Dirty blonde to brown - Should I dye my hair?

by Caity



Caity Blue eyes - Blond - Light brown lowlight Blue eyes with dark brown overall

I have dirty blonde hair with blue eyes and was going to dye it a light brown colour with blonde highlights, would it look good??

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please dont go darker!
by: Anonymous

blond!! only blond!
you will lose your charm as brunette

hair colour
by: Anonymous

You could but a way to make it look better is it take good care of it make sure you condition it and keep it brushed well to make it look shiny. You could try highlighting it instead of colouring it all at one but i think all your hair needs is some good care

hair dye
by: Anonymous

Yes, you should dye your hair, blonde or brown. Both will bring out your eye color. Good luck.

by: Anonymous

You have a complexion just like mine. and i have light brown hair. As long you get it well taken care of ONLY let a professional do it. it will look fabulous. Alot better then it does now.

Natural Brown
by: N.F.

You have a great skin colour and I think with your natural waves you will look lovely in natural brown. Just keep it shinny and well conditioned and let the professional colour your hair.

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