Dark brown hair with gray-blue eyes - Which color for me?

by Tracie
(Battlefield, MO, USA)

I have dark brown dull hair with light gray/blue eyes and fair/light skin. Hard to tell if I am warm or cool, maybe both?? I am stuck in a dull brown rut and need some help choosing which colors will brighten my face up.
Any advice is appreciated!! Thanks!

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You're Lovely
by: Martha

Hello: I have the same coloring and have struggled for years, not so much with haircolor but makeup, etc.

However, I recently had reddish brown highlights added and the effect is stunning. Your coloring appears to be "cool summer" or "true summer". That means you can wear the cool tones in clothing, but not the bright, vivid colors of a "winter". Summer colors are the same as winter colors only more muted.

There is a ton of information on the internet about color analysis that applies to the hair and skin, and which directs you toward the correct "palette". This is a tremendous help in selecting clothing, makeup, and hair color.

Your coloring is lovely. Stick with what nature gave you, but you can "tweak" it ever so slightly. Nature does not make mistakes!


by: Anonymous

Thanks Felicia, I have been talking with a stylist and she is leading me towards light chestnut highlights with lowlights. I was worried the blonde highlights wouldn't look right on me or look too young. I really like the multi toned browns like Lauren Graham has had.

dk brown with gray blue eyes
by: felicia

Hi Tracie,
Tracie I, would not try anything darker if you do highlight. Try a med or light caramel brown or if you want more depth you could highlight with burgundy but be careful there so it is not purpley.

I would not highlight with blond it would look dingy drabby ect.. The caramels are kind of a light golden reddish brown so you get the best of both without looking washed out. Highlights look good around the face near the eyes it makes eyes really vibrant and alive looking. Get an opinion from a stylist you trust also so I do not lead you wrong.

Good luck,

by: Tracie

Thanks for your feedback. What do you think about highlights?? Would dark blonde, light brown highlights wash me out or should I try just a warmer richer brown shade. Also, I believe I am a 3 or 4 level. Pretty dark with a few grays in the front. Actually their white..I seemed to have skipped "gray" all-together!

Dark brown hair with gray/blue eyes
by: felicia

I saw your photo actually the dark brown is very becoming on you. I feel you look like your skin tone may be cool. I would stay away from anything ash toned that would make you look drawn.

Try staying with the dark browns but try a shade that is say dark reddish brown or even a burgundy although burgundy can look purpley if that sounds too scary, try the reddish or even golden browns.

You could go one or two shades lighter if you would like to lighten up. If you want to go to your salon and get color matched. I did that and they told me what level. I was then went to the store and got L'Oreal Excellence Crème that turned out perfect. I was a light/medium golden blonde and I chose # 6g a light golden brown. My natural hair is a level 7 which is one shade lighter a dark blonde. It turned out perfect. They have many shades to choose from. Remember do not go more than 2 shades lighter or darker than your current color since you are dark brown you can use medium or light brown shades. Any lighter and you need a salon.

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