Frankie Sandford Short Hair - Quiff Style

Anyone with graduated crop that been cut short at sides and back with longer layers on top – one that support longer bangs - can style it into a nice-looking quiff.

short crop styled into quiff
Quiff Style

short crop grown from pixie
Grown pixie can be styled into spiky looking quiff

a lovely short crop with long side bangs
Short crop with longer layers on top and bangs can be styled into a nice looking quiff

How to Get the Look

This video shows how to create a quiff hairstyle. You simply back comb the hair and apply strong hold hair spray as you go along, starting from crown area toward the front. Its a short fun video by Frankie Sandford (Saturdays!).

You can also try an alternative look by creating a roll-back effect rather than back-combed – The result would be less in height and more in texture or better say: “Less Rock and more Glam” - Check out these looks

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