Having a small new weak hair after pregnancy

by Yomna

it looks straight cause i put zero frizz on it but after a while it curl

it looks straight cause i put zero frizz on it but after a while it curl

I was having a normal hair, when I got pregnant and after my labor, my hair was very good, but after 2 months from the labor i had a moderate hair loss, after that i found a new small weak hair on my front hair, this small hair is taking a large area in my head now and I don't know where is my previous long hair. I see only this small weak hair that i hate and it is very curly and it takes a long time to elongate, it is damaging my look. Please advice me ...

Temporary Hair Loss
By: N.F.

What you experiencing might be Telogen effluvium. Its a kind of temporary hair loss that caused by excess hormonal or metabolic changes and child-birth is one of them. This type of hair loss normally starts about 1-3 months after delivery and birth and it will take 6-9 months until you start to see a recovery.

Thinning hair mostly occurs along the forehead hairline. Hair loss in such condition is not a bad sign, because it shows that older hair falling and new hair replacing them soon.

There are no cure for such condition. All you can do is to avoid excess brushing, combing and any chemical treatment like coloring, perming, etc.. (Just try to be gentle with your hair for next few months).

Choose good nutritious diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables and protein. Make sure you don't have any iron deficiency. If you try to do after-pregnancy weight loss, then watch your diet and consult your doctor.

For your look, I suggest you buy a fashion wig and only wear it when you go out. Do not wear that headband. Let your scalp get as much air as possible. Avoid solutions such as Hair extensions or clip-in extensions because your hair is still too weak and can't hold any bonds or external attachments.

You will get your hair back. Don't worry!

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Feb 01, 2009
apreciate your quick response
by: yomna

Thanks so much for your quick response.

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