How to achieve up-dos or prom do's with shorter hair.

by Hannah Rawlins
(Richmond ky.)

If you have medium short hair (my hair is right below my ears), You can use hot stix or a small barreled curling iron to achieve this look.

First scrunch your hair using products like Aussie Scrunch Spray, mousse, and hair spray.

Next either use hot stix all over or a small barreled curling iron or use both just to conserve time.

After the hot stix have cooled down take them out and shake your hair out.(also use hair spray to keep curls) Next you can either create different looks on top if you would like or you can go simple and sweet and pin back the top of your hair with bobby pins.

Next to create the look of long beautiful hair go around the base of the neck and pin just what is needed sure to not pin to high or to much.

Next go around you head and pin just the necessary parts. and presto.

It's as easy as that!

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