3 days to do keratin it is ok ?


Hair is brassy
by: Anonymous

I got a keratin treatment done yesterday. My hair is brassy, horrible color. My stylist told me I could color right away . Is that true?

can I bleach hair after doing keratin? it has been 4months since i did keratin
by: Anonymous

Can I bleach my hair after 4 months that i did keratin? is it safe to bleach the hair after keratin of 4 months please. not bleach then keratin but keratin then bleach please thank you some hairstylist say that bleach damages severely the keratin treatment but its a long time can it be possible?

RE: bleach after 4 months of keratin safe?
by: Anonymous

Its more than enough. Sure you can go and use Keratin

bleach after 4 months of keratin safe?
by: Anonymous

I did keratin treatment or protein in September its January and i really want to bleach my hair and color it blond and some highlights. my hair is brown. please tell me if 4 months after keratin is enough to bleach hair without damages.

Color changed
by: Mina

I had a client who wanted make darker her hair and cover a small portion of old balayage on the end (quite gold) plus keratin treatment.
Follow the suggestion of the supplier of the keratin t. I first did the keratin and after i colored to avoid that the keratin could left the new color.
The tint was 5..with half 5.3 so a brown..and the blond ends turned almost black!!!!
I've never saw something like that.
I should not colored.

RE: Full ruined
by: Anonymous

You probably bleached your hair when it was already damaged due to flat iron heat used by keratin treatment. And now it is fully dry, brittle and tangled!? This is a serious damage. You should never bleach hair when its already damaged!!

The only help you can get is to cut the damage ends out and go for a intensive hydration and moisturizing treatment. Hopefully make it slightly softer and manageable. Do not use any additional flat ironing.

Go to your hairstylist and consider other style options for your wedding - like updo to hide all the mess

Full ruined plz help
by: Mahi

Hi, please help me for God sake my marriage is next week. I keratin my hair than i put color and bleach. Now my hair like chewing gum. Its break when i comb.

Plz help me

To: Donna
by: Anonymous

You get conflicting answers because its not an exact science and every hair is different. Not to mention the number of different keratin treatments and properties and Dye jobs that are out there and could react differently to each other!

But in most cases (90%), it shouldn't effect the keratin. It been done many times on different hair with success but sometimes the effect of keratin wears off slightly!

Colouring hair after Keratin treatment
by: Donna

I had a keratin treatment done 2 weeks ago. I dyed my own hair prior to the treatment (about a week before). My keratin will only last another two weeks, but I need to dye my hair, especially the roots. Will this remove the keratin? I've had conflicting answers.

cokor gloss 5 days after keratinf
by: Anonymous

I colored my roots one day before keratin but didn't make it darker. My hair got lighter after keratin so I was wondering if it's ok to do a color gloss 5 days after keratin was applied without having the keratin ruined..

Keratin and highlight
by: Anonymous

I have seen keratin and highlight done in same session by stylists. However, it depends on several facts like the type and strength of keratin. The porosity of hair and etc... In my opinion the safest way is to wait 3-5 days in-between sessions.

highlights with keratin treatment
by: Anonymous

Is it safe to use the keratin treatment after having highlights done on your hair? Or should I wait some time before applying the keratin treatment?

Dye darker or color sooner after Keratin treatment
by: Lilly Lovell

Joy has a good tip in going 1/2 to 1 level darker and a bit cooler before Keratin treatment, because the color does fade brassy after a Keratin treatment.

Anonymous says it should be safe to color 3 days after Keratin treatment. I haven't tried this, but I think dying just the roots should be ok 1 week instead of 2 weeks after Keratin treatment. Has anyone tried this?

Coloring after treatment
by: Anonymous

It should be safe to color after keratin treatment. However if you wait 3 days you might get better results. Just in case! ;) - stay safe

Color after Keratin
by: Anonymous

I had a keratin treatment last night and it really lightened the color of my hair. It's so much lighter and brassy it's embarrassing . How long do I have to wait to color? I important meetings all next week and can't walk in with this color

by: Anonymous

My stylist colored at the same time as the keratin

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