Dark brown hair to Caramel ?

Dark brown/black hair, hoping to lighten it up?

I am wondering if lightening up my hair color to a caramel would suit my complexion.. I've had dark hair for so long and I want a change. Any advice is appreciated! Even if it means that dark is my best way to go!

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Perhaps Two-tone color

I think you look dazzling with black and asymmetric look and you should keep it. Hard to see your true complexion on this photo but I think you are pale with some tan/golden undertone. You will look good with caramel. Well ... For hair we have lots of caramel colors (Golden, creme caramel, dark, etc...). Perhaps you want to try two tone with natural brown and some lighter brown tones like Josie Maran. A creme caramel look like Taylor Swift is much more daring and harder to get and keep.

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