HELP! - My hair has changed to limp and fine with no body


I just cannot figure out what has happened to my hair this last few months. Nothing including perms or any of the cuts i've gotten seem to work. I can't seem to get on top of the problem because i don't understand why my hair has changed.

It has been hair thinning on top for some time and now it seems to be getting thinner all over. No body, limp and fine now where before it was thick and would do many cuts justice.. I have some nightmare cowlicks that we have tried to tame in various ways but, ha!! to no avail..

I have been on some meds for the last 18 or so months-maybe that has something to do with it?
Even if it does, it seems like there should be some way we can work to correct this we all know when our hair looks bad or if we think it does it affects how we act and feel about ourselves..

Any help from anyone will be greatly appreciated, i have to say i'm at a loss at this point.. I want to go back to my short spikey messy look and don't know if it will work!..

Send me some good advise please!!..blessings

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Dec 15, 2011
Thinning hair
by: Anonymous

First go to the docs and get your thyroids checked, since i had too much thyroid meds in me i have had my hair thin out so bad so when i walk my hair flies everywhere. See i am on thyroid meds now but just because your not on thyroid meds doesn't mean you don't have a thyroid issue so just for the heck of it get checked out.

Jan 26, 2009
by: Anonymous

Your guess about the meds is dead on. In fact I was shaking my head yes on meds, before I saw you
felt that could be the cause.

I would try taking something called hair, skin and nails - it's a vitamin... maybe ask your doctor ...but it should be just fine... vitamins after all.

Vitamin E is also something good to take. Drinking lots of water helps a lot with med issues, but remember not to over do that- as too much water can even be toxic or fatal. I am sure you'd stop before you got to that naturally... but felt compelled to add that.

Good luck ...and try to not be stressed... that isn't good for you over all. : )

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