Fancy Updo for Short Bob

by Angela

I got a short bob and was looking for ways to style it into updo. I found this video shows how to transform your short bob into a night party updo. I think stylist used a lot of products on that poor girl and it should be possible with less? Looks crazy at start but gets better at the end. Just thought I share this with you. I just cut and paste the link to video. Oh.. Its in German, but you don't need to understand German to see what he is doing!!


I can translate some of it. (The intro just talks about how you can create an interesting, refined look for night but also a good look for clubs, blah blah.)

Step 1. I believe it's saying to tease the hair on top of the head. Tease it away from the head and fix it with hair spray. Then do the same to the side parts.

Step 2. Next you... well, yeah, he's just blowdrying it. I don't know what they're saying besides (next, you ....(random german).

Step 3. Take a strand of hair from the top of the head and fix it to the back of your head. Then spray for hold. All of the rest of the hair on the left and the right sides you do the same pattern with. Put it above the first strand and then fix it there with hair clips.

Step 4. Next we will (do something) with the rest. I think it's saying to take the hair towards the back of the head so it forms an intersection with the other strands. Fix it there with spray. Take the hair from the left side and pull it back to the right side of the head. Then take the hair from the right side and pull it to the left side of the head. Then fix it once again with hair spray.

And soon you will have one glamorous hairstyle for your (activities). Finesse and elegance await.

I hope these rather vague translations help someone. The video shows most of what's going on rather well.

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