Greasy stiff fringe straight after washing

(London / Edinburgh, UK)

I have mid-length hair with a thick fringe/bang. I have never had a problem with it up until the last couple of weeks. I'm away for a month so I decided to get some less expensive shampoos while I was away, but they were still H&S and Pantene. Back home I use Frizz Ease shampoo and conditioner.

I have used both H&S and Pantene in the past and have never had any problems. But recently straight after washing, my fringe feels like I've loaded half a can of moose into it. It's stiff, greasy and really not that nice to look at. I wash my hair every 2 days, as I have for about 15 years. My hair isn't coloured either, I thought I'd point that out as that seems to be a common link to greasy hair - but I don't have that.

As I say, I've never had an issue with my fringe before so I was wondering if you could help. I've attached a pic of myself with my hair how it usually is, so you can get a grasp about what I'm talking about.


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Aug 17, 2013
Stiff fringe
by: Mona

Hi, I can think of several possible problems that might cause this.

Do you use hair straightener for your fringe? If you do, check the plates. When some of these ceramic plates on flat iron get old they make the hair sticky. OR if you use anti-frizz or other products on hair they get buildup on plate. I just had to mention this because I had this problem myself.

The second one is conditioner. Many of these problems are caused by conditioners. Greasy hair is not really linked to hair colour but to the conditioner that comes with the hair color packages. Another problem is that the same brand you used to apply at home could be different than the one you use in another country. For example Pantene conditioner in UK could be different than the one sold in Asia.

The last problem I know of is water itself. Softness and harness of water can sometimes give that greasy feeling. So if you are away that could be a reason!

I hope these helps or at-least point you to the right direction :)

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