Hair Color - Going dark like Kristen Stewart?

I have a mystic tan in this photo-- my skin is very fair 99% of the time.

I have a mystic tan in this photo-- my skin is very fair 99% of the time.

My hair is a dirty blonde/light brown/red on-some-days mixture. My hair was very light when i was younger and I highlighted it while I was in high school. I had a gloss done back to my natural color 3 years ago and haven't touched the color since.

I have been DYING to go dark -- similar to Kate Beckinsale or Kristen Stewart.

Kristen Stewart with medium curly hair style
Kristen Stewart

I've had mixed reviews. My hair apt. is in a week and I need to decide between highlights (going blonde AGAIN) or going dark.
What do you think?? Am I too fair to be dark?

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Do it!
by: Anonymous

Ok....I was in the EXACT situation as you. Blonde at birth, blonde as a kid, started bleaching back when they used the little skull cap and the crochet hook! My hair was long layers, middle of my back, long side bangs. About 5 years ago, I took the plunge at my hairdresser friend's advice and went auburn. LOVED it...LOVE LOVE LOVE for about 2 years. Hubby liked the blonde, so I thought what the heck, lets do it. After a year of regular monthly bleaching (mind you the ends never did blonde up the way I wanted, always too yellow and too warm) (blondes don't like that typically, right? you know what I'm talking about!) Hair was hugely damaged. I got a keratin treatment and within 4 days, tragedy. Hair broke in random spots all over my head to about a half inch. WTF??? OK...long story I know! So cut to the chase....I ended up going dark, matching my natural color (darker then it had ever been) and cutting off all the crap. It's really short now, an inverted bob, bangs are growing out (bridge of my nose now). LOVE the dark color so I say YES to your original question. NOT and I really really really really mean this, do not think you can bleach your LONG hair back again if you want to go back blonde. You can't have both. If you want to go blonde again, you will need to go shorter or you wont get the color you want. The longer your hair, the farther it is away from your scalp and it doesn't get warm enough to process the color out. So beautiful girl...go for it! :)

Reply: Dark (:
by: Laura

I also have very fair skin and have recently gotten my hair died very dark brown like kristen's and i absolutely love it! Everyone give me compliments on how nice my hair looks and how it has changed me as a person. I think the dark hair give me more confidence because it looks so much better than dirty blonde that it naturally was. So in my opinion i think you should totally go for the dark brown. It will look great on you. You are very pretty by the way (:

Blonde hair going dark
by: Anonymous

I think you could go darker It would look great on you. For an additional muse other than Kristen, check out the HBO Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, where you will see Fergie with her new dark hair, she looks amazing.

As a hair dresser and natural blonde who has been both platinum and dark brown the color of the brown shade is key. Always error on the side of too light as you can always go darker, and start with a brown shade two shades darker than your own shade a level 4 to 6, 4 levels being darker and try a neural brown or light ash to keep brassiness at bay and to cover your blonde. If you feel the color is too dark just buy Garnier color breaks for dark brown hair and add some simple dark caramel brown highlights with this simple to use kit.

You can also buy a forever young wig from vouge wigs for around $29-$45 dollars, they look great and natural with a skin part in the color brown you love to try out the color before you dye your hair. One thing to remember: To remove dark color can be done, (with a color remover and then adding the blonde color back)but it is damaging and you have long hair which makes it hard to do alone and remember you will need two boxes of any hair color or remover in any color step you make darker or lighter due to length of your hair so have them on hand before you begin.

I would suggest you buy a wig from Forever Young hip cool wigs that look real and are inexpensive try the vintage vixen for 47.00 you can buy them at click on forever young wigs vintage vixen and watch the video so you can see how the wig looks in real time. You will love it, get one in the color you want to dye your hair this vintage vixen is long I personally think you would rock the look of dark hair, again just don't go too dark because of your fair skin. I speak from personal experience as well as job related experience.

Too fair?

Looking at Kristen Stewart's style on this photo and I wonder if anyone could be more fair than her! Girls with fair skin like her would look stunning with dark or even raven black hair. Specially if you got green or light blue eyes!

am I, too fair to go dark?
by: felicia

Actually, You look stunningly beautiful. This look on you is amazing very exotic, and sexy.

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