Halle Berry with Gamine Haircut

If you got Elfin and defined facial features like good cheekbones then this gamine haircut worn by Halle Berry could really work for you. But watch out! This look really exposes the face. This haircut limit your options to few styles and you should be comfortable with texturizing pomades. Using such products normally means daily hair wash! If you ok with that then here how to style it:

Halle Berry with few highlight in The Warner Theater 2013 Halle Berry - 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards
Photography: Andrew Evans

Start by using root lifting mousse. That would make your job easier to achieve height on top and maintain for longer time without going flat.

Use fingers and blast from blow-dryer to shape it in place. Use very small amount of texturizing pomade, moulding clay, putty or paste on tip of finger to separate and define strands on top, sides and around bangs area.

Putty and clay can give your hair a nice matted finish and sophisticated texture that looks awesome but watch out because using too much makes it nasty and sticky. You can always use holding spray on top for extra hold but it is hardly needed.

Halle Berry short hair front view Halle Berry short hair side view
Halle Berry with Short Wavy Hair. Photography: Andrew Evans

Once hair started to grow longer, you can use your hot tools such as flat iron to twist small sections to create small bending curls for extra volume and texture.

Halle Berry hair style Halle Berry with short formal hair Halle Berry short hair

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