Extremely Dry And Dull Hair

by Mike
(Portland, Oregon)

I try to take the best care of my hair possible but it never seems to become normal. I don't color, perm, straighten, blow dry, chemically damage my hair. I eat very healthy for my hair and lots of water. I don't smoke or drink. I get good sleep and lots of exercise.

I only shampoo every 3 days with a moisture shampoo (Moisture Loc shampoo from Razzamatazz) which is a humectant. I use a good conditioner (Microplexx from Razzamatazz) and deep condition once a week. I don't towel dry. On days I shower, I use apple cider vinegar rinse with cold water to close the cuticles and improve porosity.

My hair was shorter than medium length for a guy and it was too hard to manage so I cut it very short, but it still looks very dull and lifeless and no shine. I currently have very dense, thin, slightly curly, black colored hair. I am a 19 year old Asian male. I'm doing all that I can to improve my hair condition and although it has improved somewhat since last year, it is still extremely dry, un-manageable/un-styleable, no life, dull, not a dark bright color, looks black/gray in the light, and easily gets frizzy/split ends.

Is there anything I'm doing wrong or anything that could improve my hair? I've tried many different products and different hair care routines and nothing seems to work. It is very frustrating to put in all this work just to have normal hair and not get the results.

Thank you.

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Mar 07, 2010
Dry dull hair
by: felicia

Hey mike, Glad too hear you are dropping the vinegar mix. As far as leave in conditioners there is only one I can use since I, have baby fine hair. It is Vo5 - A spray bottle in red and white. It is a detangler leave in conditioner and very inexpensive. I think $3.99.

I blow dry every day and as I said my hair is very fine. I also color my hair which can leave it dry. Since I have been using the V05, my hair is not dry any more and my split ends have healed.

As far as John Frieda, I do not know. I use suave mousse. This works very well for me despite what salons will tell you, it has silk protein which is moisturizing and gives great volume.

Good luck, bye for now

Mar 05, 2010
RE: Mike
by: N.F.

If you have a normal to thick hair type then you need to be more selective about your leave-in conditioners. I would use a small amount of Bumble and Bumble leave In (rinse out) conditioner after wash. For styling I would choose B&B Tonic Lotion to build a base for styling and then a very small amount of Grooming Creme evenly and air dry the hair gently. As for the final touch, I would use very small amount of a lightweight paste to define the strands. I think John Freida Frizz Ease works best on thin to normal hair type, but give it a try. Its a good mousse though.

Feb 27, 2010
by: Mike

I have actually tried Pantene products and they weren't very good for my hair but I haven't tried the restoratives, ill give them a shot. I'll stop the acv rinse which i've been diluting 1/4 cup acv and 2 cup water and only have been doing once a week lately. Do u think it would be a bad idea for me to use John Frieda Frizz Ease mousse? Also whenever I use leave in conditioners, my hair gets very weighed down and it looks like I have bad build up no matter how little of it I use.
Thanks for the help!

Feb 26, 2010
Some thoughts to self diagnose
by: N.F.

I agree with Felicia. There is no need to use apple cider vinegar when your hair is dry and you experience split ends.

A wrong concentration of apple cider vinegar can dry the scalp and prevent natural sebum to lubricate your hair. If hair is not lubricated with natural oil then it starts to get dry on surface and will lead to damage.

Once hair is damaged then the cuticles are destroyed and there will be a lot of cracks and holes on hair surface and even if you use humectants and moisturizers, your hair won't be able to hold the moisture for long. You are right that Apple cider vinegar will close the cuticles and improve porosity, but only works if cuticles are healthy and damage-free.

What you need at this stage is to add protein treatment (something with essential oil like jojoba) to your hair care regime. You need to repair as much holes and cracks as possible and essential oils to lubricate and coat the surface of hair so it can hold on to moisture. Try also to cut back a little on humectants usage at start.

You also need to balance the protein-moisturizer treatment ratio in respect to your hair condition. At start use more protein treatment and less moisturizing (this should help to reduce your frizzy hair) and once hair get back to its normal porosity then use moisturizing as normal and protein treatment only once every two week.

Feb 25, 2010
Extreme dry dull hair
by: felicia

I would say it seems like you are doing all the right things. But I would not use the vinegar on the hair although it can remove build up and help hair shine. It sounds like you do not even use mousse or gel or any other styling products. If that is the case the vinegar can be very drying. Also switch your products hair can some times adjust to the products after long term use and have the opposite effect. Try Pantene restoratives they make great shampoos/conditioners and treatments for dry dull hair. You can get them Walmart, Walgreens ect...

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