Dark Brown to Champagne Blonde

Help! I am dark brown and want to go a champagne blonde. What should i do? Ive already used 2 champagne blonde hair dye packages and only roots have changed. Do i just go buy a bleach kit?

Dark brown to blond

You can't get that light from dark brown without bleach or lightening kit. It is even more difficult if you colored your hair before (color on color). If your root color changed after hair dye then it suggest you colored before.

With home coloring kits you can't lighten your hair more than 3 shades and from your hair to champaign blond you need to go at least 5 shades lighter.

Normally you should washout the previous color (with bleach and shampoo) and then apply base color. And on top of that apply toner if required to get the vibrant result. This is a professional job and I suggest you don't do it at home. I hope this helps!

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