How Often Can You Color Shorter Hair?

by Sam

I love to color my hair every four weeks. I get bored easy and sometimes make drastic changes from bleach to brunette or black and then back to lighter colors. I also love to keep it long around shoulder. I Never been shorter than that, but my hair is in a very annoying condition. It feels dry and lifeless no matter what I do. I think it's been damaged badly. I was thinking to cut it shorter. Can I keep dying it regularly if I cut it short or should I do something else?
Thanks/ Sam


Obviously longer hair is more likely to be damaged than short hair, mostly because damage starts at the end and move toward mid-section where hair is oldest and been subjected to a lot of abuse over time. Shorter haircut provides opportunity to start over - to grow new healthy hair and improve the overall condition. But you still need to take care of newly grown hair.

If you condition your hair once every 14 days (for shorter hair), you be able to color it more often without damage. Add a deep conditioning treatment of your choice into your weekly hair regime. For example one that has hydrolyzed proteins, such as hydrolyzed keratin, oat or silk protein. Other ingredients help to seal in the moisture, including shea butter, dimethicone or soybean oil. A high-end favorite is Frederic Fekkai Protein Rx Deep Nourishing Conditioner while a less-expensive option is Garnier Fructis Fortifying Deep Conditioner.

Everyone's hair grows at a different rate -- your friend’s may seem to grow the instant she leaves the colorist while yours grows at a snail's pace. How often you need to color your hair depends upon how fast your hair grows and how much you are willing to take with your roots before you dye them again.

The standard recommendation for hair coloring is every 30 to 45 days (normal hair growth). This is roughly every four to six weeks. When you have short hair, you'll likely need to get your hair cut every four to six weeks for maintenance. For this reason, every six weeks may likely be the magic number for you between coloring and cutting.

With short hair you can have a lot of fun with colors!

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