Help With Style Idea - Turning 40 and Not Happy!

by Gina

I'm in a rut. I don't know what to do with the style or colour. ANY tips, advice etc would be very welcome!! I've had short short hair before and it really suited me, however I'm not sure I'm at the point of going that short again yet. I just think I look boring :-(

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Style and Color Idea

I think you have plenty of options without shortening the length. For the hair cut you can get an all-over layer and still keep the length. For the style, you would need some more volume (like softer waves with definition - You already have some waves in your hair.) on top and sides to make it work with your facial structure. For color: I think you should keep the color and only fresh it up and add some tone. You can also go one shade darker. Here is one suggestion of style:

soft wavy hair with red hair color

help in a style rut
by: felicia

I know what you mean, I was in a rut I turned 48 and always had same hair ect...
I tried a shag type hair style. This style is great. It is easy to maintain very stylish and versatile. I also opted to go back closer to my natural hair color. I was tired of being blond and looking so pale. I color my own hair I, use L'Oréal excellence cream in 6g a light golden brown. I can honestly say I am always mistaken for being in my 20's. Anyway since your eyes are brown (mine are blue), you could try a shag style and keep the length like I did it really works out great.

Also since you have a nice rosy complexion you could opt for a light reddish brown hair color remember reds tend to fade faster Or hold hair color swatches up to your face by your temple near the eyes this will show you what shades truly light up your eyes and go well with your skin tone. Good luck.

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