Hair Extension is More than Length

Hair extension is more than just adding length. It's about hair makeup! It's about creating combinations of colors and patterns that could match different outfits for different occasions.

It's about expressing your inner desire and mood. In fashion we work with materials, fabrics and colors. Hair is also a kind of fabric and can be expressed in unexpected and unimaginable color combinations.

So what would you wear if you decided to rock your look with a long sleek hair extension that not only makes you look sexy but also add that extra oomph for a perfect companion to your leather outfit! – I will go for a center part design with gradient colors of hot red on a black background.

Then I will add layered cut and un-even length to create depth and movement because one-length extension to remove that artificial look that comes with one-length extensions.

To make the final statement, I will match it with a bold and pronounced eyebrow, red lips and nude eyes!

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