Hair coloring - Lightened with foils

by Michelle
(Belfast/Northern Ireland)

My own hair color is a natural dark blonde & i've had it lightened with foils, but my hair has become really dry & seems to be in bad condition. What is a tint and can I put it in my hair at home & which one can I use?

I've also been thinking of going a light brown but I'm worried that i might not suit it & want to know will it be easy to go back to blonde if i don't like it?

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Hair color lightened with foils

Your first question - what is a tint ? A tint is a chemical procedure and not what you need, unless you want to change your hair to a brown color or you could use a semi-permanent color, (ask your colorist) about this (If you want to change hair color to a lighter brown)

I think that you need to "condition" your hair before you do any more color. Considering your hair is dry, I recommend a good conditioning treatment such as "THE MASK" by Bumble & Bumble. Follow the directions on the tube and after a few treatments your hair should feel much better and look healthier. Remember if you don't like the brown color, you will have to do hi lites again and your hair will suffer. So for now , JUST CONDITIONER.

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