Fine Thin Straight Hair - Hair Cut Suggestions?

by Lynn
(Hickory, NC, USA)

shaggy style, fine hair but not thin - Illustration only

shaggy style, fine hair but not thin - Illustration only

My hair is so thin, fine, and straight that there are times I don't know what to do. Right now my hair is about shoulder length and working on getting it cut in next couple of weeks hopefully. I have a friend that went to school for cutting hair and she does mine and my husband's hair cuts.

I am interested in a hair cut that would be short with layers, and side swept bangs. I guess my face is a roundish oval type face, so I could go with either medium length hair cut or short hair cut. Don't really have money to go to a regular professional place thats why we go to a friend.

Right now I am just wanting to keep my hair from being in my face too much. I don't have any pics to upload so this is all I have. I also have colored my hair within the passed few years that after it does get cut, I am thinking of coloring again.

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Good luck
by: Carol

I recently got mine cut short after 48 years trying to grow it. I finally realized I'd never have the beautiful hair I wanted. And I did go extreme. 2 inches on top, 1 inch sides & back. I like it! It is quite surprising how much I can do and the different looks I can get with it this short. This is not the hair I want, I didn't get the right genes for that. But with the very thin hair like my Mom had, this ultra short hair cut looks good and works well. It is fun to play with. Actually, I ended up going back several times tweaking it, going shorter each time and now I think it's where I'll keep it. And that is very short. Of course you have to arrive at the decision yourself. For what I have the ultra short looks great & works well. I'm going to keep it.

hair cut suggestions?
by: felicia

I myself suffer from fine /thin hair. I tried long/short you name it. I did however find two styles that work wonders. I have had both one is a slightly layered bob style it can also be a shaggy style bob some layers are ok they boost the look of having fuller hair.

Also a shag style cut in it self can make fine/thin hair look fuller. Also do not go too short the shortest. I find, I can go is just below the jaw line and the longest I, can keep my hair is shoulder or just above shoulder length this way that fine hair will still appear fuller without being weighed down.
Good luck!

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