Dreadlock Removal No Longer Considered A Myth

by Tangled Hair Techs

Despite the fascination with dreadlocks, many fear growing dreadlocks due to the unproven notion that they are a permanent hairstyle. Now salons are generating thousands of dollars providing dreadlock removal services.

By definition dreadlocks are heavily matted coils of hair which form by themselves eventually fusing together to form a single dread. This is possible in all hair types, if the hair is allowed to grow naturally over time.

The notion that dreadlocks can only be cut off has been a widely accepted view because it was once a hairstyle associated with strength, consciousness and spirituality. Cutting dreadlocks was viewed as being synonymous with Samson of the Bible (Judges 16:17) who would lose his power if his hair was cut.

Dreadlocks have been adorned by Bob Marley, the crown prince of reggae music and a devout Rasta, revolutionaries like the Kenyan liberation fighters, the Mau Mau. Conscious and intelligent rappers would wear also dreads.

Despite the vast information on the Internet regarding dreadlocks, the only product specifically designed to remove dreadlocks and salvage the hair was created in 1999 called the Take Down Remover.

The Take Down Remover was created because “cutting dreadlocks is callous and unsympathetic“ according to the Take Down Product Company. This belief is also a stance that is mulishly taught at their income generating seminars on the “Technique of Dreadlock Removal.”

Hair styling for dreadlocks is a lucrative business, with a trip to the salon easily costing between $200- $500+. According to AllHairBraiding.Com, hairstyles that add pre-packaged dreadlocked hair to the natural hair like “Dreadlock Extensions” have become popular due to the perception that dreadlocks are a permanent hairstyle.

The dreadlock removal process takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes to remove just one dreadlock depending on the length and thickness. Salons are charging their clients service fees of $1,200-$4,500 to remove dreadlocks.

The beauty of dreadlocks as they grow long and strong captivate men, women and children alike. Many salons are enjoying the benefits financially of providing the service of dreadlock removal. Their clients also are willing to pay for the transformation and the possibility that they can save their hair.

Tangled Hair Techs

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