Hair Extensions - Craving Long Hair!

by Meg
(Bolton, Greater Manchester)

My hair used to be just past my shoulders, until I decided to hair a Rhianna bob and then eventually went as short as Rhianna's "Take a bow" style. Im wanting to grow my hair again but it looks a mess and takes forever to grow!

I would like to have extensions put in but have been told from other people not to because it'll look silly because of the length my hair is at the moment. Any advice? My hair is about half an inch longer than in the photo attached.

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by: Anonymous

Best extensions I have ever used is the Karmin Easy Clips

Clip in extensions!
by: Jennifer

I currently have that hair length and everyday I wear 14" clip in extensions. I just wear the top half like a half up half down do clipped with Bobby pins. No one can tell the difference!!

Hair extensiosn rock
by: Anonymous

I am a hairstylist and work with hair extensions regularly. I am *not* a certified hair extensions professional but I have had extensions in my own hair 5-6 times over the years. Each time, the extensions last about 3-5 months. I usually take mine out after three months only because three months is about how long I can deal with the same old style before I crave change again!

I wanted to say that getting dreds within a month of having the extensions put in is the fault of the client. Not buying a hair extension brush and brushing our/your hair extensions twice a day (in the morning and before bed) will cause them to get twisted up around each other at the root, causing dreds. Make sure you have a hair extensions brush, and you BRUSH Them regularly and sleep in a braid so that they don't mat up as you sleep. Also sleeping on a satin pillow helps. Don't listen to other people's horror stories. It's almost always because they didn't take care of their extensions properly that it didn't work out for them.

Don't do it
by: Jamie-lee

I'd suggest no matter how long your hair takes to grow DO NOT get hair extensions. I learned the hard way. I went to a leading hair extension shop and got them put in. My hair was already past my shoulders but I just wanted fullness. Anyway I got them for 1400 dollars and not even two months my hair turned to dreads. I went back to the place they said there's nothing they can do and I had to shave my head down to my scalp :(
I did all the steps I had to to loom after them and they still went wrong don't do it!!

Its possible
by: N.F.

It won't look silly as long as you choose human hair extension done by hair stylist that is certified as extension specialist. In order to get hair extension, your hair must be at least 3 Inches long. You don't have to go for a super long hair. You can choose 12 Inch length extension and then cut and style it to blend naturally with your own hair. Get a free consultation and take some of your older photos with you.

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