From Dark Brown to Medium Auburn - Any Advice?

by Haley
(Murrieta, CA, USA)

My hair is naturally dark brown, neither warm nor cool (neutral) and is pretty bland. I have been dying it a slightly different shade of dark brown for awhile. My boyfriend thinks I would look good as a red head but its such a drastic change for my dark hair and I am pretty sure I would need to dye my eyebrows as well. Is this a bad idea?

If I would do it, I would probably lean towards an auburn. The picture attached shows the hair color I have now and it is pretty close to my natural hair color.

Any advice would be helpful. I'm a bit stuck at this point. Probably would not make such a change until next year possibly. Another note: My hair tends to go brassy and too much warmth washes me out.

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Naturally Auburn
by: Anonymous

I have naturally Auburn hair, when not coloured Dark Brown which went quite black. That said it is fading.
But I would like to go back or try a shade of Red. What colour do you suggest in the home colouring section?
Amber, or Light Auburn. I was actually born with Red Hair, which went Auburn as I aged. Thank you

From dark brown to medium auburn
by: felicia

You are welcome Haley. Glad I could help

You said your burgundy got yellowish??
Wow that is strange Oh well We won't go there anymore lol. Have a great day Haley and Good Luck!

Response to felcia
by: Haley

I have tried burgundy when I was in middle school and that made me look a bit yellow oddly enough. But I do agree with the idea of staying with a medium to dark red, and having it auburn more than a true red. Thanks for your help! It is always so hard to figure this stuff out after looking up hair color and stuff for so long. I'm not even sure about my own skintone anymore. lol.

I also would like to add that I dont think all warm shades wash me out, its mainly the brassiness and too many blonde highlights that do.
Thanks felicia for your help again.

Dark brown to med auburn
by: felicia

If too much warmth washes you out you could try adding a burgundy red shade but be careful here, too burgundy is pretty but some can look purple. Or simply try a medium or a dark reddish brown that will give you more color without being so drastic.

Remember red shades do fade faster than other hair shades so your, best bet is to try a shade of reddish brown this way the red will last longer.

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