Gray Resistant to Permanent Hair Dye

I have graying hair that is somewhat resistant to color. I use permanent hair color one of the NN products or Paul Mitchell 6+ to cover the gray. However it does not last. I have tried now, to use Paul Mitchell pm shines, RV and added 3 V to get the depth I want. I like the color but it is a bit too dark. Also, I will notice a line where new regrowth has started. I have tried 6Vr and it seems to hold better than the RV.

Basically, I am coloring my hair with permanent hair color, roots only, and then coloring with pm shines. I would like to get the color with of the pm shines with permanent hair color. Do you have any suggestions

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Add Gold
by: Flo

I haven’t work with Paul Mitchel line but as a general rule for covering gray resistance color, you add GOLD to it. For example Level 3BG (Browne Gold) and it will give a better coverage with long lasting results. You just need to find the corresponding Level and number in Paul Mitchel range (color chart) you use. Best Wishes

Flo Briggs
Yellow Strawberry Salons

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